Constitutional Emergency


No budgets, automated cuts, sequestration, all of it is aimed at the fighting men and women of the US armed services. Now Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is talking realignment. The United States enters a new era of War and infighting, with itself?

We all saw last month as the United States Army came out with gruesome news.  Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno came out and announced that due to the budget crisis the US Army had only two brigades that were combat ready. We have also seen since President Obama has been placed in charge of the sequestration cuts, almost all of it has been aimed at the US Military services. Despite sending billions of dollars in foreign aide, a movie studio for the IRS and IRS expansion, they millions of dollars to Canada for the Obamacare site, the President continues to thin the military.

This prompted Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to come out and make a startling announcement.

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Consider it done! If you would like to learn how to post future news stories, email me and i,ll be happy to walk you through the process......Joe

Thank you for this info!

hagel is a.........well......MANY words come to mind to describe this scum and all the scum in Washington!

If they don't Impeach or Arrest this Crazy Bastard America is going to fall of the deep end. Where are the Proud  Americans in this Country and in our Government that will clean up the Garbage Pit we have in  Washington today. Isn't there any Proud Men or Woman that want to clean up the Garbage Pit we have in Washington. We are losing our Security which has been our Priority ever since WW 11. What the Hell is Happening to Our Country. There is no more Pride or Honor coming from our Military Leaders , they are running around with their heads cut off because of the no good worthless SOB in our House. America is losing all Respect because of this SOB. Americans ought to be ashamed of ourselves for letting this to keep on happening 300 Million Americans can't do anything to get rid of 545 worthless Politicians and Judges who have made a Disgrace out of our entire Political System . God Please Help to put some strength and Honesty back into our Country

Clearly the "progressives" in the DOD  have given America Exactly the leadership of the standing army that the men who gave us Our US Constitution and Bill of Rights saw as the clear and present danger they desired to  prevent. They understood the danger of a standing army. The "progressives seek to maintain an armed force to protect the desire of the Despot. That is their  Future?

Well I've been to Texas-- Love the people,most of them I've met, some of the country there is mighty fine--But I would prefer to see the Republic of Texas cede-- and then annex Colorado ,Oklahoma, and New New Mexico  to  improve the holding of all States.

This has been my contention all along.....Flag Officers need to step up and lead instead of cower at the feet of the communist in office..These cities will devour themselves in chaos!    "Ne Conjugare Nobiscum"


May we have the balls and soon, the sooner the better we will be in destroying all of those in Washington D.C. who have Opposed and destroying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and want to put us into a "One World Government  (the UN). JFK had good intentions, but it is no longer workable in light of all the evil in the world and all the crap this government has dished out to "WE THE PEOPLE".  We the people had better prepare for battle, because it will not be long in coming....Heaven forbid, but God and Jesus has predicted and it is all coming of age.

combined forces? or elimination of forces which one do you think Obama is attempting ?

Mutantone-whichever idea is put on his teleprompter  at the moment. If it changes so will he. Overall I suspect he would prefer the Nazi German system--it seems the model preferred by the Muslims whenever they break from their tribal wars.

George Soros the nazi



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