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By Joan Swirsky -- Bio and Archives  

March 12, 2016

Who can forget the clueless thugs protesting last May in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, holding up their brand new shiny placards––mmmm, where did those pricey things come from?––and expressing rage at….what?

  • Not at the lack of esteem they believed white America owed to the black-lives-matter movement.
  • Not at the shooting a year earlier of Michael Brown (for which police officer Darren Wilson was exonerated by a Grand Jury) or the phony “hands-up/don’t shoot” mantra.
  • Not at the devastating fact that under Barack Obama the unemployment figures for African-Americans were––and remain––at record sky-high levels. According to Larry Elder at, “By every key economic measurement, blacks are worse off under Obama…in some cases, far worse off.”
  • Not at the tragic fact that black-on-black crime was––and remains––the single biggest killer in the black community (other than abortion).

Oh no. They were protesting because the anarchic, hate-America moneybags who bribed or rather enticed them to show up and act out didn’t pay them! Reportedly, some of the protesters “who looted, rioted, burned buildings and overturned police cars….were promised up to $5,000 per month to join the protests.”

That’s right, according to, “Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), the successor group to the now-bankrupt St. Louis branch of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), stiffed the protesters.”

So much for the high-minded ideology that drove these unemployed know-nothings into the streets!


This is exactly what we just witnessed in Chicago on Friday night, March 11th, as a bunch of protestors––both black and white––were convinced for a pittance or for a pile of dough to act like hyperactive children off their Ritalin in order to disrupt a massive rally, anticipated to be attended by over 25,000, for presidential-frontrunner Donald J. Trump. It was hilarious to see the protestors, when asked by reporters why they were there, robotically announce, “I’d rather not give my reasons.” Translation: I have no clue why I’m here, but I’m making a few bucks, so what the heck!

The venue was perfect, wasn’t it?––the home of the arch community organizer Barack Obama, who before his ignominious, race-baiting, hate-whitey, loathe-the-opposition tenure in the White House, specialized in fomenting the same kind of protests, almost all of them to bring down “the man.” The goal, of course, has always been to extort money from individuals or corporations perceived to be “racist,” to create or reinforce in the protestors the notion that they are perpetual victims, and to convince them to vote for Democrats who promise to address their grievances––but never do. The net result: The cities in America with the highest crime rates share one thing in common––each one has a Democrat mayor!

In Democrat-run Chicago, the rich, hate-America radicals behind the anti-Trump protest, including ––as well as behind Occupy Wall St., Black Lives Matter, etc.––were trying to take down the ultimate man, the Big Kahuna, the billionaire the protestors all long to be like but instead can’t help envying.

Is this the very definition of stupid? Mr. Trump is offering America a way out of poverty, a return to a rich, vibrant, successful, flourishing America, but these mal-educated protesters––thank you Common Core and all the other dumb-America-down liberal education programs of the past 50 years––would rather stick to their self-defeating ways than to wake up and smell the coffee.

According to radio host and writer Douglas V. Gibbs, the “Chicago protests were not about Trump” but were rather “an attempt to silence opposition to liberal left politics.” If Cruz had been the frontrunner, Gibbs says, he would have been the target.

Gibbs explains that in the style of the career agitator, socialist Saul Alinsky, the protestors “want violence…they want riots…they think it is chic. These people remind us of the agitators [who] brought about the French Revolution, or the Bolsheviks who brought about the Russian Revolution…angry, violent, and trained to believe the same poppycock that has brought down a long list of republics in history––and failed every time.”

Gibbs compliments Trump’s refusal to “feed the beast” by cancelling the event, no doubt driving the unruly horde to gather in another venue to count the money they made for the night and to indulge in an event commensurate with their maturity level, such as group thumb-sucking. 

To his everlasting shame, Senator Ted Cruz joined the hysterical ranks of the Republican- establishment has-beens in blaming Donald Trump for the mob’s sideshow. So much for Mr.-I-Stand-for-the- Constitution defending Mr. Trump’s freedom of speech!


Last June, at the outset of his campaign for President of the United States, Mr. Trump said that one of the first things he would do was build a wall to keep illegal aliens from violating our southern border and invading our homeland––and that Mexico would pay for it! On cue, his rival candidates expressed their outrage, although now they’ve all appropriated this strategy for themselves.

Just a few weeks ago, the former president of Mexico, Vincente Fox, weighed in on that pronouncement. No way, he said, would Mexico pay “for that effing wall!”

When asked his reaction to Fox’s statement, Mr. Trump said “the wall just got 10 feet higher!”

In the same vein, a lot of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises have been met with anger, scorn, derision, vilification, and patronization, in fact most of the marginalizing tactics suggested by Saul Alinsky in his book, Rules for Radicals. The theory is that when people are insulted, they feel diminished, they lose their strength, they fade into the woodwork, sort of what Mitt Romney has done, not after being insulted but after insulting the formidable Mr. Trump. What Alinsky followers today don’t realize is that truth both negates and conquers liberal lies. 

When Mr. Trump cites the massacres by Muslims on 9/11 and in France and San Bernardino and all over the world and then says we have to temporarily keep Muslims from entering the country “until we understand what’s going on,” the average person understands and agrees.

Only the politically-correct media wusses appear not to get it. But they join in the Trump bashing because their bosses order them to do so. Why? Because those same bosses have massive business dealings in the Arab world and so forbid their underlings to say anything that could hurt a burgeoning bottom line. Follow the money!

When Mr. Trump says that “I think Islam hates us,” his interviewers are stunned that someone running for public office actually realizes that the mullahs in Iran and the terrorists from Hezbollah and Hamas and the president of the so-called “Palestinian” Authority have inscribed in their mission statements the vow to eliminate the Great Satan, America, and the Little Satan, Israel. But the average person ––left, right, Democrat, Republican, black, white, Hispanic, young, old, et al––gets it and agrees with it.

That is why with every protest to Mr. Trump’s candidacy, not only does the wall get 10 feet higher, but the votes increase by the millions!

#TriumphOhio, #TriumphFlorida, #Hope.

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AHH, James,

I am sorry to say your mouth overloads your thought processes. Your lack of wisdom in the world of Business, Finance, and the finer points of money and money management are limited by your own ability to read and understand the books that you chew on. You tell us how much you study, and research, but tearing out the pages of a book or article, and ingesting them does not increase your knowledge even a fraction. Those truths and realities must be separated from the lies, and deceit by the auditory, and visual senses, along with a mentality to be able to understand the difference.

Here is a little something for your mind to try and understand, you do not have to believe me, you can go to any library, or even the internet, and find the truth in what I tell you. Simply look up the power, and success of anyone who has ever become wealthy, personally, through business, corporate ownership, or even a rise to a Dictatorship.

The single factor, conjunctive to each is the use of OPM. It is a necessity, unless one is handed riches in some manner or other, but even at that, those who hand it to them also made that money off OPM.

A small example for your consideration. Let’s say I had a amazing product that could be made for a dollar‘s worth of materials, because of it’s usefulness, it could be readily sold for $20.00. Unfortunately, if I make the product personally, it would take me 1 to 2 hours to produce. By the time my labor costs would be considered in, I could not make any money, as the labor alone would eat up any possible profit. I quickly realize that it must be mass produced, to make it feasible, and profitable. I only have $400.00 in my bank account, but to do what I need to do, lease space, set up the machinery for automation, hire the labor, and pay the necessary bills, ETC, ETC, ETC, I would need closer to $100,000 just to get started on a small scale, yet profitable.

What do I do?. I can try to borrow the money from a bank, or finance Company, I can spend the extra money, and go pubic through stock, Or I find a few people I know with some cash to spare, explain my product and needs, and borrow from them. Either borrowing method, I will pay interest, but If I borrow from those who have money I know, I must give them a very good percentage of return on their investment, plus interest. My credit rating is reasonably poor, I cannot afford to go public, so I walk through door number 3 and borrow from investors.

I can now build my business, and expand as sales grow, why?. Because of OPM ( Other Peoples Money). I need spend none of mine, but I become very, very wealthy. This is the REAL Business world, and I do not care who you are, you need to know this one secret, and apply it, to make it to your wealth goals in life.

I get it, you do not like Trump, even though nothing but good is learned of him from anywhere except the media, Democrats, and his own party who are afraid of a man who cannot be bought, entering the inner circle of politic, but not playing by their good ol boy rules.

The Clintons claimed they were broke when they left the Whitehouse, however, they are trillion Aires when off shore accounts are factored in. Nobama entered the Whitehouse with pocket money of his own, bet now he is also a trillion Aire. Do you believe he got this wealth from his salary as President?. No, he dealt, cheated, took bribes, and received kick backs to get wealthy. ON OPM.

George Soros started his run towards wealth working for a man, taking furniture, belongings, jewelry, ETC, from his own People, Jews. He then began on his own, and the rest of the story is obvious as he leveraged his way to riches on OPM. Read his Biography, you will see the truth. It tells it all, if not I can give you other info as proof.

Being Wealthy is not a sin, but the way one handles that wealth, can be. Donald Trump, although he used investors, and borrowed money to reach his plateau, is a good, charitable, honest, America loving man. You can believe whatever the media wants you to hear, but it is far from factual.

I read a saying once, I will never forget. It was written on a outhouse wall at a construction site. I have to give kudos to the writer, because he said so much in such a few words,

“ Those who right on crap house walls, roll their crap into little balls. Those who read their words of witt, Eat those little balls of _ _ _ _”.

This says perfectly what our media does to us daily, and those who would get us to believe their lies and deceit of others. Think and grow rich, in knowledge.

A particular thing I enjoy about these forums, is the fact that the people who read what one says, never have a clue who is on the writing end of it. Self expression, the being able to say what one wants to say in anonymity, is the Nucleus of the mind’s eye, being unfolded as a scroll.

You, sir, are a flat-out hypocrite - Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!  Not to mention a flat-out liar!

Not worth my time - you will never change your mind and would prefer a Pastor as President. THAT, this country does NOT need!

Why don't you just vote for who you want and leave everybody else to do the same. We shouldn't have to defend who we choose to vote for. It's our choice for our own reasons. It's our right just as it's your right to vote for who you want. By now I'm sure you've figured out not to get into a conversation with a bunch of people who are on the same pages to who they're voting for.

What's between Trump and God is his business and he doesn't have to share that if he chooses not to. My vote has nothing to do with God just as the big government New World Order has nothing to do with God. Trump isn't the one trying to make Christianity obsolete and not politically correct in this and other countries. He's not the one against christians or the one bringing in radical Muslims who feel christians should be dead.

Isn't it ironic that Rubio and Cruz both claim to be "Constitutional Scholars " ....If that be true, they would know that they are ineligible to hold that office.....That's a big red flag for me as that kind of deception is just more of what we already have......I have no problem building a wall, deporting illegals, restricting immigration, and waterboarding.....Sounds like a solution to National Security that Rubio and Cruz won't address......To pass on the words of Col. Ronald Nelson, Trump needs to fund
 an army of patriots to counter such swill as MoveOn, Black lives matter, LaRaza and other commies who want  to disrupt free speech...Where ever they show up, we should show up as well...Operation American Spring II has the potential of doing this.......


I appreciate your viewpoint and am also of the opinion that the preponderance of historical evidence suggests that both Rubio and Cruz, like Obama and Chester A. Arthur, are ineligible. But what you and I think about this is essentially irrelevant. It's up to Congress--not the courts which have no jurisdiction (thank God)--at some point to "clarify" the meaning of NBC once and for all. Having studied and written on this issue for the past 8 years, it is clear that there are some scholarly opinions on both sides of the argument, and that Cruz and Rubio may actually believe they are constitutionally eligible. That said, and I think you'll agree, Trump really does need to temper his remonstrances to deflect the media's erroneously-or conveniently--blaming him for inciting these rally clashes which would occur even without his untempered incitations. No sense inadvertently taking the blame for others' menacing behavior.

Jim... I believe that even if Trump turned himself into a choir boy he would still be crucified by the Media who are all owned by those with left wing beliefs, as well as both political parties who hate him because he's an outsider and beholding to no one. Trump has turned down his rethoric and these violent protestors have already been identified as being paid and supported by Trumps opposition. If I could give Trump a word of advice it would be: hire a thousand uniformed security guards to work at your rally's, you certianly have the money and you've spent the least of any candidate to date. That would insure those who seek to disrupt your events would be of no effect. I would of done that as soon as I saw the crowds growing to come out and support you. Unless you do this they will continue to disrupt your events. Just my opinions........

Michael I agree, Trump should hire a security force. But can you imagine the screaming an hollering that would cause/?????
They'd have to wear blue shirts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, otherwise they would be called Trump's private Gastapo, Brown Shirts,,,,,,,,,Black Jack boots terrorists,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc...etc And that would only be on day one...........

I opt for Red-White-Blue outfits--unarmed, of course, though they should be bruisers should the need arise. Of course, any security force would have to have the blessings of local police with whom they'd need to closely coordinate. Otherwise, no matter the color of the outfits, Trump would be unfairly characterized as a Nazi and his security force participants as storm troopers. In short, we need to use our heads before we commit ourselves to needless force. Self-defense is, of course, justified and the security force would need to be officially empowered to block entrances to trouble-makers and to assist police in removal of miscreants from arena under the supervision of law enforcement. Common sense self-defense, not rage. Only in this way can the world see who the  hooligans REALLY are.

Jim I agree with you and Old Rooster. These hooligans are not hiding their out in the open and purposely lied to get into Trumps speech. I say they wear "Security" shirts like they do at Sporting events so everyone knows who they are and they are granted the authority to remove all trouble makers. Let the Trump haters whine and cry and protest all they want, to hell with them. The security force is there to insure everyone's safety. Look there have been death treats to Trump as well as others. The extreme left and the Washington insiders will not give up without a fight. They are using Socialists tactics to inhibit free speech. And if Ron Emmanuel had a set of balls hed speak up to the fact that a presidential candidate was not allowed to speak in his town, but you won't hear that from that gutless, spineless bastard.
This is war and I predict that the more they follow this tactic, the more it will bite them in the Ass... Their Socialists tactics are out in the open for all to see and it's going to add to thier demise. You want to seem some pissed off left wing loons and some establishment types, wait til after super Tuesday!!! I predict Trump takes the lion share of delegates and Kicks Rubios ass in Florida and maybe Kasicks ass in Ohio. He's already ahead in several of the states voting on Tuesday.

Bull!  Why should Trump have to return to political correctness just to sooth the savage media?



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