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CDR WALT FITZPATRICK SENTENCED TO THREE YEARS IN JAIL FOR ADHERING TO THE US CONSTITUTION? Is tomorrow to early for patriots to prevent the ruin of liberty in McMinn County, Tennessee?

"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

Samuel Adams

American Statesman, Political Philosopher and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States

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Blackwood: “Who Cares If the Grand Jury Foreman is Serving Illegally?”
Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Tuesday, August 19, 2014 @ 3:15 PM In National | No Comments


by Sharon Rondeau
Lt. Col. Field McConnell, USMC (Ret.) is currently in a filming session with filmmaker William F. Fain about the sentencing hearing for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who was sentenced to three years in jail by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood on Tuesday morning.  Photo credit:  William F. Fain
(Aug. 19, 2014) — During the sentencing hearing for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) at the McMinn County courthouse on Tuesday morning, Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood reportedly excoriated Fitzpatrick for attempting to submit evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of government officials to the grand jury in March.
Fitzpatrick was arrested on March 18 while waiting on a bench outside the courtroom to see if his petition to the grand jury would be heard and he were required to testify.  Judge Amy Reedy, who was not re-elected on August 7, quickly appointed a new grand jury foreman, Thomas Balkom, just minutes before Fitzpatrick was arrested after the grand jury reportedly found evidence of crimes Fitzpatrick committed.
At the trial, no evidence, police report, criminal complaint, or specifics about the alleged crimes were presented.  Former grand jury foreman Jeffrey Cunningham said under oath that he had not accused Fitzpatrick of a crime, although previously, he had said that he was the victim of Fitzpatrick’s actions.
The jury convicted Fitzpatrick of extortion and aggravated perjury, despite no proof of Fitzpatrick having stated anything untruthful in his numerous petitions to the grand jury over the course of several months.  Tennessee law states that any citizen may bring evidence of wrongdoing to the grand jury for its review.
In a pre-sentencing report made public on August 11, investigator Judith Hilton-Coffman stated that “there was no victim” in the case.
In the fall of 2009, Fitzpatrick discovered that grand jury foremen serve repeated terms, having been hand-picked by the criminal court judge.  In early 2011, Monroe County court clerk Martha M. Cook told a local newspaper that the judge selects the foreman “from wherever they choose.”
Local media has not reported on the constitutional violations carried out against the community’s citizens daily.
Monroe, McMinn, Polk and Bradley Counties comprise the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee, which is known for its police brutality, prosecutorial misconduct, rigged juries, dictatorial judges and inordinately high percentage of its citizens on court-ordered probation, parole or drug rehabilitation.
Blackwood reportedly took verbal aim at Fitzpatrick in a very person way, obviously upset that Fitzpatrick had continued to blow the whistle on the judicial corruption which has preyed on the citizens of Tennessee for decades and deprived them of their constitutional and civil rights.
Eyewitness reports on Tuesday say that Blackwood banged his fist on the bench repeatedly while exclaiming, “Who cares if the grand jury foreman is serving illegally?  So what?”
Tennessee law states that jurors must be chosen by automated means.
Another eyewitness said that after Fitzpatrick was handcuffed and was escorted out of the courtroom, someone stood up and said, “Thanks, Walt,” after which the 50 or so people in attendance stood up and clapped for “a good, long time.”  “What that tells me is that the local folks there are realizing what’s going on in East Tennessee.  They indicated they were tired of the corruption.”
The same observer told us that “the judge’s final sentencing statement was really, really sick.”
The Post & Email will be a guest on The Manning Report at 3:20 p.m. EDT to discuss the sentencing. Lt. Col. Field McConnell, USMC (Ret.), who traveled from Wisconsin to Athens on Sunday to host a prayer breakfast and barbecue on Monday and accompany Fitzpatrick into the courtroom on Tuesday, was also invited by Manning but is currently being filmed by William F. Fain, who is making a professional video of the events of the last two days and will be producing a documentary on the judicial corruption which has again landed in Fitzpatrick in jail.
Fitzpatrick spent ten days in the McMinn County jail after his arrest on March 18 and was jailed six times in Monroe County on various trumped-up charges.
Donations are still needed for Fitzpatrick’s Legal Defense Fund and for the production of the video and documentary, the latter of which can be made via Paypal to
Two local news channels attended the sentencing and are expected to present reports on Tuesday.
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Mr. Likens, Thank you Sir. You are absolutely correct and right on the button.

This course of action is precisely what the National Liberty Alliance has been working towards.

We now have 49 States re-Constituted under the Common Law - the laws of We-The-People.

Very soon now we will all see that notices have been sent out to all federal district courts and judges that the people have taken actions to return America to a Constitutional Republic, and a Common Law system of justice.

I would urge anyone reading this reply to go back here and read Mr. Lukens comments. And then visit the National Liberty Alliance web site to please catch up and educate yourselves on the Common Law system of America.

NO - It is NOT a new system of justice,,,,,,,,, it is a return to the system of justice which ruled in America up until 1949 when the Federal justice system re-wrote the laws of the judicial system. This IS the way to take back America and to return America to a Constitutional Republic.


Good morning Sir,

It is my understanding that when the Federal Justice Regulations where revised, the current civil process was superimposed on the original system and the prosecutory process was taken over by the local governing body, instead of the private process.

Once again, when we allow the government to do something we should be doing ourselves, we fail to teach our children their responsibilities and we allow the scum that naturally are attracted to the centers of power to manipulate the system and abuse WE THE PEOPLE.

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!!!  One for all and all for one!!!  Hoorah!!!!  Anything else I missed??/

If "We the People" were to step back and see the Forest amongst the Trees and really take in the BIG Picture of what is transpiring not only in our Nation but around the World.  There is a force moving amongst our elected representatives, the now Military Police (not all Police) and our White House that is so Evil that it could only have come from Satan himself!  Does God ask his Children to lay down and be slaughtered, NO WAY, God ask his Children to seek him in all areas in their lives, but as God directed the Israelites to boldly go forth and claim their inheritance in Israel I believe that God is raising up and new Class of “We the People” Christian Patriots to lead his people in to battle, to go forth and to take our Christian Nation Back!  Make NO mistake, our Nation was found on Jesus Christ and the teaching of Gods word in the Bible.  Islam and no other faith was even given a thought when writing the U.S. Constitution and all founding document to build our Republic!  "We the People" have forgotten our roots and the founding principles that made our Nation the Shinning Light on the top of the Hill...God's shinning Light and NO other..!!!

Our nation is all but gone and anyone with brain knows this, do "We the People" just stand there and watch this destruction happen, NO, but these Evil Monsters are very clever in their actions and through their cleverness they have hide their Agenda from nearly all Americans!  Their Agenda will be revealed in the very near future I believe and awaken the Masses, but will it be to late?  Fighting for Liberty is never to Late!  We as Patriots need to bring these Monsters Agenda to the masses by any means possible, yes these Monsters will do everything in their power to stop all Patriots from this task, and their Evil power is great, but We Patriots have one more powerful than anything they can throw at "We the People" and that is God HIMSELF!  As it is written in Romans 8:15: And by him we cry, "Abba" (Father)!  The Spirit himself testifies with our Spirit that we are God's Children.  As God's Children We need to boldly go forth and claim our rights as a Free People and a Free Nation and to be filled with the same Holy Spirit the our Founding Father had been filled with to create our Great Nation!  GOD will PREVAIL and he must prevail in our hearts and our deeds, and I believe that millions of Americans can feel that call permeating every fiber of our being!  It's a call from God, a call for Liberty, a call for Freedom, and finally a call to make that final stand, and stand "We the People" must make NOW or it will be to late!  May God Bless America AGAIN!

Dr. Michael ;)    This is exactly why I always direct people to go to  (and also to read the Daniel/Revelation and other books) for them to understand the times we are living in.  Many people think, "Well that if we're to be out of here soon....then....we don't need to fight FOR anything!"   But, the complete opposite is true.  Understanding the times we are living in should spur those onto receiving more knowledge and discernment in order to be a part of exciting change that has an appointed time to take place. 


Don't forget............people already had the EBOLA virus taking over the US and killing everyone.  But, just in a few short weeks time, the LORD has already healed our 2 from Samaritan's Purse aka FRANKLIN GRAHAM/BILLY GRAHAM!


These are EXCITING TIMES folks...........with more to come........stay tuned!!!!!

I'm afraid it has come to that Mike. The blood of patriots must from time to time water the tree of Liberty. Our country is corrupt to its core, and those in power will not give it up without using EVERYTHING they have at their disposal, the law be dammed. Believe me, they have thought out all contingency plans, that's why they have built places to house those of us who will not go along with their program. I'm working on the common law grand jury, but when our backs are against the wall and we physically resist they will say we are traitors and terrorists and will use everything they have. Those of us who revolt will be but a few, so they will not have a problem containing us. My wife says I'm a pessimist, I tell her no, I'm a realist!! So get ready patriots, I feel the winds of revolution starting to blow!!

Good Morning Sir,

Yes you are correcct in all respects except one. If we can prosecute those who are corrupt in the street of public opinion and win the citizenry to our point of view, we could  restore America and her people to sanity,

If we are unable to win over the majority of the American people, before the battle begins, God help us.

There was much speculation and big ideas as to why the POCR@P came back to the WH. On the Tea Party site....they can only pin down that he came back for a celebratory dinner of a chef who will soon wed another guy from the "Bend-Over" group, or something like that!

JUST LOOK AT HIM NOW!!!  (You Wish!)   Copied from another blogger!

While I understand the thoughts of those who advocate for a "peaceful resolution" to this, peaceful meaning not wanting to see supporters of Cdr. Fitzpatrick descend into mob justice, there may not be any other choice. How long can tyranny and oppression go on before their victims rise up and do something about it? How long-suffering were our forefathers toward King George, and how far did their peaceful protests get them before it came time for action?

There comes a point, however abhorrent it may seem to some, when the only correct response to tyranny is physical force. Our founding documents even provide for this as a perfectly legal and legitimate solution. "Abolishing the current form of government and replacing it with such as would guarantee our happiness and prosperity" are not exactly pacifist actions, but, instead, would require quite a bit of force to make them happen.

Also, it goes without saying that the American Revolution itself was an act of severe aggression against a tyrant and his henchmen.There's a time & place for everything...

Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!



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