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'Santa Goes Green' pushes eco-agenda with story of boy who forgoes toys to save polar bear habitat.

By Jeff Poor
Business & Media Institute
December 22, 2008

’Tis the season … to be green. No, not even the traditions of Christmas are immune to the efforts of global warming activism.


No, it’s not Al Gore’s, “How Greenhouse Gases Stole Christmas,” but a children’s story is pushing a similar green agenda. The recently published book by Anne Margaret Lewis called “Santa Goes Green” is about a boy who writes Santa and asks him to help raise awareness about global warming so that his adopted polar bear won’t lose its home.


“You see, it’s like this Santa,” the book reads. “I’ve adopted a polar bear named Leopold. He is in danger of losing his home. I’m sure you being in the North Pole you know about the melting glaciers. All I want this year Santa, is to save Leopold and his home.”


Santa Claus visits the boy, takes him to see the polar bear and then in a moment of eco-awakening, he makes his operations at the North Pole green.


“They arrived back at the North Pole and Santa had a grand idea,” the book reads. “He leaned in toward Swift [the head elf] and told him his new plan. ‘We will collect all of the old toys, Swift, and make them new again. We will reuse last year’s wrapping paper. And we will harness the great North Pole wind to help power up the toy shop.’”


For those tempted to purchase the book, a preview is available on the publisher’s Web site.


Global warming hysteria has shown up in several places this holiday season. An elementary school play showed Santa going green – making several considerable adjustments to holiday traditions.


“The show went downhill from there. Mrs. Claus informed Santa how terribly wasteful many traditions are, including how even Rudolf changed his nose to an LED light, all the while forgetting that the original was lit by an inner light of love that did not use power at all,” a reviewer wrote about the play.


Environmentalists aren’t the only ones using the holiday to push their agenda. The Culture & Media Institute pointed out how several other such groups are twisting the meaning of Christmas. CMI’s annual Grinch-o-Meter rated some of the year’s high-profile attacks on Christmas, as well as some spirited defenses of it in its 2008 Worst Grinches.


Jeff Poor is staff writer for the Business & Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.



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I don't know anything lower than a lib.

Nice piece of propaganda, still "Global Warming" has been proven to be an out right lie!

I'm Sorry Twana,


I was reading the above post and ran across the name Al Gore and had to stop.  Felt I owed you an apology though.


You see, I studied the 2000 election of Gore vs Bush.  Here in Florida there were so many dead voters that year, had either the Republicans or the Democrats challenged on just eliminating the Dead People in Florida Voting, Al Would have won the election (30 thousand dead voters - most likely triple that - and 67% were republican).  So Al lost.  You have to answer the question as to why Al lost Florida.  Simple reason.  Those conducting the Dead Man vote did not want Al Gore as their President.  Just that simple.


This person has perpetually lied most of his life and it was best not to let him get into Office.  The study was accomplished by the Independent Party of Florida.  Only one dead Independent voted that year (great statistics).


My apology again.   If Global  Warming is so bad, why is it freezing down here in Florida tonight.

remember gore invented the internet   LOL

Those bastards have absolutely no sense of shame! They have sunk lower than whale droppings in the ocean, it is time to slap those people until they wake up from their leftist drug induced coma. Pardon the language, but Santa has nothing to do with "Global warming or any other "get rich" scam being forced on the people.I say sue them until they are bled white.

Somebody needs to give them some coal for Christmas...... and stuff it in their CHIMNEY!

stuff it where the sun don't shine, these bozos are only trying to decide what way to lead this country weather on into the future on back into the dark ages.

Remember...it's FICTION!  Santa is as real as global warming!  I say we should write a fiction book too.  Let's make one about Obama becoming a good, decent man.  That he helps restore the Republic and the constitution!  It will be the new childrens book. 

Street like your anime.


the global warming nuts are all coming out of the wood work. It has been proven the the planet is actually going through a bit of a cool down and that could mean much colder temps. later on the planet has always gone through a warming trend before it goes into a sort of ice age period or cooling trend. and that's what's happening at this time.  Sorry I am getting kinda tired here so I think I will go.



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