Trying to get an estimate of how many PFA members are putting Boots on the Ground. 


Thanks for posting in comment section (on this post) if you're going.

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My husband and I have made our reservations and we will be there!  I'm working hard in my community to encourage more to attend this important event.  It's long overdue!
Yes I will be attending. Our military plus our country needs our support .I have two grandsons that I am very proud of one is a marine and the other one is army both leave for afganistan in Jan. God bless both of them and all of our outstanding military

Carl Swensson,

I'll be there.., from GA.

Keep hammering this. Looks like we'll be getting some great entertainers to join us as well... YEAH!

I would love to join you;  just moved before this came out, and fiscal constraints hold me from it.
Would love to join you guys if I can figure out a way to get there and share a room with someone. Am a 62-year old widow on a limited budget, but quite involved with our local Tea Party and a survival preparedness group here in the Mobile, Alabama, area. Of course, am willing to share in gas and driving time.

Sybille.......I will driving from Crestview Fl...........don't know what my space is at this point as others have already contacted me..........if I have room, we might meet either in Crestview, Mongomery, Andulusia........??


How very nice of you, Harry! I may also still have Oath Keeper friends from my geographical area going that way. Am getting antsy as time to prepare is rather short. Are most of you staying at the Falls Church Comfort Inn? What day are you planning to leave, what day return? And, of course an overnight has to be planned for both legs of the trip. I'm almost tempted to book a room at the Inn, just to have the reservation, and go from there. Of course, would want to share accommodations if at all possible with another single lady.


Two from the peoples' republic of Massachusetts.  Gotta be there.  Ooohhhh....Raaaahhhhh....!  Semper Fi..!

Thomas Jefferson said it best "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." The time has come to rise up and defend the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States. Another famous stateman's quote comes to mind that is perfect for the mission and that was by Thomas Paine "These are the times that try men's souls". These times certainly do, we cannot excuse inaction based on our fears of what could happen. We know what is happening and we already are living in fear of that. You will loose nothing but gain much by trading one fear for another. We have feared (not in a cowardly way, in a way or worry and concern which causes the stress we all feel today) our Government for far too long. It must stop now and 11.11.11. is the beginning of the ending of our fears. My wife and I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with each and everyone of you great Patriots in Washngton DC.  Nothing will keep me from attending.  If they block the bridges I shall swim the river!!

Twana & Col Riley, I plan on being there as long as my ability to drive is not removed by an Executive Order.  What all do you need from me?  Coming from the Southern TIer of the Peoples Republic of New York hopefully I can talk a few others into the journey. e-mail me if you get a chance!


Don Holton 

Oath Keeper

Western NY State Director Patriotic Resistance (opps thats right the new softer name Patriot Action Network)



I'm a member of NY chapter of OK.

Going from NYC the night before. So far have one New Yorker (female)  joining me.

Have small SUV and have a room for 2-3 more.

Depending on gender, we can also share hotel.

I sent a blast to few others, but so far didn't hear back from anyone.

Where are you located?

If you like, get in touch with me at

Or 646-350-6950



Thanks for the response, I am Upstate (Elmira) but work in Queens for some reason this did not go out to you the last time so here goes!   Actually I will probably be joining the NYC OK group so I look forward to talking ot you.  I am heading in on the 10th and returning the morning of the 12th and staying at the Comfort INN. if anyone else needs a ride in from the Southern Tier of NY or between here and there get ahold of me and I will arrange a pickup headed down 15! 



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