Constitutional Emergency

Can Average Americans Save America?


By JB Williams

For many years now, Americans have watched their once great nation in steady decline. The truth is the end of American supremacy in the world started over a hundred years ago, in or around 1913 during the Wilson administration.

The Federal government granted itself the unconstitutional power to directly tax individual wages in the 16th Amendment and ended States sovereignty, representation and Rights in the 17th Amendment. They established the Federal Reserve banking system and set up what we now know as the I.R.S., a brown shirt enforcement agency for wealth-redistribution in America.

FDR launched the nation into an endless spiral of social justice spending that would soon bankrupt a country that was once the most free, peaceful and prosperous society on earth.

A hundred years later, we barely recognize what little is left of our Constitutional Representative Republic. Our justice system that was once based upon the equal application of Constitutional Law has been systematically replaced by ill-advised concepts of “social justice” – “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society - individuality gives way to the struggle for social justice.” (aka Marxism)

By 2008, American society had decayed to the point in history when the people were more interested in what government can do for them personally in the way of free-stuff, paid for by the hard work and sacrifice of others, than in freedom. The nation was ready for hope and change, or so they thought.

The people were so bamboozled over Marxist concepts of “diversity” that they elected a president solely on the basis of his skin color, without any regard for the fact that the individual had a totally blank résumé void of any bona fide background or personal achievement, but full of anti-American associates, many of them criminals and known terrorists. The people focused entirely on “making history” by electing “the first black president” without even noticing that the man wasn’t even “black.”

Six long years later, that historical figure has indeed made history as the worst political administration in U.S. history and the administration most responsible for the final demise of freedom, liberty, prosperity and American supremacy, not to mention the total destruction of our constitutional checks and balances, constitutional law and the entire Bill of Rights.

The people now know what kinds of hope and change political leftists had in store for America when they illegally seized unbridled political power in 2008. They meant anti-American change and global hopes at the direct expense of American sovereignty, security and prosperity.

Now the people wonder what they can do about it. Can average Americans really save their Constitution, their Bill of Rights and freedom at this late hour? Do they have the power to overcome the corrupt anti-American federal juggernaut they have allowed to seize control over every aspect of American life?

Before discussing what average Americans can do to save their constitutional republic, I need to state for the record who isn’t going to save our republic.

  1. The Oval Office occupant is not going to save our Republic. The current occupant is doing all he can to destroy our Republic and no matter who occupies the office next, they will not turn this country around on a dime and save our Republic. So far, there isn’t even anyone in the 2016 race who would, even if they could.
  2. Congress will not save our Republic. There is no longer any significant difference between congressional Republicans and Democrats. In fact, I think all current members of congress can rightfully be titled “Republicrats” today. Congress has abdicated its constitutional authority to both the Executive and Judicial branches and they act as nothing more than an impotent submissive global interest organization now. Congress has not carried out any of its duties since the 2008 election.
  3. The Judicial branch is likely the most destructive branch in terms of our Constitutional Republic, especially under the leadership of Eric Holder. Our judiciary has used the unconstitutional practice of “making law” via judicial fiat to undermine, redefine and subvert to rule of constitutional law for decades now. The judiciary is the true enemy of “justice” in America and the author and enforcement branch for “social justice.”
  4. Our Military will not save our Republic. The U.S. Military operates under the command of our Commander-in-Chief, currently Barack Hussein Obama. The Joint Chiefs direct all branches of the military and the JC’s follow the commands of the President. Because it is perceived that we still have a constitutional republic of, by and for the people, who “elected Barack Obama by democratic process,” there will be no military “coup d'état” to remove the worst administration in history.
  5. The police will not save our Republic. All Federal law enforcement agencies and officers also operate under the command of the President and the Attorney General. Further, they are all under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security now, including State, County and local law enforcement. All levels of law enforcement have been “militarized” since January 2009. All have been trained to look for and thwart “domestic terrorists” (defined as those who own a pocket constitution, a Christian Bible, a copy of the Bill of Rights and hold “legal” citizenship,) while protecting the “constitutional rights” of illegal invaders, known criminals and Islamic terrorists.
  6. Tea Party efforts to save the Republic through partisan political election gains did not work in 2010 or 2012 and they will not work in 2014 or 2016 either. The simple truth is that election outcomes are being determined long before the elections take place. Democrats and Libertarians are controlling the outcome of Republican primaries so that no matter who wins in the fall general elections, the globalist agenda stays on track after every election.
  7. State governments will not save the Republic. Below, you will see what state governments must do to save their own state, in order to play any role at all in saving the Constitutional Republic. In short, any state which is unwilling to save itself through proper constitutional measures will be part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  8. The so-called militias cannot save the Republic. They are too few, too scattered, too divided by individual agendas, out-manned and face overwhelming forces. They can die for the cause of freedom, but they cannot alter the course of history today.

So, only the average American can save the Constitutional Republic today and they will work against all three branches of the Federal government, most State governments, all Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies and the mass media in that effort. They may even face their own military at some point in the process, if they do not act swiftly and decisively and very soon.

What can (must) the people do?

  1. Unless the people are going to hold existing public sector criminals fully accountable for their anti-American actions, they are wasting their time to try anything else. At the end of the day, career political criminals must be held fully accountable under the Rule of Constitutional Law or there is no such thing as Constitutional Law. It makes no difference who we elect if we are not going to hold them accountable for what they do after the election.

For this reason, suing the most impeachable administration in history is nothing more than a cheap poorly vailed attempt to run from responsibility, whether you are an elected member of congress or an average American. The Obama administration MUST be impeached before the November 2014 elections, or they will be allowed to complete a second unconstitutional anti-American term, forever altering Article II of the U.S. Constitution via setting illegal precedence.

There is only ONE right way to impeach the Obama administration. People talking about impeachment without working to advance proper Articles of Impeachment are partisan shills. The Obama administration must be impeached and correctly. After the November elections will be too late.

  1. If you can’t save your state, you cannot save the nation. Law suits filed by state governments against the Federal administration are also cheap cowardly efforts to evade the responsibility of State governments to uphold and defend States’ Rights and protect the citizens from a Federal government which has become tyrannical in nature and destructive of both freedom and liberty.

There is only ONE viable way for any State government to enforce the 10th Amendment rights of the state and the 9th Amendment rights of their citizens. That way is to pass the State level Balance of Powers Act and use the State legislature to identify and challenge the unconstitutional acts of the federal government. Law suits in federally controlled courts will not solve the problem. State level enforcement of State and Individual Rights can save this Republic, state-by-state.

  1. The people must vote, as the democratic process is like a muscle that once atrophied and lost, will never be regained. However, the people can no longer rely on this process as a means of solving our problems. The system is far too corrupted. They cannot afford to play 3rd party fantasy games at this critical moment in history. They must use all available avenues to remove the worst criminals from power at every opportunity. All 3rd party efforts only dilute that effort.
  2. The people MUST lay down their individual agendas and UNITE in force to make the above items a reality, or there will be nothing they can do to save the Republic after the November 2014 elections.

Can average Americans save their Constitutional Republic at this late date? The answer is YES!

Will they? – is a question yet to be answered. However, they only have between now and November to carry out the above actions. If they fail to do it, November 2014 will mark the final end of the Constitutional Republic, if we can even make it to November. The situation is that critical now!

There is nothing else that matters in the grand scheme of saving our Constitutional Republic at this time in history. If the people decide to wait, or waste time and resources on anything else, they will lose their Republic and their constitutionally protected way of life forever.

ONLY the average American can save the Constitutional Republic and they can only do it by taking the right corrective measures, making it personal, and working with others to make it a reality. We cannot beat this by joining it. We cannot win by waiting for anyone else to do it.

Like it or not, there is only ONE organization in America committed to carrying out these remedies at present. The parent organization is The United States Patriots Union. The Veterans Division of Patriots Union is Veteran Defenders of America and the Constitutional Law division is North American Law Center. If you are not with them yet, you are not yet united in tangible action!

The people are free to disagree…. At their own peril.

Foretold is forewarned!

"Tolerating evil in any form at any level only brings about more evil. As a result, the true cost of tolerating the intolerable is a totally intolerable society, from which you can never draft good government." - JB

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Thank you. They say it takes 3%, but we don't even seem to have that. Wish we had more Rileys.

Half the nation is on some kind of Government assistance. Don't expect them to go against the government as that would be cutting off the hand that feeds them. "The borrower is the slave of the lender". This is a well thought out plan by the government to institute the. "Nanny" state. Take from the rich and give to the poor classic communist, socialism. SEMPER FI

Heck, I'm on "government assistance," even though I paid upto $14K a year into it for decades.  But I'm not letting it stop my attempt to recover our country.

Well, they can wait to have their bloddy heads cut off by Obama's fiend ISIS!!

Kudos to you G! I hope I'm wrong but when I see so many people on food stamps buying steak and lobster at the grocery store I have my doubts. I really think a lot of those don't think they'll lose their country. Most people are so ill informed and dumbed down they think they'll be taken care of for life. One of our Founders said were only one generation away from losing our liberty. I think this is that generation.

Sounds about right, Michael.

G. What I can't get my head around is with all the unconstitutional, illegal, pro Islamic, undecivness, left-winged, socialist acts of Obama his approval ratings is still in the 40 percentile!!! Almost half of America still thinks he's doing a good job. Unbelievable!! This tells me our country is uninformed and or approves of his socialist agenda. How we got here in just one generation is beyond me. Our government is corrupt from the head to its toes and the people for the most part follow like sheep to slaughter. This is not the country I wanted to leave to my children. Of all the great societies of the past their average live span was 200 years. Their rise and fall can be put into 8 stages:
1) From bondage to spiritual faith.
2) From spiritual faith to great courage.
3) From great courage to Liberty.
4) From Liberty to abundance.
5) From abundance to complacency.
6) From complacency to apathy.
7) From apathy to dependence.
8) From dependence to bondage.
I believe we're in 7 or 8 of this progression. What say you??

Living in LA-LA Land, I understand. Brainwashed Liberals, impressionable younger people and a large immigrant/minority entitlement class (not all of them, but a plurality) demonstrate a knee-jerk reaction/tropism to all things left.  Even intelligent (does not = smart) people.

we have  a perverted, narcissistic, incompetent America-hating Marxist usurper who has committed hundreds of impeachable acts., while bankrupting our country and weakening our security, yet Congress and courts do nothing.

We will have to get out more people- don't have nearly enough. Need millions out in the streets to get this done, We have held over a dozen impeach Obama demonstrations here. Never got more than 25 people, average is about 8. We raised thousands for ballot challenges and filed 5 different actions. All lost.

The only hope at this time is Conservative states nullifying unconstitutional actions.  May need to withhold tax payments- STARVE the beast, resort to Oath Keeper techniques- discourage people from carrying out unconstitutional orders.

I think your absolutely right Jean . Which means were in the last days of America. It breaks my heart that there are people who have purposely plotted to destroy the greatest nation to exist on the planet, because of money, power and greed. Our founding fathers warned us and gave us means to prevent this type of corruption. However, it is up to each citizen to know his rights and to ensure those rights and freedoms are not taken away by corrupt elected officials. In the end it's the citizenry who are to blame for not educating themselves and ensuring those who govern do so according to our constitution and bill of rights. Corruption has been going on for decades and the people have been purposely destracted and dumbed down and have believed the propaganda those who wish control us have fed us. This is only my opinion, but I believe we are beyond the point of no return we've reached critical mass. I intend to work to restore our nation, but we have allowed the corruption to spread to all levels of not just our government, but law enforsement, Media, our education system, healthcare, military, and all government agencies. "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government". Edward Abbey.

Maybe we need to borrow the leaders of the Icelandic uprising.

Jean. My point wasn't that we are in the last days, but as a student of scripture I believe we are. It's true no man knows the time, but we will know the season. My point was that in the progression and reseccion of all great societies we are in the final stages. Just to note, NO nation has turned around once they have went through all these stages. It's not that we will cease to exist, but we we no longer be the nation we once were. Personally I believe the plan is to merge us with Mexico and Canada and rename us the United States of North America, using a common currency which will no longer be the US Dollar. With that being said, I intend to resist to my last breath like you. God calls us to resist evil, and if ever there was evil this is it!!



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