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Mr. Riley, It  should  start~~`Numerous  Cover  Stories,  no  cake  walk  on  this  one..!!  RNC  platform  goes  as  planned,  DNC  platform ~~ Treason  Dares  to  Prosper..!!  The  net  is  buzzing  about  BlackBox Voting. One  word  this  Nov.  6th  Vote..!!  PFA  is  getting  the  word  OUT..  Salute..!!

I like the articles on Canada Free Press. Alot better than we are getting in America.

      America has become a one patriot political party, but even that is weak because to mention just one traitorous senator by name that is the long standing senator Crapo from Idaho; he agreed that that evil belonged in the white house.

      I read that on youtube what he wrote several months ago and I had thought that I had kept a copy, but it is lost and his write up has since been removed and in my opinion he needs to be replaced now.

      Every month Crapo gets his money to use against the loyal patriots who love this country more then he does now; come on Crapo let the people know where you stand after all I too am from Idaho and I love my country as a union of happy people and not a country of traitors who takes money from several sources including that Hungarian Jew now called Soros who helped the Nazis rob his own peopl, I am not saying that you Crapo take his money; but.

The "Fear and Anxiety" piece is a comprehensive wrap-up of what America must reverse on November 6, 2010.  The Obama travesty, criminal activity, treasonous behavior, socialist/communist/Marxist direction must be squashed and a return to constitutional government energized immediately.  If Romney/Ryan does not reflect instant indication of undoing the Obama fiasco, then they will feel our wrath.......this is not a threat, just a promise what will happen if what Romney promises is not carried out.  We better see positive impact on "day-one".

If only our own US Govmint would think like our friends at Canada Free Press--"...BECAUSE  WITHOUT AMERICA

                       HERE IS NO FREE WORLD"  Is Ronnie still alive in some parts of Canada?IS he still up North there

with Maggie Thatcher?Or are our heroes now all dead?

With a left-wing biased American press, we have to look to those that have an outside-looking-in point of view, as they can see the reality of it. Thanks Canadian Free Press.


"Obama's 2nd assault on America"

for more resources

You need to go back and follow interviews w/ WHI...White House Insider

Did anyone else notice that a lot of these articles were written by U.S. citizens? The Canadian free press must be the only place to get them published now days, since our own media outlets have decided to push the leftist agenda and only print glowing articles about their chosen one the o. Good stories to read, mostly things that we as members of this site are already aware of with the exception of the one on Russia possibly turning on Iran, that one was very intriguing. Thanks Harry, many of the stories were well written and got straight to the heart of it.

Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press is our friend. She also attended and spoke at the 11-11-11 Rally in D.C.  I recommend signing up for their email news letter.

Will do Harry, thanks for the info.



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