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"I have asked this group to also join others in forcing CBS to make a very public apology to the vets and fire the producers and CEO in charge of programming."

Larry Mortland


25 February 2013   



CBS has dishonored the Vietnam veterans since 1968, when Walter Cronkite ended his newscast with, "The Vietnam War is in stalemate." Recall the media coverage they gave to Senator Harry Reid in 2009 with his "This war (Iraq) is lost." This week, they demonstrated their continued contempt for American veterans in general, and Vietnam veterans in particular during its

Amazing Race broadcast. The reality game required contestants visiting Vietnam to watch a pro-communist musical show, recite a pro-communist poem, and then gather at an anti-American military site in Hanoi. The B-52 site is a North Vietnam War Monument, which celebrates the death of American service members.


Not this time CBS! Americans are now stepping up to heal the national wound - which CBS chose to reopen. Americans are stepping up to say, "Thank You" to our heroic Vietnam veterans.


In all of American history, no military troops returning from war were ever treated with more contempt than the heroes who served in Vietnam. There were no ticker tape parades, no awards ceremonies, no invitations to speak. Instead, the nation's "homecoming" for our heroes ranged from avoidance and shame, to outright hostility and condemnation. Few ever heard the words, "Thank You!"


This national injustice has never been corrected. That is why Veterans in Defense of Liberty (VIDOL) has launched its "Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card from America" campaign.


The purpose of this nationwide effort is to repay that long-overdue debt of gratitude owed by our great nation to these deserving American heroes. It is not political, accusatory or apologetic. It is solely for the purpose of finally doing the right thing while many Vietnam veterans are still alive.


The goal is to collect the most number of names ever listed on a greeting card in history, with the total certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Nothing less would be as meaningful. Names and signatures will be obtained on a thank you card which will be stored in Vietnam-era duffel bags and archived in perpetuity. The card will returned to VIDOL, and the names transferred to the official campaign Thank You Card, which will be large enough for the millions of signatures we seek. The official card will be presented to the Vietnam Education Center at the Wall when it is completed. There, it will remain on display, in their words, "As long as America exists."


Concurrently, the campaign will invite signers to petition the U.S. Congress for a full accounting and total transparency of records for all American POW/MIA. "For they deserve to walk on American soil or be buried within it." (presently approximately 1,687 from Vietnam-era)


The signature collection drive was officially announced in Washington, DC on Memorial Day, May 28, 2012 during the Rolling Thunder Rally at the Vietnam Memorial with the official launch taking place at a Branson press conference and VIP reception on 10-17-2012 and will be reinforced throughout  Branson's Veterans Week.  


The official presentation ceremony will occur, Memorial Day 2014, at the Vietnam Memorial Wall  after the cards are escorted from Branson, Missouri escorted by the Flame of Freedom and members of Missouri Rolling Thunder escort. The card will be presented by a civilian delegation ( Connie Stevens - Honorary Chairman and Larry Gatlin and James Robbins Horary Co-Chairman) to a receiving delegation of Vietnam veterans (Eddie Beesley, Chairman.)


The many greeting cards received during the campaign will be placed in duffel bags and lined up along the walkway at the Vietnam Memorial (symbolically presenting them to our fallen brothers) and then permanently housed in the official national Parks Department archives.


This act of national gratitude has been delayed far too long! Therefore, let us act with all the energy and resources available, so the greatest number of these heroes may live to see an enormous outpouring of respect, thanks and love directed to them from a grateful nation.


Dr. W. Scott Magill
Executive Director, ViDoL
USMC/USArmy-Medical Corps 

417-886-8499 - o

417-839-6404 -c

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You got it!

So do we mail a card to the addy above?

I thank all of the men and women who have served America. I am proud of Bob Beckel for standing up for our Veterans.

Well, let me see now. They tie our hands behind our back. They take away our ammunition. They order us to not fire at the enemy. They tell us to win the hearts and minds of the people (which cannot be done, not even in Iraq and Afghan), and then they tell us that we are losing the war. The Rules of Engagement that are set in stone for us is idiotic and if we violate any of their rules, we are court-marshaled. The people who lost the Vietnam war, and all wars since then, including the Korean War, are the news media (and the anti war idiots in America) and then they blame it on TOG (the other guy). Insane I tell you, absolutely insane.

I thought Cronkite steped in front of his desk and said after the TET offensive, (we have lost the war).and then Johnson said right afterward. If I lost Cronkite then I have lost.

How do we sign

In a month's time, I will be at the WALL in Washington as I go every time I am in the Shenandoah valley. I have time shares at a resort there and take a bus into Washington to pay my respects to those on the Wall from my hometown and Vietnam unit I knew personally as well as all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I will do a remembrance there in early MAY because I will be in St.Louis on Memorial Day at a reunion of my Vietnam Unit, the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, and will be attending ceremonies there. Some of us NEVER forget. WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN: Until recently, few others have been willing to remember or to HONOR the sacrifices made by those who served in America's forgotten and most fruitless war. I shall get all the information available at the address above and I WILL participate to the fullest and in honoring memory of those with whom I served who unlike me, did not come home.

According to the USC, we can HANG the morons at CBS.

Lets go for it.

Dr. Carl McIntire


This Patriot Pastor was destroyed by the "{Media}"!

Most people know McIntire by his reputation and from his more successful publicity stunts.

There’s McIntire, an imposing white haired figure in a three button, blue suit (all buttons fastened), leading the procession of matronly women, with NEC length hair and plastic frame glasses, and shiny eyed, short haired men up Pennsylvania Avenue – a massive but unlikely procession bearing placards calling four “Victory Now,” “Capital Punishment” and “Prayer in Schools.”

Strange crowded was that marched with McIntire for victory in Vietnam on April 4, 1970 – strange because it was not strange at all, mostly white southerners from McIntire’s large following in the Bible Belt – a great percentage middle aged or elderly, conservatives in politics and fashion… The kind of folks who advertise laundry detergents, where he used to watch Ted Mack’s amateur hour… The kind of people who do not march.

What were they doing out there, raising a fuss like the hippies who have become one of McIntire’s favorite targets?



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