Constitutional Emergency

We know exactly how Hussein obama thinks! It's not to protect American lives, it's to protect and enable jihad!






Charles Woods: President did not do everything in Benghazi
Father of former Navy SEAL killed in Libya attack reacts to president's response


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BH Obama is a devious individual. I believe that he gave the stand down order in Benghazi.

He may have given the order but I believe it came in response to the real president. Valerie Jarret! I am a firm believe that she is calling the shots. Hell he's to lazy to think and act on his own.

The president of the US is the only person authorized to issue that order. And obama did it. He allow our fellow Americans to be killed. According to the evidence, arms shipments to Syria and all, obama planned Stevens death, and anybody else's death who came to his aid. Stevens knew too much and he had to die.

This entire ohomo regime must be held accountable.

Couldn't agree more Steven !!!

Obama Traitor in chief!

ho hum...

wake me when somebody finally decides to do something...besides whine.

You have our permission to lead the way Ken.

Ken must have gone back to sleep.

the 4 individuals who died in Benghazi is just the beginning.

immoral leadership by Obama is supporting the demise of America.




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