I'm sharing this now because it's all over the internet. However, lets stay together on this. The North American Law Center is putting something together. So hang tight.





Very important to read this report out of West Point: NOTE page 4


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How is it that people who believe they have a right to protect themselves from violence and tyranny are labeled violent?

I read it as far as the table of contents, and see that it is obviously meant to deceive! It strikes me as being a total description of what is happening with the black 'flash mobs' that have become so prolific nation wide, but mislabeled as being the 'far right' as the perpetrators.

That it's now a part of the 'indoctrination' at West Point is beyond disturbing, it's downright TREASON!

Our " kids " in the service academies are being brainwashed by the leftwing globalists . Our military becomes less reliable as defenders of the constitution with each graduating class .

I am reading this as we speak.  I am at page 40 and would have to be a blind man not to see this is a liberal hatchet job.

What I find interesting is that the doc was released 15 jan 2013, why is I smell and see the hands of the White House all over this.

I suggest all review it somewhat.  It has to been seen to be believed.  You support the 2nd Amend?  Then you are a potential terrorist, you support the Constitution, then you are a potential terrorist, etc, etc, etc.

The guy who wrote is is West Point class of '77.

The fact this has come out of West Point I find FRIGHTENING, this is a SCARY document...

Give us some instances of rightwing violence or shut your mouth before one of us shut's it for you .

Just who are you aiming that at?

I thought West Point's mission was to educate offficers so they would be effective in combating threats from foreign powers.  What are they doing paying tax dollars to push an internal political agenda?

Oh I sleep so much better knowing that the KKK is a far right organization.And though they mentioned GOA and Larry Pratt I must have missed any  mention of the NRA --which I understand began as a response to the Klan and intended everyone learn how to handle a firearm responsibly.question was this  stuff generated by the reported rise in gang activity within our armed forces --or will it generate even more  such activity within our Military? 

Indoctrination of the military is dangerous.

We're on our own people.

In case you haven't checked the pedigree of the guy (Arie Perliger) who wrote this piece of trash, he's an Israeli with a list of egg head degrees a mile long.  He's just another egg head who thinks he knows it all.  He only came to the states in 2008.  He has never served in the US military.  Has no education from any place in the US.  He hasn't got a clue about what it means to be a real patriotic American.  I would put him in the same category as Morris Dees the founder and chief liar of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  However, he is a prime example of what sort of garbage our cadets are being fed.  I'm thinking we all need to contact our members of congress and see if we can't get this a*****e sent back where he came from.  I know politicians are for the most part useless but let's see if we can't get something for our money.  If any one needs the pdf file of this piece of left wing garbage let me know I have it.  I think he has a facebook page.  I'm thinking about getting on his facebook page and confronting him.

 It's the above !!  Unfotunately, that incudes about 25% of our armed forces and 50% of "OUR" citizens. hen does the rapture start !?!!



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