Constitutional Emergency

Caesar has demanded that we recognize the legal “right” of homosexuals and lesbians to “marry.” What will we do..."


By Chuck Baldwin
July 16, 2015

I was born and raised in a Christian home. I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of five. I surrendered to the Gospel ministry at the age of eighteen. I attended or have diplomas and degrees from four Bible colleges. I started pastoring when I was twenty-three years of age. And I just observed my fortieth year of continuous pastoral ministry. As Paul said to his son in the faith, Timothy, so I can say, “And that from a child [I have] known the holy scriptures.” (II Tim. 3:15)

Obviously, I am no stranger to the work of God. I have been in church all of my life. Though my dad was not a full-time minister (even though he was ordained), his best friends were pastors. As a result, I have been around pastors and Christian workers all of my life. So, I am not speaking as an outsider. I know church work from the inside out. I’ve seen it; I’ve been taught it; and I’ve experienced it. The good, the bad, and the ugly: I’ve seen it all.

We pastors and Christians are never going to agree on every nuance of scriptural interpretation or method of ministry. But the vast majority of us will agree that Christ alone is our Sovereign and the Bible is the rule for our faith and practice.


Caesar has demanded that we recognize the legal “right” of homosexuals and lesbians to “marry.” It will not be long before each and every one of us pastors and ministers will, first, be ASKED to “marry” same-sex couples, and, then, be REQUIRED to “marry” same-sex couples.


Some pastors are waiting to hear from their denominational superiors for instructions. Some are, no doubt, trying to keep quiet about the subject and hope they can somehow avoid dealing with it. Some are now counseling with attorneys for guidance. But, in truth, our guidance and instruction do not come from denominational officers or lawyers; and it is a cold, hard fact that there is NO avoiding the issue. Sooner or later (probably sooner), each of us will have to make a conscientious decision that is based solely on our moral and scriptural convictions.


For the most part, our pulpits were silent when the freedom of religion and conscience became a matter of state licensure in 1954 when churches were included in the Internal Revenue Code, section 501c3, as mere non-profit organizations. For the most part, our pulpits were silent when the freedom to pray and read the Bible was removed from our public schools in 1962 and ’63. For the most part, our pulpits were silent when the freedom of God-ordained self-defense became a state-sanctioned license and privilege in 1968. For the most part, our pulpits were silent when the God-ordained right to life of unborn babies was expunged in 1973. For the most part, our pulpits have been silent as our Natural rights of privacy and local autonomy began being stripped from us in 2001. And, now, the most important institution in human history, Holy Matrimony, has been “redefined” by Caesar’s court.

Will we pastors remain silent? Will we sheepishly submit to this egregious and tyrannical assault against the most fundamental institution created by God? Will we become willing accomplices to the formalization of egregiously unnatural perversion?


Can we not see that what is at stake is the preservation of religious liberty and Christian conscience in our land? Radical secularists (and even some anti-Christian religionists) desire to expunge every semblance of Christian thought and ideology from our nation. The purge has already begun.

All over America, lawsuits against pastors who refuse to marry same-sex couples have already been filed. The same is true for Christians in various service industries that refuse to cater to homosexual “marriages.” Militant homosexuals have brought a $70 million lawsuit against the two largest publishers of the Bible (Zondervan and Tyndale), demanding that the Scriptures condemning sodomy be eviscerated.

It will not be long and cultural Marxists will see to it that the homosexual lifestyle will be promoted in every conceivable public venue. Movies, television (even children’s programs), books, music, magazines, etc., will openly promote the sodomite lifestyle. Common Core curriculum will certainly advocate for homosexual conduct in America’s public schools. Homosexuals will demand the right to flaunt their romantic proclivities in public. Restaurants, concert houses, theaters, meeting places, even churches, will be sued if they do not allow homosexuals to openly display their perversity. Again, this is already beginning.

And for pastors and churches specifically, the big intimidation factor is the IRS tax-exempt status. Already, some of the largest and most notable newspapers, periodicals, and newscasts are calling for the removal of tax-exempt churches that refuse to “marry” same-sex couples. Some are even calling for the removal of tax-exempt status of ALL churches.

If the “great recession” of 2008 and ’09 was the natural “correction” of a manipulated economic “bubble,” I submit that the Hodges decision is the natural (or maybe divine) correction of a manipulated spiritual bubble. For over a half-century, churches have been intoxicated with “success.” The Joel Osteen-brand of Christianity has obfuscated the true purpose of the church. Pleasing Caesar and maintaining tax-exempt status (at all costs) have supplanted pleasing God and maintaining Biblical status. The result is a church that is “increased with goods” but that is spiritually “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” (Rev. 3:17)

In reality, the Hodges Supreme Court decision was inevitable. It was the result of the spiritually polygamous marriage between the church and state in 1954. It was the result of a church that, like the Jewish Pharisees of old, said, “We have no king but Caesar,” while pretending to be married to Christ.

Well, now God has forced his pastors and churches to take a stand. There is no beating around the bush anymore. There is no avoiding the issue. Pastors and churches will either submit to Christ or they will submit to Caesar. There is no middle ground. There is no more fence-straddling.

Again, the root cause of all of this is the church’s acceptance of state licensure, and, therefore, state authority. Churches committed spiritual adultery when they allowed themselves to take the 501c3 wedding band. By doing so, they became “creatures of the state” and ceased to be the “bride” of Christ. And, remember, our God is a jealous God. “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” (Exodus 34:14)

Since the state has decided to repudiate the Natural authority of marriage as given by our Creator, it behooves us, as Christian ministers, to repudiate state authority over marriage. That means we should immediately cease and desist from officiating over any marriage, heterosexual or homosexual, that includes a license from the state. That is exactly what I will do.

In terms of the history of the Church, as well as Western Civilization, state-licensure of marriages is very recent. For over 1,800 years, almost no marriages (if any) required state-licensure. A certificate of marriage or declaration of marriage or church approbation--or other such recognition--was all that was needed. I don’t know about all of the 50 states, of course, but in my home State of Montana, marriages do NOT require a State license. And that’s exactly the way it should be.


Is a state-created tax-exempt license more important than fidelity to Christ and the Scriptures? Let me speak plainly: so what if we lose our tax-exempt status?

I hear my brethren exclaim, “But, Brother Chuck, we will lose tithing members. If they cannot claim their contributions on their tax forms, they will stop giving to the church.” My response is: SO BE IT.

Our churches are filled with careless, insincere, half-hearted Christians. God promised to separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the chaff; I believe He is doing just that in the United States right now. America’s churches have been living in a manipulated spiritual “bubble.” The bubble is bursting. It’s long overdue.

Churches in oppressed countries around the world are not worrying about some kind of tax-exempt status. They are not creatures of the state. Many of them are not even recognized as being legal in their states. Many of them are “unofficial,” “unregistered,” “unlawful,” etc. But they are true to Christ and His Word--and their numbers are flourishing.

In just a few years, there will be more Christians in Communist China than in so-called “Christian” America--a first since America came into existence. And there is no tax-exempt status afforded them. At the same time here in America, Christianity is in steep decline. What’s the difference? In China, churches do not seek, nor will they accept, state recognition and endorsement, while here in America churches enthusiastically embrace state recognition and endorsement (licensure).

It’s time we find out who is real and who isn’t.

And a question for those church members out there: What are you going to do if your pastor agrees to marry same-sex couples? If your pastor will not take a stand on this, he won’t take a stand on ANYTHING. And, if he hasn’t said anything from the pulpit already, why are you still there?

Are you not willing to give your tithes and offerings to a church even if those financial gifts are NOT tax deductible? If not, what is your real motivation for giving to begin with? Are you not willing to sit under the preaching of a courageous man of God who is the servant of God and not the servant of men--even men in government? If not, why are you even attending church?

Christians have been flocking to these “feel-good” churches for decades. They continued to support spineless pastors, who refused to take a stand for the God-ordained duty of self-defense; who refused to take a stand against the killing of unborn babies; who refused to speak out for religious liberty; and who are currently refusing to take a stand against an Orwellian Police State being created in front of our very eyes. Will they now continue to stay inside those churches whose pastors refuse to take a stand for God-ordained marriage?

I submit that either the Church in America repents and does the “first works” or it will quickly lose its “candlestick.” Truly, “the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God.” (I Peter 4:17)


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Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Chuck and his family reside in the Flathead Valley of Montana. See Chuck's complete bio here.



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my faith / obedience / trust in GODS word allows me to reject any idea / action / behavior contrary .

Gays  are not gay, they are rebuking HIS word .Habitual sinners..

One thing is for sure. We  Christians did nothing and like the sheep let the homosexuals to spread their propaganda and demands like locust. So we are guilty of the present situation. And as Chuck said, if we do not rise and fight, the Christianity will be gone in no time.

We are definitely guilty!!!

Back in 2000 my wife and I saw big trouble coming and decided to get very involved.

There are many discouraging moments but may encouraging, too.

Then a few months back my wife and I were sitting at table next to Trevor Loudon.

He had just come from a three day communist convention somewhere on the East Coast. He registered as a journalist.

Every speech he heard, every breakout group, every conversation in the halls he overheard, all discussion at meals, in short all subjects hit on just one thing - THE TEA PARTY.


Trevor told us to keep it up, hang on, and do even more.

So, be encouraged and take Trevor's words to heart.


It is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE that has already been won. We as CHRISTIANS DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT OR FOLLOW ALONG, this transgression of Gods WORD shall increase until his return! Hold on and pray that he may come quickly! YHWH promised to NEVER FORSAKE HIS PEOPLE - FEAR NOT FOR THIS TROUBLE MUST COME TO PASS!

Luke 21: VERSE 34-36


Ignore BHO. 

No, execute him for Treason, for that is the law and it must be followed or it means NOTHING.

Once again, the ceasar is showing his "true colors" about where his "shallow" priorities lie, which is, once again, about HIMSELF!

Chuck Baldwin is spot on with his question what will we (you) do?  I for one do not embrace homosexuality in either of the multitude of trans idiots who are nothing more than evil hedonists who are so uneducated, so low life, low information (strike that for it is a PC term and substitute ignorant) people who are after whatever free stuff that the politicians going back to the days of Roosevelt (FDR) are willing to give them. They are takers, not givers, not sharers, but simply takers and that they discovered that they can get some kind of sexual pleasure from abominable sex practices is indicative that they believe it is all about themselves and that does not include the Lord God that made them and allowed them some time to live among the rest and best of us.  Yes, I am proud of my belief in the Almighty Lord God, Jesus Christ, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and all that they stand for and all that we who are who accept him into our lives believe.

That of course includes my pride in my family, my values, my country (without the current occupiers of the White House and Congress as well as the Courts.  The latter have sacrificed any credit or glory of the Lord and his love for the wages of sin, corruption and we all know what that results in.  What are we to do?  Opt out of the Politically correct BS, do not accept the edict but nullify the edicts of the Government, the Courts and of course the orders of a petulant pretender to the highest office in our land who himself is a confessed homosexual as well as Muslim who is NOT a natural born American Citizen and NOT eligible to hold the office he does.  No I do not believe in them any more and I am no longer a member of the Republican Party and as Ronald Reagan said, I did not leave the party, the party left me.  Take that and stick it anywhere you like you PC gay, lesbian, trans-whatever bunch of know nothing clowns but steer clear of We the People who still believe in the Constitution as originally conceived and enacted by our founders.

Amen, Chuck Baldwin, while recalling, during the '60's, and the "great society's" movement, claim to be the force removing the impact of segregation, discrimination, even from the pulpit, hearing, "it's God working through government". My young, school aged self, bought it lock, stock, and barrel, while too, did many adults, church leaders, has new age churches, denominations, were born, actually dividing the serving body, congregation serving, has Served by the Word's teaching, and example. Walls were built, to secure, so not to fall, while the One Governing Truth of Providence, had its Trusted, and Trusting church, congregation, limited by the powers that be. Its become like, "tithing the mint", to the structure, while first, the structure builds, grows, of, by, for itself, while, with anything "left" over, its self appointed overlords, present just enough show bread, to be praised, and secure.

What will we do? Be absolutely uncooperative, i.e. First amendment blends with the Fifth amendment: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE OR RECEIVE A COMMUNICATION AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INCRIMINATE YOURSELF. So, when a faggot walks up demanding his 'rights', say, "I plead the fifth" and from that moment till after you've gone to court repeat that mantra to all concerned. Police, lawyers, and judges hang you with your own words, can't lock you up for saying nothing..Semper Fi Nam 66-67



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