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By Joan Swirsky -- Bio and Archives  

March 12, 2016

Who can forget the clueless thugs protesting last May in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, holding up their brand new shiny placards––mmmm, where did those pricey things come from?––and expressing rage at….what?

  • Not at the lack of esteem they believed white America owed to the black-lives-matter movement.
  • Not at the shooting a year earlier of Michael Brown (for which police officer Darren Wilson was exonerated by a Grand Jury) or the phony “hands-up/don’t shoot” mantra.
  • Not at the devastating fact that under Barack Obama the unemployment figures for African-Americans were––and remain––at record sky-high levels. According to Larry Elder at, “By every key economic measurement, blacks are worse off under Obama…in some cases, far worse off.”
  • Not at the tragic fact that black-on-black crime was––and remains––the single biggest killer in the black community (other than abortion).

Oh no. They were protesting because the anarchic, hate-America moneybags who bribed or rather enticed them to show up and act out didn’t pay them! Reportedly, some of the protesters “who looted, rioted, burned buildings and overturned police cars….were promised up to $5,000 per month to join the protests.”

That’s right, according to, “Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), the successor group to the now-bankrupt St. Louis branch of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), stiffed the protesters.”

So much for the high-minded ideology that drove these unemployed know-nothings into the streets!


This is exactly what we just witnessed in Chicago on Friday night, March 11th, as a bunch of protestors––both black and white––were convinced for a pittance or for a pile of dough to act like hyperactive children off their Ritalin in order to disrupt a massive rally, anticipated to be attended by over 25,000, for presidential-frontrunner Donald J. Trump. It was hilarious to see the protestors, when asked by reporters why they were there, robotically announce, “I’d rather not give my reasons.” Translation: I have no clue why I’m here, but I’m making a few bucks, so what the heck!

The venue was perfect, wasn’t it?––the home of the arch community organizer Barack Obama, who before his ignominious, race-baiting, hate-whitey, loathe-the-opposition tenure in the White House, specialized in fomenting the same kind of protests, almost all of them to bring down “the man.” The goal, of course, has always been to extort money from individuals or corporations perceived to be “racist,” to create or reinforce in the protestors the notion that they are perpetual victims, and to convince them to vote for Democrats who promise to address their grievances––but never do. The net result: The cities in America with the highest crime rates share one thing in common––each one has a Democrat mayor!

In Democrat-run Chicago, the rich, hate-America radicals behind the anti-Trump protest, including ––as well as behind Occupy Wall St., Black Lives Matter, etc.––were trying to take down the ultimate man, the Big Kahuna, the billionaire the protestors all long to be like but instead can’t help envying.

Is this the very definition of stupid? Mr. Trump is offering America a way out of poverty, a return to a rich, vibrant, successful, flourishing America, but these mal-educated protesters––thank you Common Core and all the other dumb-America-down liberal education programs of the past 50 years––would rather stick to their self-defeating ways than to wake up and smell the coffee.

According to radio host and writer Douglas V. Gibbs, the “Chicago protests were not about Trump” but were rather “an attempt to silence opposition to liberal left politics.” If Cruz had been the frontrunner, Gibbs says, he would have been the target.

Gibbs explains that in the style of the career agitator, socialist Saul Alinsky, the protestors “want violence…they want riots…they think it is chic. These people remind us of the agitators [who] brought about the French Revolution, or the Bolsheviks who brought about the Russian Revolution…angry, violent, and trained to believe the same poppycock that has brought down a long list of republics in history––and failed every time.”

Gibbs compliments Trump’s refusal to “feed the beast” by cancelling the event, no doubt driving the unruly horde to gather in another venue to count the money they made for the night and to indulge in an event commensurate with their maturity level, such as group thumb-sucking. 

To his everlasting shame, Senator Ted Cruz joined the hysterical ranks of the Republican- establishment has-beens in blaming Donald Trump for the mob’s sideshow. So much for Mr.-I-Stand-for-the- Constitution defending Mr. Trump’s freedom of speech!


Last June, at the outset of his campaign for President of the United States, Mr. Trump said that one of the first things he would do was build a wall to keep illegal aliens from violating our southern border and invading our homeland––and that Mexico would pay for it! On cue, his rival candidates expressed their outrage, although now they’ve all appropriated this strategy for themselves.

Just a few weeks ago, the former president of Mexico, Vincente Fox, weighed in on that pronouncement. No way, he said, would Mexico pay “for that effing wall!”

When asked his reaction to Fox’s statement, Mr. Trump said “the wall just got 10 feet higher!”

In the same vein, a lot of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises have been met with anger, scorn, derision, vilification, and patronization, in fact most of the marginalizing tactics suggested by Saul Alinsky in his book, Rules for Radicals. The theory is that when people are insulted, they feel diminished, they lose their strength, they fade into the woodwork, sort of what Mitt Romney has done, not after being insulted but after insulting the formidable Mr. Trump. What Alinsky followers today don’t realize is that truth both negates and conquers liberal lies. 

When Mr. Trump cites the massacres by Muslims on 9/11 and in France and San Bernardino and all over the world and then says we have to temporarily keep Muslims from entering the country “until we understand what’s going on,” the average person understands and agrees.

Only the politically-correct media wusses appear not to get it. But they join in the Trump bashing because their bosses order them to do so. Why? Because those same bosses have massive business dealings in the Arab world and so forbid their underlings to say anything that could hurt a burgeoning bottom line. Follow the money!

When Mr. Trump says that “I think Islam hates us,” his interviewers are stunned that someone running for public office actually realizes that the mullahs in Iran and the terrorists from Hezbollah and Hamas and the president of the so-called “Palestinian” Authority have inscribed in their mission statements the vow to eliminate the Great Satan, America, and the Little Satan, Israel. But the average person ––left, right, Democrat, Republican, black, white, Hispanic, young, old, et al––gets it and agrees with it.

That is why with every protest to Mr. Trump’s candidacy, not only does the wall get 10 feet higher, but the votes increase by the millions!

#TriumphOhio, #TriumphFlorida, #Hope.

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Trump for America.

This is worth watching, takes place just South of Chicago, and this was a great rally.

Trump will win Ohio!!!!

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas .

I AM ASHAMED OF YOU : Ted Cruz You are  Crazy ;  Donald Trump is not responsible for the behavior of a handful of misfits and heathens. The cause for this behavior is Chicago's racist Mayor, Rohm Emanuel, who didn't have the residential requirement but Obama took care of that! . HOW is that Trump's fault, he can't control what people do, no more than he can control the weather!
You Senator Cruz ; you and others Candidate , You sided with the violent SOROS ORGANIZED MOB .
You Senator Cruz , Rubio , and Others , You are just like that MOB .

james cavalieri : I am in Texas and I sent that Message to Cruz ; that you like it or you don`t , I could care Less about your Un-Informed Attitude . Your Dear Cruz sided with the Mob ; just like all the Others ; Cruz is the Mob . Maybe you should Inform yourself about your dear Cruz : not qualified to be potus ; Of Course , if you care . Same S... Different Days ; Have a Nice Day james cavalieri ; you do not offend me at all .

Why? He just said what everybody else was thinking. That's why we love him. He says what we are thinking.He wouldn't do it and we know that. He has no control what that old timer did when he punched that trouble maker who was telling  Trump supporters at a"Trump Rally" to go get Fu...ked. and flipping everybody off. Or did you not see the rest of the video? there were women and children who witnessed all that too. Maybe that's why the old timer did it. He felt just like you.And you need to stop spreading lies about him borrowing money in 2004. Soros invested in Trump Towers for his own gain just like plenty of others did. Do you know the difference in borrowing and investing? You might want to look it up.

yes he makes mistakes and sometimes says things not so politically correct, but at least he's not a lier and his heat is in the right place. He's tired of watching big government fleece americans and knows what's on the menu for the future. He didn't have to do any of this. He was perfectly happy playing golf and doing his deals as he has for years. No I wouldn't change my mind either because there is no other choice except Cruz, Kachic or Hillery which I consider no choice at all. they are just more of what we're fighting and trying to change. Trump gave us a voice if he's done nothing else and never does anything else. Up until Trump we were ignored and fleeced daily and didn't matter. Now we do and we've let them know we do and we're not going to stop. so you vote for who you want and we will to. That's about the end of it for me.

That makes all of us doesn't it.Maybe you're wrong, maybe I'm wrong, maybe we're all wrong. I guess the day of reckoning will be upon all of us eventually. But I am trying to save my country for everybody now and the future generations from the bottom of my heart with what I feel is the best thing I can do and all I have to work with at this time.

James... Many of us here have tried over and over again to give you a synopsis of what's going on in the last days of our Nation as we know it and the importance of electing an outsider who is be holding to NOONE. But we get it you think Trump is the Devil incarnate. Your intitled to your opinion but millions have shown at the ballot box that they disagree with your "so-called" assessment. So for those of us who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground please tell us who's your knight in shining armour? Who is your pick to turn DC and the political insiders on their heads, show us your person who's going to create jobs, stop illegal immigration, build a wall an take on the Despots of the world!?! Because if your going to just come on here an bash a candidate with no answers to the problem your just as useless as a gun without bullets, a dog with no teeth.
So until you can come up with a better solution it would be better if you kept your venom to yourself. I can't speak for others here but I've done my homework, I've looked into the candidates thoroughly and I've made my choice, so if you think your going to change my mind, think again.
Personally I don't think you have a better candidate, you just like to argue and spread your discontent around hoping you can get others to agree with your discontent. That's not our purpose here, and if you can't get with the program laid out in the purpose for PFA and OAS being
Created maybe you should reconsider your reason for being here. I'm not saying you can't disagree, don't get me wrong, but our purpose is to restore our constitutional rights and hold those who are violating them accountable. So James what's your solution? After all that's the reason for our being here. Waiting... Waiting...
James.. So I guess you would like a nice polite well spoken traitor like Barack Obama who will with correct diction destroy our Nation, HUH? As for myself I don't mind an unpolished person who speaks their mind and isn't choosing his words like the rest of these professional "wordsmith" politicians. I'll take the Truth if it comes in the form of cuss words over polite lies any day. But hey, that's just me. I hope you find a "Polite" "Honest" Politician who speaks the Truth and not just you want to hear, but I doubt it.
Good luck I'm your quest, let me know how that works out for you....
James.. Your either naieve or just plain stupid. How does a venture capitalist like Trump compare to the left wing liberal/socialists and the political insider elietes who never managed a business or hired a single person Compare to Trump? You know not what you speak. Give us just 5 examples of any other candidate that will restore the Republic, put Us on the path to financial security and secure our boarders from being overrun by illegals mixed with Terrorists? You have to be mentally deficient to think that ANY of these other professional politicians will do one damn thing to restore Anerica. Please if not for others, for me state your case and your facts as you see them..... Because for me... Electing another politician is the surest way to continue our decent into the abyss. So please who's your Saviour who's grammatically correct, conservative, honest pick for President?
James too bad JESUS isn't on the ticket then we could vote for him. So, your going to have to settle for someone alittle less perfect. Tell me James who do you see who hasn't been in bed with the eliete, been corrupt, lied to the American people, sought their own self-aggrandizement and been controlled by the super packs and the rich eliete? Who's your stand-in in place of Jesus? If your on the right you only have 2 other choices... Did you spend the same amount of time researching them as well? Kasisk's chance of getting the nomination is slim and none. Cruz won't reveal his birth certificate and only just lately renounced his Canadian citizenship, but hey if you don't care about the Constitution then by all means vote for him. But don't compare ANYONE to Christ.. Your going to have to settle on a sinner.
Good luck with that!!

James, My Savior is also Jesus Christ, however, that has nothing to do with my pick for a person to currently run this Country. Jesus will rule it in due time, as all Christians know.

You made a statement, which I in my own research, have not come across, and I do plenty. Just as with my Religion, I search, and study God's Word to find all the answers, and meanings in full. Please give me the link, which backs up your statement

"He's been in bed with George Soros, Bill and Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rahm Emmanuel, Anthony Weiner!!!"

As a world renown power mogul, he would likely have come into, at some point or other, contact with any or all you mentioned, but you suggest a closeness with them, which I cannot find evidence of. Please provide me a link which verifies your statement, verbatim.



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