Constitutional Emergency

Does this sound familiar to those who have read the I/R Internment document?

Chicago police, with their guns drawn, raided an apartment building where activists were staying and arrested nine people on Wednesday night. The Chicago chapter of the National Lawyers Guild said officers broke down doors in the building in the South Side Bridgeport neighborhood and produced no warrants.

"The nine have absolutely no idea what they're being charged with because they were not engaged in any criminal activity at all," said guild attorney Sarah Gelsomino. "They're really very confused and very frightened."

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Tom, while I completely agree with your sentiment on the use of English language, I ask you to research the exact quote as it was used by the member.  It has historical context for us all, and is still being used in the special ops community to this day, although in English translation.  All respect Sir, just wanted to point that out for everyone.  I think it has the right meaning, considering what we are talking about.

Kindly provide the translation.  Second request.........

YOu got it Harry.

Welcome to the Police State USA. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.How's that Hopey /Changey thingy working out for you now Mr. and Mrs. we voted for our first lesbian President  These are trhe sort that creep into a strong mans house while he is asleep and lead silly women astray.Any woman who would vote for Obama has got to be delusional.

I appreciate knowing about this situation, it's getting worse by the day at this point in America.  Protesting is now obviously being considered "Pre-terrorism" of some kind, and they are going to try arresting people for it?! 

I only wonder if the media didn't try to spin this story, to make those OWS felons look better to the public?  I mean, seriously, would anyone think THAT is above the morality of the MSM?  The whole "We are the 99%" thing is hog-wash, and trust me...I'm definitely not part fo the 1%.  However, I would never rape, assault an innocent, destroy a legitimate business, or deficate on, nor burn the American Flag...OWS had done ALL those things.  As far as I'm concerned, OWS are acting like terrorists, and if the Feds knew something, maybe we will find out in a few days.  Bottom line:  I don't want to see Marshall Law in America, the Progressive-Liberal-Socialist/Marxists will get their way then.  If OWS (read: George Soros, et al) is trying to perform a major "trigger" in America, at a world-wide event, then it is NOT in American's best interest to allow that to happen. 

I'm NO fan of NATO, the G8, the UN, or any other world-body.  With that said, people SHOULD be allowed to protest what those groups stand for, which is the publically acknowledged and secretly planned New World Order.  That ideology MUST be stopped.  Just not at the expense of more American freedom and liberty.  We walk a fine line these days friends, a fine line indeed.  We must look to God, The Constitution, The Declaration, and The Bill of Rights for answers.

This is a test. Let's see if we can kick down doors and arrest  people without a warrant and get away with it.

Kind of like what they did at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Hey, they can thank the dems for this.  It's the NDAA bill which gives the police and the military to arrest and detain for whatever reason they deem terrorist with no trial  or lawyer!  They have only themselves to blame!  Go to jail you sheeple and rejoice in your leader, the messiah and his minons.  You got what you wanted!  OOP'S, I think you meant this to only affect conservatives!  OOP'S, your bad!  So go ahead aND VOTE YOUR MESSIAH BACK INTO OFFICE SO HE CAN FINISH THE JOB OF MAKING SLAVES AND DESTROYING THE COUNTRY!

Huff was probably right in his assesment of the dirt bags in DC. However, going to the courthouse and raising hell is just plain counterproductive. better to stay out of the slammer where you can do some real good, educating people towhat a mess these crooked bastards in DC are making of our wonderful country.   I'm talking about both sides of the aisle here, but of course mostly the dimocratz 

Lee, I don't understand. When is observing a trial "raising hell"? 



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