By JB Williams


Reactions to the first Presidential debate are nothing short of astonishing. Pre-debate signs that voters were already migrating away from Obama were fueled by a disastrous debate performance by the empty suit and blank résumé that some still refer to as our current president.

When asked on a radio show for my thoughts on the debate, my reaction was one of confirmation -- I saw exactly what I expected to see, a Chairman of the Board coming to clean house on a corrupt and failed manager.

Mitt Romney controlled the discussion like a seasoned Chairman of the Board using well established facts and figures to dress down a management team that had failed miserably at every opportunity. Democrats now whine about Romney’s proper preparedness as some form of “cheating.”

Obama tried to stay in the game using the same old lies, excuses and empty promises that he used in 2008 to trick voters and in the end, proved once again that he is totally lost without his teleprompter.

I was in no way surprised by the performance of either participant, though it appears that many Americans, including Obama’s many media minions, were in complete and utter shock.

Before the Debate

In my last column, I chronicled a seismic shift underway across party lines and traditional special interest voting blocs before the debate. Senior citizens made up the single largest voting bloc for Obama in 2008, largely due to scare tactics from left-wing groups like AARP that had seemingly convinced many seniors that Republicans want to kick granny down the stairwell in her wheelchair and then deny her medical care.

Maybe seniors are no longer frightened by that tired old left-wing propaganda. Maybe after decades of Democrat scare tactics, as congressional Democrats raided Social Security and Medicare trust funds for welfare, Medicaid and free Obama phones for Democrat voters, they have seen enough.

In 2008, retirees gave a total of $42.8 million to support Obama’s Marxist dream of change, and only $32.8 million to McCain. Obama has since dropped from 56.6% of retiree support in 2008 to 49% in 2012 according to August FEC filings, indicating a significant shift away from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012.

Black voters are revolting not only against Obama, but against decades of Democrat lies that have held blacks in a substandard existence despite billions spent to allegedly “give them an even playing field.” Latino voters are fed up with being talked down to, treated like victims when they came to America to escape victimhood in their Marxist homelands.

All voting blocs were abandoning Obama before the debate and after the debate -- the mass exodus from DNC propaganda is only accelerating.

Post-Debate Panic

The debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama set records for viewers, more than 67 million, 15 million more viewers than any debate in the 2008 cycle. It wasn’t Fox News, but rather a CNN poll that showed not only a record number of viewers, but that 67% believed that Mitt Romney won the debate hands down.  “No presidential candidate has topped 60% in that question since it was first asked in 1984,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

Further, 35% of viewers polled by CNN said that the debate made them “more likely to vote for Mitt Romney, compared to only 18% that said the debate made it more likely they would vote for Obama. This is not minor movement but a seismic shift. Even huge Obama donors were shaken.

More than six in ten said that president did worse than expected, with one in five saying that Obama performed better than expected. 24-48 hours later, polls in the “swing states” were all swinging towards Romney in a big way, pushing Romney out in the lead in key states like Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.

The Obama Campaign is in total panic. Obama came out swinging in stump speeches, far more confident in his lies while Romney is not standing there to refute them, than he was standing across from Romney Wednesday night. He reminds me of liberal keyboard commandos, brave enough to mouth off via email or blog post, but quiet as a mouse when face to face with an opponent.

Desperate Times – Desperate Measures

The Obama Administration swung into damage control, issuing blatantly manipulated employment numbers in an effort to trick voters into believing his economic plan was working when in fact, he has the worst economic record in American history and unemployment is soaring to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Real unemployment numbers show that the black community has been hit the hardest by Obama’s policies.

On initial inspection, it appears that the Obama Administration may have re-hired a large number of “government employees” at taxpayer expense, just to force the unemployment rate down ahead of Election Day. In addition, Obama is forcing large government contractors to “break the law” – stopping scheduled layoffs to manipulate employment numbers even more ahead of the election.

“Robert Stevens, chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin, one of the largest defense contractors in the key battleground state of Virginia, recently testified in Congress that his company was looking at laying off roughly 10,000 employees from its workforce of 120,000. The layoffs would be the result of cuts to its largest programs, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Littoral Combat Ship.” (More here)


It’s a double crime, first manipulating employment numbers and then promising to use taxpayer funds to cover the law suits sure to come out of the most corrupt actions ever taken by an incumbent seeking re-election. All of this should be investigated immediately, blocking the administration’s ability to use these types of corrupt tactics to retain control of D.C. power.

The REAL Game Changer

In 2008, nobody knew who Barack Obama was, where he came from, how he rose to power overnight with a totally blank résumé void of any personal accomplishments and what kind of changes he had in mind for America. Now everyone knows…

In 2012, Americans now have four years to judge him by. His repeated efforts to blame his horrific failed policies on Bush no longer work. Who would he blame his second term on? No matter what Obama says he inherited or who he claims he inherited it from four years ago, he owns the last four years. By every measuring stick, our country is in worse condition now than the day Obama took office. Obama owns this reality and most voters know it!

The last four years can’t be anyone’s fault but Obama’s… His first term can only be described as the most egregious failure in political history. Back in 2008, even Obama told voters not to re-elect him if he failed in his first term. His first term failure is epic.

In 2008, Americans were willing to give him a chance. By 2012, that has already proved to be a disastrous mistake. Voters no longer listen to the broken promises of 2008. This is 2012, four years later, and everything is worse, not on Bush’s watch, but on Obama’s watch. Four more years of epic failure doesn’t appeal to any thinking voter.

The end result? Voters are abandoning Obama and his Democratic Socialist friends at a record pace. The next debates will only further fuel and accelerate the mass exodus as Biden sticks both feet in his mouth and Obama gets increasingly desperate.

Romney did a good job in the debate, as I expected he would. Romney’s fund-raising kicked into high-gear following the debate, raising over $12 million in just 48 hours. But the real game changer is how bad Obama did, at the debate and over the last four years. Who can do well in a debate with a record that nobody can defend?

In 2008, Obama could say anything he wanted and nobody knew any better. But in 2012, voters have a disastrous four years of this guy in their belly. All they want to do is vomit, so that they can begin to recover.


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"We The People" Have A Lot Of Work To Do Make This Country Right Again!

Good for Mitt Romney.

Maybe... but let's not get too lackadaisical about it.  Get out the vote!

Sounds good, JB, but there's still a lot of free cell phones being passed out and a lot of takers.  It's as simple as that!

This is a great piece! 

I will use it to 'persuade' some fence-sitters around me.  (really?...they haven't made up their minds, yet?...sheesh...get a clue, Elvis)


Thanks, JB!

We, the People ought to be made to witness a video made by a group of California School students called Voices Without A Vote: I strongly suspect it came about as the result of a mandatory program in the Washington and California state educational systems by an acquaintance of mine, a former career Colonel in the U.S. Army called You the people, In it , students are presented a 1 hour DVD explaining the travails of the Founding Fathers and the creation of the US Constitution as a compromise after much trepidation but eventual cooperation into the document we see today. The course then consists of teaching principles of good citizenship by exercise of the constitution and in discussion groups over different topics, requiring full participation in groups of 8-13 students where the moderator's responsibility is rotated each week so everyone learns responsibility and accountability for being in such a position. Charlie has been invited to Russia to teach this program and was to leave sometime this month. If you would see this video, and I think EVERY American citizen should, It is available in a WND article about the voices without votes or it can be accessed on Youtube at the following link:


If you have not seen this, you will likely be moved by it and also have much more hope than most of us have had in some time.

Thank you Brian.  I passed it on.

Judy, you are more than welcome. I sat and watched a traitor be glorified for stealing the honor of an entire generation with foul and since proved untrue allegations of unspeakable atrocities during the Vietnam war of which I am a PROUD veteran. That traitor is now the senior Senator from Massachusetts, and unfortunately, head of the Senate foreign relations Committee where he and others are aiding Obama in trying to divest us of our rights and sovereignty on behalf of UN interests to the everlasting DETRIMENT of American Citizens. I am a cancer survivor, pacemeker recipient, diabetic and am subject to attacks of gout, cellulitis and have had a major stroke and two TIA's. I am considered 100% disabled 44 years after the fact from exposure to Agent Orange but I would do it AGAIN as long as I was serving with young men, now old like me who fought to preserve, defend and uphold what this bunch of Marxist megalomaniacs would destroy; but, only if we let them.Voices Without a Vote indicates there is STILL hope for this country; but, it will be up to all of us to stand against what is planned for us all when the time comes. To the extent I am able ; I WILL be ready. So, I hope will ALL decent, God fearing American citizens of every stripe and belief to keep what we have as ours and end this eternal attack AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW ; ESPECIALLY AGAINST THOSE DOMESTIC ENEMIES WHO HAVE BETRAYED THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE AND OUR TRUST IN THEM TO DO WHAT WAS RIGHT IN OUR BEHALF!

Right on JB and in the end, this bastard should be arrested as soon as the Election is finished, because nothing will he be good for except creating a "Martial Law" situation if Romney wins by a Landslide. And that situation, CANNOT happen. I would NOT put it out of the realm if Romney wins, the Senate wins, and the house retains conservatives.

Obama supporters are so blindly committed !  I doubt very much these supporters will even abandon this man.  The entitlement pack thinks he is their Daddy and will care and provide.  All the dead voters are still committed and will NEVER change their minds.  Okay so we can a few undecided independents, Big deal!  Obama in the past few 6 months have put millions of people on fastrack to citizenship, and now he has all of them.  The hispanics, the muslims..they only people he really does not have, are the majority of the working people which are fewer and fewer.  Obama's numbers hold steady and rarely drop more than a point or 2.....he has a solid hold on this election.  This is terrifying !!

please go into Amazon , rent the movie $2.99 1hr and 20 min. Dreams of my real father shows how easy it was for them to go into the WH and take us over, they were banking on 72% of us are clueless and they are right it points out the marks of Frank Marshall Davis was his real father i wish they would get a DNA see what you think and spead the word to the ones that don't get it enjoy, can watch it on your pc




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