Constitutional Emergency

Christian Convert Beheaded - And America Is Turning Heads As Shariah Law Makes Inroads In The United States

This incident is difficult to read about, let alone consider how such a barbaric, brutal act can be carried out by a so-called religion, against a human being for believing in God.

Islam is a system of governing under the guise of's brutal, it's barbaric, it's can anyone that is human tolerate this barbarism?  The Obama Administration is condoning the violence.  God help us find the courage to  resist this Satanic threat.


Christian convert from Islam beheaded on Egyptian national TV

by Joel McDurmon on Jul 14, 2012

The Family Research Council writes,

Since Mr. Obama’s entry into office, Christians have been slaughtered throughout the Bloody Crescent with hardly a peep from the U.S. State Department or the White House. Nigerian human rights activist Emmanuel Ogebe recently reported that more Christians have been killed by Islamist Boko Haram than NATO troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled Iraq. They’ve fled into Syria, of all places. Operation Iraqi Freedom has not protected them. In fact, their lot has been made much worse since the Bush administration toppled Saddam Hussein and allowed, in fact, required a new Iraqi constitution containing a repugnancy clause. State Department advisers insisted upon this clause. It says that notwithstanding anything else in the new constitution, nothing shall be done by the Iraq government that is “repugnant” to Islam. Well, among the things repugnant to Islam is saying “Jesus is Lord.” That will get you killed.

It did get a young Tunisian Christian killed. Recently, Egyptian TV showed the horror of a young convert from Islam to Christianity being beheaded. The Egyptian new anchor, to his credit, cried out: “Is this what we want here?” And he asked the anguished question: “How will these people govern?”

Sadly, the answers are in the broadcast. Yes, it is what the Egyptian voters want in Egypt. Fully 84% of Egyptians have told pollsters that apostates from Islam should be killed. They just voted for it. How will the new Islamists govern? By publicly cutting off the heads of their opponents. Simple enough.

Only a few organizations have picked up the story of this beheading. It seems to have been largely ignored by the American media. Here’s a report from the Barnabas Fund:

Video footage of a convert from Islam to Christianity being murdered by Muslims has been shown on Egyptian TV. The graphic incident, which is reported to have taken place in Tunisia, was aired on a programme called Egypt Today. The footage shows a young man being held down by masked men with a knife to his throat. One man chants a number of Muslim prayers in Arabic, mostly condemning Christianity. The man holding the knife to the Christian convert’s throat begins to cut, slowly severing the head amid cries of “Allahu Akbar” (“god is great”).

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Barbaric is the truth about Islam.  Question is, Will American's allow this type of slaughter in the United States? 

This is how THEY treat Christians...yet WE are the ones that are "racist" because we will not allow them to build a Mosque on the Ground Zero site, and restrict their ability to grow in the USA.  Gee, wonder why?!  That is the EXACT reason why someone calling me a "racist" today, means absolutely NOTHING.

Comming to a city near you.

Steve's,  Islam  is  at  stage  1  in  America, Hillary Clinton  left  Egypt  on a  bad  Note,  leaving  it  was  over  heard `Go  Home  Monica. + numerous  items  thrown  at  her..!! It  is  a  city  near  me, sad  to  say, then  I'll   remain  a  racist  Wyoming  cowboy  in California, no  sweat  off  my  back..!! I'm  beyond  being  irratated,  and  invaded. In  Passing  one  hooded  Arab  resently,  with  my  cowboy  hat,  I  turned  to  my  wife  and  said  loudly  is  it  Cold  outside.. behind  me  another  senior  couple  were  clapping  their  hands..!!  Oh   &  tipped  my  hat..!!  I  rest  my case...


Barbaric and cruel beyond our imagination.  Yes, it is coming to the US and we will all turn a blind eye because of being politically correct.  If we speak out, we are racists.  How sad it is.

the ragheads are the ones that need to be wiped out if we want to have peace in the world

I've heard towelhead and raghead, but it's a sheet they wear. so that makes them sheethesds!

If islam were eradicated from the face of the planet 90% of the worlds problems would be solved

Unfortunately, we would still have the Communists. The communists are helping the Islamic terrorists-working together. Russia provides funding to them. 

This beheading is horrible! Such a brave young man, having to go through that. Yes, I am afraid we may get that here. Isn't Obama letting these terrorists in through our southern border? I think I heard that.

Louise, The Communists are smart and let the Muslims do some of their dirty work. (Russia has a major internal problems with their huge Muslim population.)  But worse, Obama is not only letting them slip through our borders, he using our tax money to import them from the middle east calling the victims and giving them political asylum.  Then they live here on our tax money.   We have major problems brewing here as the Muslims grow in number, which they are doing rapidly through legal and illegal immigration and yearly births.

Their plan of conquest is clearly outlined in their Koran but our politicians (seeking votes) look the other way.


It wasn't long ago that a judge in Michigan, (I think) or some place up that way, found one of them not guilty of murder after he killed his  daughter in an "honor killing". How does that grab you? If the people re-elect that scumbag socialist, illegal alien then we are heading for Civil War part II and it won't be pretty.




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