Constitutional Emergency

If you want to start to fight back April 30th is the day we start with a 4 hour general strike starting at 8:00am and going until 12:00pm. This is the first shot back against Scumbama for "Health Care and to let Congress know we will not agree to any damned Amnesty for Criminal Illegal Aliens. We need every one to be on the streets to peacefully protest and block the streets of the country with the exception of Police, Fire, Ambulance and other emergency workers.

Remember we will follow the laws, but will carry placards with strong messages telling every one we want the law gone, illegals arrested and deported. We must start out slow, but more General Strikes are in the works, dates and times to be announced.  If you all are serious about this, then get out that Friday, get youir frioends, co-workers , bosses and others to jump on in and show Scummy and his crew, we are not afraid of them, nor their union thugs, nor LaRaza nor any one, but the Government will learn to fear the people again!

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Good ideal,count me in!,I still say we hit them where their pocket books itch,start a petition to become a Law makeing gasoline $1.50 a gallon ,then watch them forgioners (communist arabs)turn flip flops!.Here's how we get rid of all the illegal aliens,put the word out that Rosies Cantina down by Mexico city is giving away free food stamps with tequila for the next month,inless than a week they'll all be gone ,then we can lock the door when their all gone and put mouse foot traps all up and down the border,We'll have to trip obama on their way out ,cause that dudes got dues to pay!!!!,pelosi and them communist czars(never did figure out what that means) can go back to that freak show circus over seas where they come from,Jeez, I can't sleep any more from haveing nightmares about them .Then we got some Representatives.Senators,sleezy laraza (almost forgot they'll be headed to mexico) judges ,congresspeoples to take out back in the alley to have a heart to heart talk with them about being stand up Americans( I'll be sure to wear steel toed boots).Yea go ahead and call me a back woods RED NECK,cause that's what I am ,But at least I'm a Law abiding,United States Constitution loyaltist red neck!!!!!
Damned Leisa I already like you. I agree that we need to hit them hard in the back pocket, take their money, and we have them by their short and curlies. Being in California I am assaulted with the demented yapping of Chihuahua's almost all the time. I agree that we need to round up the pack of them and send them home at a dead run.

That is why this General Strike is being called, some times you need a ball bat to get the attention of a Jackass. I say with this herd of them a .12 ga with 00 buckshot is called for. Now get together with your friends adn organize your strike and have fun, we all will enjoy this too.



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