Constitutional Emergency

I am saddened by the political left who falsely believe restrictions on guns are the correct action to take.  I learned a long time ago that emotion proceeds thought.  That though can intensify emotion, redirect emotion, and in some cases leave one altogether indifferent to the situation.  In instances where emotions are intensified a person tends to react rather than consider options and then act, but this leaves those around us wondering “WTF?”  Then for these individuals the emotion, thought, action cycle takes over and the situation dominos out of control until all energy is spent.

Civil rights issues tend to be in the category where one’s emotions intensify and people lash out and then thought kicks in.  Thinking about your actions after the fact doesn’t always leave one with a feeling of satisfaction; but rather, more often than not, leaves one with regret.  Not only do they feel regret but they often would wish to reverse their actions. 

I think the 2nd Amendment falls into this category along with all inalienable rights.  The problem is that I don’t think most Americans today understand the Constitution or why our founding fathers wrote it the way they did.  My purpose here today is not to educate the American people but rather to chisel a line in stone.  The same stone the Constitution was chiseled in along with the Bill of Rights.  This line is the demarcation point between Constitutionally minded people and our Progressive brethren who believe the Constitution is outdated and obsolete. 

To our Progressive brethren I wish to counsel you to be careful how you tread on our Constitution because for very many of us it is an extremely sacred document.  As you lash out in fear and anger remember that your actions will most definitely cause a like emotion and action from those of us who cherish our Constitution and our inalienable rights.  You are pushing very many people into a corner where they have few options, for you see, they will not give up their guns, the magazines that go with them, nor will they register said guns. 

You see, I don’t have any assault weapons.  I only have defensive weapons that I use for sport and defensive purposes.  In this light I will not freely give up my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms any more than I will freely give up my 1st Amendment right to tell you that I will use my defensive weapons to defend myself, my family, and my property.  Unlike many others, I have thought about my options and actions.  Today my option is to counsel you and have an open dialog about our Constitution and our inalienable rights.  Tomorrow, if today’s options fail, my options become very limited.  So with thoughtful reverence for our Constitution I have chiseled my line in stone because it will not be undone.

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proof that sandy hook was a hoax:

I also think that the Aurora Colorado shootings were as well. We are dealing princes of darkness.

When people are educated in a way that conditions them to react without analysis, it is the same as throwing mud at a wall, hoping it will stick..  Remember they have been educating the public this way since 1960, a little group at a time and expanding as time passes.


Some of my ancestors came legally from Ireland some years prior to our bloody Civil War.They brought with them from Ireland memory of British Rule in Ireland since about 1534.When the Brit declared the right to keep or bear arms was a right only  extended to the British and those they favored--some resisted. In America during the founding era Madison and others understood that the European  Governments were AFRAID of an armed  citizenry -but ours was not.I think this gesture from a grieving but misguided "progressive" politician from Conn. will go nowhere--If it should succeed--I would rather die a free-man than live under despots-where only a certain few hired guns are trusted with arms NOT allowed the citizens.

I have also drawn my line in the sand, the re-election was the final straw. I will not register anything I own, nor will I ask their permission to sell.  Giving in to any of these outragious demands is just giving the key to the hen house to the fox.


My line in the sand includes my family, friends and neighbors. Stay away and you wont get shot. This goes for the criminals and the ilegal unconstitutional government!!!!!!!!!!

The message is very clear and I hope it makes it to the desks of those in D.C. with the power to avert such cruel considerations by Social/Leftest persons. I would ask obama and his tribe to depart the fix outbound for Cuba, N. Korea, almost anywhere in Africa, or China so that they might be a better fit within those communities, we do not need them here for any reason(s). I feel that should events turn dark(er), then they will be faced with the same prospects as the Tory loyalists of the Colonial War of rebellion, leave these lands and do not return for any reason as there will be some serious Border Patrol actions to assure that you and your ilk never return. I will pass this along as it needs to be shared and sent forward to those making decisions which will effect every patriot citizen of our great nation.

I, long ago drew my line in the sand.  I will never voluntarily surrender my firearms to the government at any level.  As I have stated numerous times on this site, I have discussed this with my wife and we are agreed that the day they come to confiscate my firearms will be my last day on this earth.  If it doesn't come to that I will insure that they wind up in hands that will put them to good use standing up to tyranny after I am called home.

Very well stated Paul ! Point taken, and agreed with.



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