Does this sound familiar to those who have read the I/R Internment document?

Chicago police, with their guns drawn, raided an apartment building where activists were staying and arrested nine people on Wednesday night. The Chicago chapter of the National Lawyers Guild said officers broke down doors in the building in the South Side Bridgeport neighborhood and produced no warrants.

"The nine have absolutely no idea what they're being charged with because they were not engaged in any criminal activity at all," said guild attorney Sarah Gelsomino. "They're really very confused and very frightened."

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Methinks we can expect more of these kinds of unexplained events.  My guess this arrest of nine is just a warning shot fired by the totus administration/agenda.  It shows the fed and LLEO coercion and cooperation. 

It will be interesting what comes out of the bond hearing today or will this "NINE" be the first residents of a FEMA Camp?

What bond hearing? They will just disappear into the night,never to be heard from. My guess is getmo

Germany 1939???...YOU ARE NEXT!!!

Wow, their wasting no time at all utilizing the new sections of the NDAA. Maybe this is a trial run to see how folks will react, or if they will at all. If it passes with little or no uproar they can then continue to the statewide/nationwide plan without worry.


I may be a little slow on the uptake here but I must ask what is the relation between these two events?

Got it. So transporting the firearms across the state line was a trumped up charge just to get rid of the thorn in their side. Not surprising at all. At least they did have to make up something to charge him with and had to try, convict and sentence him. They may not do any for these folks.

Dorris, what makes you think this sort of stuff won't continue to happen under this regime?  David only stated the obvious and doesn't deserve your comment that he sounds like a coward.  What you have stated is just words, many that have been made in Ad nauseam.  They will come for those uninformed first, those who think we have no problem, those who give lip service to what is wrong; then they will come for the rest of us. 

In my opinion they will start with the useful idiots in OWS, the idealistic students who dare to demonstrate wthout knowing the consequences and those patriots foolish enough to expose themselves as a threat.  Then it will be those who have been made fearful and finally it will be  our turn.  All it will take is a catalytic event that will mushroom because of the milktoast government representatives at all levels of government will never stand and be counted to stop it.  That is when you had better believe your words as your actions will certainly not have an immediate happy outcome.  We will all be fighting for the future for our children for a country that may soon cease to exist as we knew it.

Semper Fi

They were OBVIOUSLY making bombs to use this weekend. The cops just saved the day and prevented hundreds of casualties. Or the whole thing is being staged as Axelrod realized that the Occupy groups and communist factions are costing the DNC an election.

Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet

Tom......english is the language in America and certainly PFA.......Please write you post in english.



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