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Call to Action - OAS Storms the Gun Shows


We have an opportunity to reach a huge number of patriots during the final six week run-up to the start of Operation American Spring.  Folks who attend gun shows, prepper and survivalist expos, and aviation fly-ins are some of the most patriotic citizens. 

Mr. Steve Tyler of Red State T Shirt Company, an avid Operation American Spring supporter, has volunteered to spread the word throughout the nation about Operation American Spring and this effort may help facilitate our using facilities at gun shows and other events nationwide.  The link to the Red State T Shirt Company is . 

This is an opportunity we must take advantage of.  The following is what we suggest you do:

1.       State leaders, go to, scroll down the left side of the page, find your state and identify upcoming gun shows in your state or nearby geographic area.

2.      Contact the promoter of the event, explain the OAS mission (if need be, ask if he received a copy of the announcement from Steve Tyler of Red State T Shirt company).  Ask if he can provide a table for you to promote Operation American Spring and passes for members to enter the show.  Make sure you understand the ROE (Rules of Engagement) so you don’t irritate any vendors while you are there.

3.      Try to secure pocket constitutions from your congressman or other sources.  They make a great conversation starter.  Sir, would you like a pocket constitution?  Then, transition to Operation American Spring.

4.      Go to and scroll down the page.  There are several threads with banners, flyers, etc.  Select one that you want, print a few hundred copies and you are good to go.  If you have enough lead time, you can select a graphic that you like and go to and have them printed and shipped to you; or go to a local office supply store (FEDEX, Staples, etc.) and have them printed.

5.      Try to secure their email address or at least provide them contact information to follow up.

6.      Show them how to navigate the web page information to find out more about OAS.

The final push is to recruit every one possible to attend this historic event in Washington, DC. 

Don Johnson, State Operations Leader

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Here's the gunshows for NC:

If we put all we can find across the country, this page can be tweeted across the country!  Can put them on the state pages as well...... Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!!!

Attending the Gun Show in Fayetteville, NC Sunday, April 6th to man a table for a Constitutional Conservative running for Congress in NC District 2.
Hope to see an OAS table.
I really wish I was a member before the gun show in Baltimore. I am very active about the cause with the younger members of my local union. I'm getting the involved, concerned about there future and the future of this country. Even on my job site.


I was looking at the number of patriots that have signed the petition.

Right now at 3:20 pm pacific time there are 6450 signers.

I am a bit disappointed in this number. I would have thought

by now there would be hundreds of thousands of signers.

I wonder if the reason for a low turnout on the petition is because

you have to give your address. If the petition is any benchmark on

the attendance in May, I think we are in trouble.

I too join you in my concern over the number. Does not look good. I support the OAS and Harry Riley. Reality is, as I have said (for me), if this does not succeed, then I am done with the movements, marches, protests, etc. I would like to find people who at this point, give up on the above methods and feel the need to move on. At a minimum, civil disobedience, a legal defense system to protect and obtain bail for patriots. Also a non-militia organization to train, equip, teach defense of home, family and other patriots. A whole lot of "how to" and a panel to answer brainstorming questions. Citizens can make a difference; they  just need knowledge. The other item is organization and communication; a whole lotta this too!!!!!! I am 72, healthy and able and fairly intelligent. I was a hunter with good skills. No military experience, but got enough brain to learn. And a REAL program to help all interested parties to survive. More communication and education and solutions to questions.

If we are going to die, backs against the wall, and nothing left to loose over: freedom, Constitution, family, Christianity, LIFE, then make the terrorists and traitors pay a very expensive price. Get off your butts. Quit complaining, bitching. You will be complaining when some bastard animal takes over your ALL! Nothing left but to become a Christian Soldier; pray and fight.

And, it may not help, but it can't hurt; VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT.....DEMS. AND RINOs. Monitor polling places!

We have modeled OAS after proven massive/gigantic "mass" gatherings...e.g.  Cairo......We witnessed it working in replacing government leadership twice in Egypt. 

Given, the United States federal leadership reflected total lawlessness over the last five years, and every reason to believe there would only be an escalation of lawlessness.  Total disregard of the US Constitution as we've witnessed over the past 5 years is not a possibility, it's a reality in the minds of those of us at the end of the sewer line. Rather than surrender, OAS was born.

From the very beginning the principle of "mass" was the only measure that indicated a hope of success in stopping the federal government for the lawless path they have been pursuing.

All three branches or government have violated their oath, failed to execute their Constitutional duty, no longer tangible oversight of various branches against the other.  When there is nothing but lawlessness at the federal level, States fail to execute their 10th Amendment authority, what hope is there for "we the people"??

Bottom line:  If citizens, patriots, one and all fail to understand the grave threat to our nation;  fail to join OAS by the millions in D.C. beginning May 16 and beyond, it will signal surrender to Barack Obama, and make clear he is free to proceed with a socialist, communist, takeover, and the destruction of America.

I and many have fought in foreign countries attempting to establish freedom and liberty for others.  The question now is, "will America stand in defense of our own nation"?

Do not be fooled by petition signatures..People are scared of this government that is why they did not sign Plain and simple..There will be millions in D.C. Stop worrying about others and do what needs to be done..

I don't Tweet, but here is the link for Colorado.

The gun show this weekend is in Mesquite Texas, April 5-6th click here.. I am a Volunteer for NAGR... Here is your Invite

Hi Harry

Please be careful when you gp to Washington, I'm sure Obummer will have a surprise like what happened before,pleasewatch this video and be prepared..

I would ask Russ if he will be joining us in D.C.  Why in Gods name would you put that video on this site..Or is the reason obvious..

In regards to Operation Spring,

I am afraid knowing people are coming that they will block the City with DHS riot squads and maybe U.N. troops. If so, can people surround D.C. as close as they can get and stay there stopping traffic and business as usual or?



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