Christ.........Our Gift To Love, Cherish and Share..........

God bless each of you, your families and friends this Christmas...may we lift up Christ.  Without Christ we have nothing.......oh we may have "things" but after it's all over "things" are gone and only Christ is our transition to blessed eternity.

Prov: 13:20  He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will be destroyed.

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Thank you Mike. You understand the situation very well. Have a wonderful "Christ-day".

This is in conjunction to my previous post, from the 1940 Congressional Record. If you have never read it, it is very entailed and enlightening in revealing some of those responsible for America's downfall.

The people of England and the people of the United States are always
friendly to each other; another statement which no one can criticize, but to
which I want to add that the people of all countries—the common people—
have always been and are now friendly to each other. If war depended upon
them there would be no war. The trouble lies with the rulers of the different
governments. It is they who advocate war; war of destruction, not only of
property and human life but of Christian civilization itself.
So in view of this, let us remember that no country has been
at war so much as England and no country has brought about
more misfortune and suffering than the British Government.
This should be clear as we review the early history of our own
colonies, of India, Ireland, and the 400,000,000 opium addicts
in China, all of which may be charged to the greed of the
British Government. Mr. Choate, in making his statements,
spoke for the people of the United States, when in reality he
should have hesitated even to speak for himself. His sole
concern appeared to have been our friendliness toward Great
Britain, but not their friendliness toward us; and again he
placed the United States in the position of a suppliant to the
British throne.

That was beautiful. Tears filled my eyes. Thank you for sharing such a moving video. I long for the day our world will be peaceful again. And you are right without Christ we have nothing. Merry Christmas to everyone. May 2015 bring all of you peace, happiness, health and joy.

                                             Warning----- Warning----  Warning----

On 7-1-2014--- U.S. Dollars Collapse pending /  Martial Law-- HR2847 Goes into Effect  True Collapse of the U.S Dollar is

Coming soon, What do you think?

I firmly believe that the Feds (Obama) will have their martial law that they seem so eager for before Obama leaves office. If it occurs prior to the end of Obama's reign, elections will likely be cancelled in such event Obama would remain as dictator, indefinitely.

Thanks 4 this!  Remember the angry physical display by Yeshua/ Jesus/ Emmanuel throwing the money-changers out of the temple?? Unequal weights & measures, & charging interest are both decried in OT scripture, yet seemingly idolized in Western society... rather realize one's worth is intrinsically unlimited, Given by Source of all Abundance displayed in all creation around us.  If/when ALL are replete & dwell in Source Abundance, what motivation is in war or competition to gain more over another? Is not true Treasure found within Love, Peace, Justice, Joy, Giving, Sharing, Forgiveness & more fruits of Holy (Wholly) Spirit displayed in each one for good of  all? 

26-12-2014: WAR ON IGNORANCE & FINANCIAL TYRANNY    Rest of comment & vid insight on real source of problem-


What if "they" called for war and NO Body volunteered to go?? 



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