Constitutional Emergency

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These Ragheaded Bastards need to go back where they came from, coming to Our Land, and attempting to turn us into a Third World Country full of savvage Laws is not our style.   Don't like it here, get the Hell out!!     Don't bring your vicious backward Culture to us.    We are so advanced we use Toliet Paper.

Lord help us JESUS! that's all I can say! Lord help us JESUS!

The enemy within our gates--with easier access to the Peoples House-- than any American Patriot now bold enough and has enough power --aided by the ACLU--and the "progressive" (Useful Idiots" of both formerly American political parties.) is preparing to raise the green flag of the Muslim Brotherhood above our Red White and Blue .The enemy Knows our Courts indeed all of our Institutions are NO longer given to support American Virtue --Religion(Christianity) Morality(That Moral ethic that springs from and is reflected in the Christian Scriptures) and Knowledge( that knowledge that begins with Fear of the Lord.Elohim God of our Founding Fathers) We trusted our Schools--our Institutions to a Government divorced from God--We chose the begging bowl of an enslaved society over FREEDOM.Our enemy is NOT stupid --in many ways they are more wise than we are. But They are wrong.And they do not know God.And HE alone can save a people who once put In God we trust on our coins.and God Bless America inour Hearts.FREEDOM Our Cause.for Resistance to Tyranny IS obedience to God.


What we need to do, and it seems you are willing and able to help with this, is turn the tables on CAIR and the rest of those God-forsaken-lower-than-whale-feces addle-pates.  I am sure you have heard the term to "fight fire with fire".  Anytime one of those pieces of garbage attempts to do anything against a real American, file a lawsuit against them for religious and any other form of harassment against us Americans.  

Semper Fi!  GySgt Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired.


I have saved your contact info at Gamechanger.  As soon as i find any of these muslims trying to pull their BS here i will let you.

As far as I am concerned I have kicked one of them out of my office for being a muslim.  I would not be surprised if he went to his employer in the UAR and told him I would not help him.  He probably did what most muslims do, he raped a sheep or a little boy!

Unless your system is not recognized by mine, you can get me at

Semper Fi!

GySgt Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

Thomas,  You sound like a real patriot and in this case a hero.  I hope you are also in contact with two other legal organizations that are in a constant fight the ACLU, Government abuses, and Muslim front organizations like CAIR.  We all need to be unified to fight this well financed, clever, enemy dedicated to world conquest by Islam.


I'm thinking that any lawyers that entertain these cases, should be remembered.  No further discussion necessary.


Even Angola is politically smarter than US. Islam was proclaimed being cult, prohibited to practice and mosques to be demolished. That is the right way to go.

Jerry,   You are SO right.  The United States, and all civilized countries, must declare Islam as the enemy it is and prohibit it  similar to what Japan has done.  All followers of Islam should be deported to their countries of origin and if born here should be deported anyway.  The only way we can save our country is for all Republicans, Democrats, and Independents is to vote for candidates who recognize the danger to all of us by Islam and agree to make laws prohibiting every aspect of Islam. If you think that this would be un-Constitutional then you also think defending ourselves against the Axis in WWII was illegal.  Wake up America, defend your country and family against these savage invaders that are using our own laws against us.  



In case you haven't studied the muslim methods, they will pretend to be nice until their population grows to where they can start taking over.  You can verify this in Great Britain and Europe.

My way is extremely harsh, but it is also the most effective way to stop these anti-human pieces of garbage forever.  ALL males should be destroyed and all females should be fixed so as not to be able to breed.   Never forget, the only good muslim male is a dead muslim male...

This is not restricted to just our country, but should be a world-wide effort! 

Semper Fi!  GySgt Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

 I like your way and agree we need to rid the world of them



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