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I thought Capt Karls facebook page was the fake one. This page is controlled by trolls and now Col. Riley is meeting with Capt. Karl on Monday? It's been confusing for a couple of weeks. Nobody seems excited and I can't see a million people showing up for this. That's how I feel about it and I might not go. 

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This issue has been confusing only because of Karl Koenig....he is making the accusations, spreading false information as if he has some measure of authority in the official OAS mission....he has none.

The only way we can put this to rest is bring it to the public, on the air, deal with facts and allow the public to decide for themselves.

I have said very little of my objection to Karl's FB page in public, in fact ignored it until late, when he implies OAS was moving to Nevada.......absurd, childish, totally false and increasing personal attacks on me..

Karls FB page is a fake OAS page..........the Radio Show is to tell the world that Karl is deceiving many, pursuing his own agenda, attacking me and our OAS misson to D.C.  He won't stop OAS D.C. mission but he will be exposed for trying.

I intend to spell out Karl's obstinate behavior against OAS mission from the very beginning or shortly after he contacted me advising he wanted to support the OAS mision. He asked to use the OAS logo in late December 2013 or early January 2014 to support the OAS mission, I agreed.  Then he went off on his own focusing on 9th and 10th Amendment issues.  I advised him that was not acceptable, OAS was/is focused on the entire Constitution for restoration, and would have no part is his agenda which would open OAS up to any and every other side agenda, totally destroying a focused effort on total "constitutional restoration".

This message was delivered to Karl by me on more than one occasion. The Radio Show will spell this out, and more to the public in general.  I have had more than enough of disrespectful bashing from Karl through the OAS FB which he is fraudulently using. No where on his Face Book page that I have found is the operational mission apparent that I penned on Patriots For America site in December 2013, to justify Karl using Operation American Spring banner. He relinquished the right to use OAS banner when he went off official mission and onto his own agenda of 9th and 10th Amendment focus.

I take no issue with his agenda of 9th and 10th Amerndment separated from OAS.....but it is not a part of Operation American Spring initiative founded by me.

The bottom line is Karl Koenig has no authority to speak for OAS mission penned by me, nor use the OAS banner or logo for his personal agenda.

Harry Riley

Col, Excellent... I plan on calling you before the show... :) Susie

I agree, somehow we must get the word out that he does not speak for us nor does he espouse our beliefs and values nor our plans.

If the media ignores us we will have to double-down on social media.

Never surrender.

Anne - you are an idiot.

I'm so glad to know that you have me figured out.  

I'm so glad to see you reveal yourself as someone not here to help us but to be a divisive distraction who spends his time online insulting those of us supporting our cause and defending the enemy Obama and his band of traitorous cronies.

If you were a good TROLL or MOLE you wouldn't be quite so glaringly obvious.

So I think YOU are the IDIOT.

All yours posts are inflammatory and counter-productive.   When anyone scores one against the enemy you are there to defend him.

I think I've figured out why you come here - not to help but to hurt.

So I'm going to stay on top of everything you write and if you continue in pattern I'm going to continue to defuse the bombs you appear intent on scattering throughout this site.  Count on it.

Me as well brother..Right with you!!  Our team made this for #OAS

Every dime made from our channel goes to OAS



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