Constitutional Emergency

after sitting and listening in several chat rooms and hearing some of what I have heard I just want to scream GET REAL. if you are worried about getting hurt or killed while in D.C. say your prayers crawl under the bed and hide till the boogey man goes away.

Col. Riley took an oath when he was commissioned as every officer does. they become an federal officer. He is putting him self in great personal danger both to his health and freedom and his financial health. in the eyes of this crooked administration he is a threat. a clear and present danger if I may. yet he is guilty of 1 thing. living up to his oath of office. just as every other soldier is. we were never relieved of that order. for the majority of those attending the only thing you are risking is a little money and comfort. by allowing this joker to remain in place is going to be our worst nightmare. I seriously believe that within 6 months there will be smoking holes where there once great American cities. the world sees us as a rudderless nation full of dead beats and as a people who cannot provide for themselves. they see on the news of female marines who cannot pass physical proficiency tests and a over bloated military more worried about offending homosexuals than accomplishing the mission. in other words thanks to obozo we look weak and ripe for picking. so hiding under your bed when a bomb or a shell is sent your way will only get you dead. now personally if im going to die I would rather be standing up fighting.

remember this a brave man dies only once and is remember by his friends forever. a coward dies a thousand times and is forgotten to eternity.

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Tim,  all one has to do is look at the command structure/organization and you will see a major difference from the supposed event last yr..  Plus,  watch all of the conservative sites ie; TPs, OKs, militias, etc. and you will see a ton of chatter in reference to the OAS.  Not to mention,  people are starting to finally wake up to the mess that we are in.

I guess I was taken aback by the comment he made about ordinance. I thought this was a peaceful demonstration. Don't get me wrong, I think that more needs to be done but I am just questioning it a bit. 

This is a peaceful demonstration and both Children and Women will be attending. Also lots of older people like me at 76. Any one who has other ideas, should stay home, as you are not welcome. We do not need out of control people threatening or actuating violence, or the threat of violence. The Obama Marxist/Fascist, Police State, does enough of that, don't you think?

I will be speaking. I will give my 2 minute 'Patriots Fusillade' every so often, at the Washington Monument, on the 16th. At least 4 times maybe 6 during the day. If I stay over, I will do it again on Sat.

I can assure you it has more validity to it than anything Nugent could say.

Don't worry about the Arm Chair Patriots like Mark Levin. His book is quite good, but he is wrong about having a Constitutional Convention.

See you on the 16th.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

I cannot believe that we have a nation of sissies. All the younger generation 20-50 year olds always give me the song and dance. Only if its peaceful, what about all the what if's, there might be trouble lets do it by the vote., lets wait til 2016 and vote him out.I will do whatever has to be done with them or without them. All I tell them is think about it. Then I tell them You are either on my side, by my side or in my Fu$%^*#  way. Choose wisely. Amen

                                                                                                                                    Gary Jay Sellers

Those younger generation people have no idea how corrupt our election process now is and they think that they can fix things by voting out the thugs.   What they need to realize is, that the thugs control the outcomes of key areas just as they did in the last election ie;  having the Usurper win in precincts 110-121% of the vote.  Not to mention losing 100's of thousands of military ballots and discovering all of the voter fraud cases that were committed by Obama thugs.   May 16th is probably our last and best chance for anything positive to happen in removing the cancer in the Wh.  but we need millions to participate.  We Must Resist!!!

Just to  let people know this site, for want of a better way of saying,  'is being messed with'.  I posted Jan 19 about needing a ride.  Two days ago I saw where I had 3 replies all from 19 Jan.  I have been on this site at least 2/3 times a week and there was never anything.  That is until 2 days ago. 

Ken!! I am new on here, and to be honest, had a time getting around it!! I'm from Mebane N.C., I plan on going, If you are near me, you can ride with me!!

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