I've been fighting with this Internet all morning.
First I tried to login to the Foxnews web site to comment on an article they had about Texas A.G. Ken Paxton. Fox web site blocked me from logging in.
And then the article disappeared.
Now I've trying to upload a link to t video on Youtube.
But Youtube is blocking the links.
The Internet is increasingly being censored and information being blocked.
Hopefully here is a link to the video I am trying to share with everyone.
Perhaps - just maybe, this ning-thing will allow this link and the video to play as they should.


If you can manage to watch this video do it.
This kind of control over everything is what we can expect of the Democrats ever get into power again>
They will use this Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to implement total martial law and a complete nation-wide lock down of everything. Then they will use the excuse of "Climate-change" as the excuse to shut down and control virtually every thing in our lives. EVERYTHING.

Joe Biden and his Son Hunter are so far into bed with the Chinese Communists that if he gets elected or appointed as President this country is finished.
The proof if all this has been released in a report by the US Senate intelligence committee.
It's an 87-page report that is on the US Senate web site.
Read this 87 page report here: And download and save it.

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Here's another link to that video.
This is what they have planned for America.




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