Constitutional Emergency


"I declare and affirm that I will hold myself bound to bear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and will use my personal energies and resources to convince the leadership of the political party, for which I am a candidate, to focus its legislative actions only to issues that do not usurp the rights that are reserved by the Constitution to the States or to the People. I will not bear allegiance to any political party or party leadership when its direction, policies, or proposed legislation or actions conflict with the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God."

Commit to strict adherence to the US Constitution. Propose and support legislation requiring Congress to identify and verify that all new proposed legislation meets specific US Constitution guidance. Study legislation presently on the books to determine adherence to strict Constitutional principles with the goal of eliminating all unconstitutional executive orders, bills, laws, resolutions, regulations and requirements.

Balance the Federal Budget. Stand firm for capitalism principles as the bedrock for American free market. Lower or eliminate taxes on businesses to encourage job creation. Eliminate the Death tax, thus allowing small businesses and family farms the ability to be transferred to the next generation without costly schemes. Investigate and demand prosecution for any criminal or ethical violations associated with the 2008/2009 economic crisis.

The defense of the United States is the primary mission of the government, without which all other rights and privileges mean nothing. That requires a military force that is second to none in technology and advanced weaponry together with the infrastructure to support an advanced global fighting force. Before sending America’s men and women into battle, a congressional declaration of war must be approved.

Our country has abundant sources of energy, but our government has stifled development. Drill off our coasts, begin processing our abundant resources of shale in the western states, and build nuclear power plants. Use our coal resources to create synthetic fuel, and use technology to make the burning of coal cleaner.

Laws on the books must be enforced. This starts with adequately funding our Border Patrol. A nation is not a nation unless it can control its borders. Interpreters or defense attorneys cannot be provided for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense. There is room for only one flag and one language, English. All Federal and State documents, including voting ballots and drivers license testing, shall be in English only.

We have the finest health-care system in the world. Socialized medicine would be a disaster for this country. Innovation and the proper use of technology can streamline and reduce the cost of health-care in America to where every American citizen can receive the superior care that our system produces.

Respect for Life
Oppose destruction of life, truly respect God's power of creation and the blessing he gives us in our children. Also, with the number of qualified couples seeking children to adopt, babies born from unwanted pregnancies can expect a loving family to care for them.

The sanctity of marriage by definition is the bond of holy matrimony between one man and one woman.

Term Limits
Professional politicians have nearly destroyed the United States as a nation of freedom, liberty and the capitalist system. Term limits for Representatives and Senators should be limited to three terms and one term respectively.

Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve should be brought under total US Government audit, but preferably abolished with appropriate functions returned to the United States Treasurer.

Donald "Don" Strong
Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 4th Congressional District, TN

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