Don’t blame the tea party Bob

I hear a lot of hoopla from the left that the tea party people gave Bob Bennett the boot. They’re warning that the tea party is so extreme that they are even sacrificing the “good” republicans on the alter of extremism. Before you fall into the trap I have to warn you, it’s not the tea party that escorted Bob out the back door. It was his fellow republicans. In order for the tea partiers to defeat Bob Bennett you would have to believe that they infiltrated the republican party to such a degree that they overpowered the entire convention. If this were true it would not be the scariest scenario. There would be one thing worse, the truth.

The truth I am talking about is that the republicans have been revealed for what they are in the midst of their own camp. Their own party has made a clear and emphatic statement. YOU ALL HAVE TO GO. Think about it. If someone as conservative as Bob Bennett is told by his own people that he is no longer welcome, what does that say for the weak republicans? What does that say for the democrats? I would imagine that the democrats are shaking in their boots, at least if they were smart they would be. As Joe Biden would say, this is a big effing deal.

The defeat of Bob Bennett gives me hope that we the people have finally woken up. I see that the party may finally be over. Without counting my chickens before they hatch, I believe the congress, democrat and republican alike, has overplayed it’s hand and the people are fed up. If you think people voted for a change with Obama, wait until we vote for real change. If the democrats think that the Bennett ousting bodes well for them, they’re whistling past the graveyard. This is bigger than the Brown win in Ma. This means that we are cutting to the bone. We are getting ready to cut this cancer out of our government. WE THE PEOPLE WILL TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.


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I love the up side down elephant
I would like you to read my latest blog entry and tell me what you think. You will either totally agree with me or want to burn me at the stake. If you like it pass it on. It is a revised version of something I posted last year but it bears repeating.



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