after sitting and listening in several chat rooms and hearing some of what I have heard I just want to scream GET REAL. if you are worried about getting hurt or killed while in D.C. say your prayers crawl under the bed and hide till the boogey man goes away.

Col. Riley took an oath when he was commissioned as every officer does. they become an federal officer. He is putting him self in great personal danger both to his health and freedom and his financial health. in the eyes of this crooked administration he is a threat. a clear and present danger if I may. yet he is guilty of 1 thing. living up to his oath of office. just as every other soldier is. we were never relieved of that order. for the majority of those attending the only thing you are risking is a little money and comfort. by allowing this joker to remain in place is going to be our worst nightmare. I seriously believe that within 6 months there will be smoking holes where there once great American cities. the world sees us as a rudderless nation full of dead beats and as a people who cannot provide for themselves. they see on the news of female marines who cannot pass physical proficiency tests and a over bloated military more worried about offending homosexuals than accomplishing the mission. in other words thanks to obozo we look weak and ripe for picking. so hiding under your bed when a bomb or a shell is sent your way will only get you dead. now personally if im going to die I would rather be standing up fighting.

remember this a brave man dies only once and is remember by his friends forever. a coward dies a thousand times and is forgotten to eternity.

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I would also suggest consider formations! The young and the healthy should stand, they should stand in front of our more vulnerable and we should look like a force to be reckoned with, a disciplined force, we should not look like we are at a social gathering enjoying cotton candy and hot dogs.

Mindy , I apologize if I said anything or brought up a topic which may have angered you or had any other negative effect on you ! I see a lot of badgering here saying more or less if you do not go to the march then you are basically worthless whether you consider yourself a patriot or not ! Most of us today feel like a cornered wild animal , each day becomes harder to survive and on top of our financial any employment worries we see our nation as a whole falling apart and each knows others we care about smirking at us when we turn our backs ! "When" we go to DC there is going to be even more anger pent up and also (if we are smart) some fear of what may happen ! Psychologically that is a bad place to be ! I watched the videos from the Vets march when they tore down the barricades and I saw the anger in that small group , how much more anger are we going to carry with us when we arrive ! Do you know the struggle in a person when they try to portray in appearance the opposite of what they feel inside ? More anger ! We argue with one another on this site ,WHY ? , because it is a release of the pressure we fell ! But we have to look at the other side and the fear they are going to face when they see 2 or 3 million people gathering at their front door with demands ! The slightest movement could trigger an onslaught the likes which has never been seen here in our states . Never has there been a mass gathering of people that is proposed here ! AND THEY KNOW WE ARE COMING !  If people do not know what the possibilities are they will not be watching their P's& Q's ! Discussion is good , it brings up topics that we need to bring out in the open ! If our open discussion causes some to lay in bed and tremble to the point they decide not to go to DC then we are probably better off for those few to stay home ! One of those may be the one that discharges the first spark , which we can not afford ! I fluctuate between whether we should be armed or not because there are pro's and con's on both sides , but I tend to lean more to the unarmed side of the argument because I too have faith in my Lord and Savior ! If I do the next right thing on a daily basis then I will be ready when my time comes !

Too many do not understand what is at stake, they want to claim the name of Patriot without doing anything to earn, or prove that they are! Suck it up whiners, get yourself up and ready.. If you really want to be in Washington DC in May you will find a way! Excluding the truly disabled there is no reason anyone else can not be there! And, there will be many disabled Patriots there!

When they come knocking on your door to take everything you have, and to take you away, what excuse will you give them for even claiming to be a Patriot, or belonging to a Patriot group, or writing an e-mail about how we need to remove the socialists in Washington DC?

It's time to step up, stand out, and be an American, the sheeple movement needs to end!

Amen brother!!

 your name caught my eye.... are you from ST Onge SD ?..

No, I went there once to check it out tho.. I was born in Michigan... family moved to Calif. when I was very young...

Oh Ok... I was wondering .... I live N of Sturgis and was trying to find some Patriots to ride share to DC in May...

:)... I went in Sept of 2013 and there was about 20 of us there.. I had all of my ordinance in my trunk, ready to die for America, her people, and fpr all of our future generations.. a whole 20 were there, and this is when Cheif Kessler was suppose to be there, no show by any of his group or followers at all!! Talk about depressing brother... You know, we are way past anything peaceful to get anything back, right? Way to many still think the enemies in this government will just hand everything back to us!! To that I say, "Yeah Right they will when Hell freezes over"!!!

If we want anything back, we will either fight for it or lose everything else.. God bless, and go with God.. God has been trying to talk to so many of us!! Not enough of us will listen to Him tho...

I listen to HIM all the time....what I am discerning is concurrent with your comments....I'm afraid it will come to a true fighting revolution before it's over....o.k. to try the peaceful route for now.....but believe it will proceed to a real fight.

That is what I am saying my sister Patriot Janice...


change that ready to die to willing to die. there is a big difference. you let your enemy die



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