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Jun 282012



Before you look to do harm to Chief Justice Roberts or his family, it’s important that you think carefully about the meaning – the true nature — of his ruling on Obama-care. The Left will shout that they won, that Obama-care was upheld and all the rest. Let them.

It will be a short-lived celebration.

Here’s what really occurred — payback. Yes, payback for Obama’s numerous, ill-advised and childish insults directed toward SCOTUS.

Chief Justice Roberts actually ruled the mandate, relative to the commerce clause, was unconstitutional. That’s how the Democrats got Obama-care going in the first place. This is critical. His ruling means Congress can’t compel American citizens to purchase anything. Ever. The notion is now officially and forever, unconstitutional. As it should be.

Next, he stated that, because Congress doesn’t have the ability to mandate, it must, to fund Obama-care, rely on its power to tax. Therefore, the mechanism that funds Obama-care is a tax. This is also critical. Recall back during the initial Obama-care battles, the Democrats called it a penalty, Republicans called it a tax. Democrats consistently soft sold it as a penalty. It went to vote as a penalty. Obama declared endlessly, that it was not a tax, it was a penalty. But when the Democrats argued in front of the Supreme Court, they said ‘hey, a penalty or a tax, either way’. So, Roberts gave them a tax. It is now the official law of the land — beyond word-play and silly shenanigans. Obama-care is funded by tax dollars. Democrats now must defend a tax increase to justify the Obama-care law.

Finally, he struck down as unconstitutional, the Obama-care idea that the federal government can bully states into complying by yanking their existing medicaid funding. Liberals, through Obama-care, basically said to the states — ‘comply with Obama-care or we will stop existing funding.’ Roberts ruled that is a no-no. If a state takes the money, fine, the Feds can tell the state how to run a program, but if the state refuses money, the federal government can’t penalize the state by yanking other funding. Therefore, a state can decline to participate in Obama-care without penalty. This is obviously a serious problem. Are we going to have 10, 12, 25 states not participating in “national” health-care? Suddenly, it’s not national, is it?

Ultimately, Roberts supported states rights by limiting the federal government’s coercive abilities. He ruled that the government can not force the people to purchase products or services under the commerce clause and he forced liberals to have to come clean and admit that Obama-care is funded by tax increases.

Although he didn’t guarantee Romney a win, he certainly did more than his part and should be applauded.

And he did this without creating a civil war or having bricks thrown through his windshield. Oh, and he’ll be home in time for dinner.


If You Need More On The Topic: Charles Krauthammer / Joshua Hawley

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Ed I am inclined to agree with you.  If we had honest elections we would never have had the peanut farmer, bubba, or the current scum.

 Harry ,

this ordeal makes me think of the Supreme court decision laid down on the Class act lawsuit group ,when they basically said it was Congress job to correct the broken promises ..

  Now has Congress corrected  the Broken Healthcare Promises to the Military Retirees ???? we know the answer NO...

    YES the only way to get rid of Obamacare is to elect honest politicians that will listen to We the People ..

 Question are there any out there ???? 

A deacon once  told me he didnt see how a  Christian could be a politician ,because a politician has to lie too much ...

  Like the decision  or not or why he/they  made this decision will not get this mess fixed ..

  I agree we must FOCUS & make a  solid plan to get the right DC critters in office to repeal  this un Constitutional law

Righty-o Wayne! We tell our guys what we want, over and over, until we get it done....

With this arrogant regime in our WH, we don't stand a chance...

And, you are so right about the vote counters! Stalin tactics!

We have to think outside the box and find a better way to vote. So; Why don't we invest in some good old fashioned carbon paper with a five part form sealed with a finger print. One for the voter, 3 for indy verification panels, 1 for the final count...They better all match at the end or something is wrong...I don't give a hoot about "secrecy"...I'll shout from the rooftops who is not getting my vote! I think we've secreted ourselves into oblivion!

Verbal / photo technology...Computerized voting...Re-think this entire thing about who is counting!


sounds good to me , then have Voters dip their finger in ink like they did in Iraq...

Harry If you do not mind  I intend to wear the same sign  --adding only Remember in November and Vote  for American INDEPENDENCE.And I intend to remind everyone as I did at the Farmers market in GJ.That on June28 ,1787 Old Ben Franklin reminded his delegated peers that when they were  sensible of danger they prayed  for Divine protection --and their prayers were graciously answered. ....that he reminded them that the Sacred Writings assure us "except the Lord build the House ,they labor in vain that  build it. " and he believed that without (Gods) concurring aid -"we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel. " He cited the supreme authority of scripture no less than a half dozen times and didn't ask none of his peers if they believed as he said he did or not. The Virginian  Edmund Jennings Randolph  further moved the Convention meet for a sermon preached on July4 The anniversary of Independence Day  and that prayers be used thenceforward by the Convention and so it was done. Such is our example -how we ought live even today if we are to be a Religious and Moral people  under good Government.(the necessary  requirements for such being Religion,Morality, and Knowledge as codified in Article III of the twice passed Northwest ordinance.)

Go for it Robert.......we're all in this together.....nothing I say or use on this site is private......

Harry, I live out in the middle of nowhere but I've got a major highway runs along my property and I'm going to put one on my fence.

The AGs of Virginia, Oklahoma, and Florida were on Huckabee tonight.  He repeats his show on Sunday nights.

All the AGs viewed Roberts decision as dumb, irrational, something of a mixed bag between court integrity, cowardice, and political correctness.

The AGs were not kind to Roberts............

  I just watched it  ...

Well, if this was the 1770's Roberts would be wearing a Red Coat....

Wayne, there is a recently posted discussion that includes the dissent. It's worth reading the part about the individual mandate and may shed some light on this for you. It did me.

Ron Paul on Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling

Ron Paul on today’s Supreme Court decision:

“I strongly disagree with today’s decision by the Supreme Court, but I am not surprised. The Court has a dismal record when it come to protecting liberty against unconstitutional excesses by Congress.

“Today we should remember that virtually everything government does is a ‘mandate.’ The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse. The fundamental hallmark of a free society should be the rejection of force. In a free society, therefore, individuals could opt out of “Obamacare” without paying a government tribute.

“Those of us in Congress who believe in individual liberty must work tirelessly to repeal this national health care law and reduce federal involvement in healthcare generally. Obamacare can only increase third party interference in the doctor-patient relationship, increase costs, and reduce the quality of care. Only free market medicine can restore the critical independence of doctors, reduce costs through real competition and price sensitivity, and eliminate enormous paperwork burdens. Americans will opt out of Obamacare with or without Congress, but we can seize the opportunity today by crafting the legal framework to allow them to do so.”

Hard to argue with Paul on this one...........government get out of our life.



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