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He may very well have been alleviating  boredom and I am sure his efforts were appreciated. I cannot speak to what the Clinton did or did not do regarding NCOs and officers.  This does not jeopardize any comedy act that I know of nor does it jeopardize the humor in ERs or fire houses etc. Yes, PC is totally out of control when a pole can’t tell a Polish joke without bothering someone.

Unfortunately, he was number 3 on a ship with 6000 men and women where discipline must be maintained. All 6000 could watch these antics whenever they wished on the ship’s TV. Please go to a site that offers access to the uncut, uncensored tapes as I did. If you come back and think he is being mistreated, then so be it. It has absolutely nothing to do with his non-PC statements.

People at his level are not given the luxury of making videos like this. Were he in a corporate environment, he would have been out the door the very same day. Yearly, we were briefed on what constituted harassment. The first year I was stunned, my company was so conservative we were not even to tell someone “you look nice today.” Since I was a SVP and Board Member, I took it seriously.

In the military, orders need to be obeyed nor questioned because you saw the XO in a tape the previous night. He knew he was over the line. Knew. How can I tell? He said repeatedly that the Admiral and Captain had no knowledge of what he was doing. This shows me he wanted to protect them if that well known material hit the fan.

It’s sad a person of his caliber should be hit with something like this but, he knew he was over the line and it caught up with him. Sad.




Even Shakespeare had trouble with attorneys, in one play he wrote, "first, kill all the lawyers." "Our" congressman and senators are not worthy of our support anyway, the Founding Fathers never intended someone be a "professional" politician returning time after time to the trough to drink. Amassing huge fortunes, outlandish benefit packages before they even lift their finger as lobbyists influencing their friends about legislation that voters in their state and districts are indicating in huge numbers their "representative" go the other way on when voting.


I truly feel bad for what is happening to Honors but, he brought it on himself and, as an adult he must be held accountable and suffer the consequences of his choice(s).  There is one variable you neglected to  identify and that is the number of videos that exist. Had he done it once or twice the brass may have looked away but, over and over and over cannot be ignored.

I think we all know the real reason why Capt Honors was relieved of command over these videos.  In my opinion if it weren't for some barbs about gays in the videos there would be nary a peep about this at all.  It's a shame that a good man's Naval career is over because of political correct BS.  It's a bit suspicious that this comes out about the time that DADT is repealed.

I said earlier, in my view, it had nothing to do with PC per se. It had to do with his rank, position, access, number of instances, need for discipline etc.

He knew he had crossed the line given the number of times he said the captain and the admiral (on board) had no knowledge of what he was doing thus, exposing his knowledge. My guess, is they are next because it is doubtful either missed the showing on the ship's TV channel. They must not have liked it or him much because a friend would have told Honors "better cool it." Given there are 6000 people on board, he was bound to offend someone's senstivity but, for me it all comes down to leadership and discipline. If you have not watched the unedited videos I suggest you view them because there is much more than PC involved.


Honors also did a rotation in the Navy Bureau of Personnel and it is hard to fathom while there he was not educated about violations of this type. I was at my company, we could not even tell someone they look nice today. I thought that was a bit extreme but, that was the policy.

Mr. Nelson, I don't want to pick a fight, but I honestly believe that anyone who would support any organization with such ridiculous policies ("You look nice today."  "You're fired!") either by using their products or services or by working there is contributing to the problem of PC destroying America.


I have owned businesses; I have spent almost my entire working life as "the boss" when I wasn't the owner, and I always had an organization which was fun.  "Fun" places have fewer troubles with absenteeism and "workplace drama" and are more likely to produce higher-quality work.  We all knew where "the line" was, and, honestly, were were often on "the other side" of it.  No one complained because everyone knew that it was all in fun, and, if anyone didn't like something, all he or she had to do was to say so, and that "thing" never happened again.  In all of my forty-plus years, that has only happened a couple of times.  The purpose of a business is to produce a product or a service while maximizing profits, and anything which impedes this process, including silly policies and complaining employees, should be eliminated as soon as possible.


While Captain Honors might have known better than to do what he did, I'd rather be on his ship than one run by the ACLU.


PC is killing us.

In the video(s), Captain Honors made several references to homosexuals, using terms that are in common use even in "the homosexual community" (Would that such a thing existed; we could ship in food and not be annoyed by that behavior.). I'm convinced that this is what got him into trouble and why it is just now coming to light.

This is occurring now because of the latest efforts by the left/Congress to destroy our military. Any sort of thing which is not in support, if not outright praise, of homosexual behavior and lifestyle in the military will result in immediate destruction of one's career…just watch.

I think that most Americans saw this coming, and the natural outcome will be that most of the "straight" folks will be leaving the service when their next re-enlistment date comes up.

Alas, Babylon, alas, America…




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