Constitutional Emergency

after sitting and listening in several chat rooms and hearing some of what I have heard I just want to scream GET REAL. if you are worried about getting hurt or killed while in D.C. say your prayers crawl under the bed and hide till the boogey man goes away.

Col. Riley took an oath when he was commissioned as every officer does. they become an federal officer. He is putting him self in great personal danger both to his health and freedom and his financial health. in the eyes of this crooked administration he is a threat. a clear and present danger if I may. yet he is guilty of 1 thing. living up to his oath of office. just as every other soldier is. we were never relieved of that order. for the majority of those attending the only thing you are risking is a little money and comfort. by allowing this joker to remain in place is going to be our worst nightmare. I seriously believe that within 6 months there will be smoking holes where there once great American cities. the world sees us as a rudderless nation full of dead beats and as a people who cannot provide for themselves. they see on the news of female marines who cannot pass physical proficiency tests and a over bloated military more worried about offending homosexuals than accomplishing the mission. in other words thanks to obozo we look weak and ripe for picking. so hiding under your bed when a bomb or a shell is sent your way will only get you dead. now personally if im going to die I would rather be standing up fighting.

remember this a brave man dies only once and is remember by his friends forever. a coward dies a thousand times and is forgotten to eternity.

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Oh so now , "I AM THE ENEMY" ! Well Mindy you have many enemies then ! Even the Col. says we should expect opposition ! It seems to me that even our side has its version of politically correct ...if you say something I do not agree with then you are wrong and should shut up , lest you hurt my feelings or make me angry ! I have done much to promote this march but you will only see me on this blog again once I find proof or disproof of what I talked about ! You see if I am wrong I will be the first to admit it ! 

There are probably no j'hadist training compounds either , right ! For me to try to prove to you what you do not want to believe is like me convincing my brother obamacare is not a failure ! 

some people just deny whats in their face  because reality is to unbelievable, for them

Good comeback....there are FEMA camps...I've seen a map....but don't have one...the guy can go and look them up for the Islamc jihadist cells in America....I have a map of them and there are a tremendous number of them.....YUP!  

i too have seen the maps... we have 3 here i SD

I am not here to prove anything to anyone except maybe myself ! I still find it hard to believe our nation is falling !

Jager ,

How is it you can take the parts you want but leave the rest ?
Your previous words I believe sir !

This government cares not what you did in your youth, they care about what you can offer now and if you are old, sick or feeble they will get rid of you like the Nazis before them. History is repeating itself like the Roman Empire, the Nazis, the USSR, and communist China. Sitting quietly and waiting on someone else to do something

I searched and found the location of 2 which are located in SC , one on the base in Charleston but also one in Greenville ......I will work on getting more info on this and see if it is possible in the very near future to take a drive there and see what I find ! You are right if I can find something there the we should all be told !

I would also think anyone else who has one located in their area to scope these places out and see what they find !

In order for that to happen they would have to have a willing National Guard unit to do the dirty work. Freedom and an oath to protect the Constitution is taken very seriously by even the weekend warrior. Most of them would refuse to follow orders. They are after all our neighbors, fellow Church members, Sons, Fathers, etc. Any roundup attempt would be a failure.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. And as I keep telling people... we have Security.

But we can not go in blind to what they are willing to do !

where have you been for the past 4 years....

obuttfux said he was going to have a civilian army as strong and as well funded as our military.. that was his quote ... he has every government agency from the cia to the doj in his hip pocket... training camps for kids...

he has vaporized the constitution every possible way he can ...

I'm surprised at the tone of your comment, actually degrading concerns of Patriots that are now face to face with the  grave reality of our circumstances.  In my 70 years, I have never, ever before thought of the possibility that my own American government would want to killing me, never entered my mind - then.  

Most Americans take obligations seriously---children and their well being, especially if something happens to them, it's a real concern.  The conversation was good and needed for contemplating whatever arrangements should be made for whatever may happen.  Responsibility, I think it's called; and LOVE!  

No one on this site wants Obozo denigrating our White House and Presidency...and, No One is "hiding under their beds"---they are thinking about and planning for all the What If's!



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