Christmas Devotion............The Greatest Gift We Can Receive...and share...

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” Luke 2:14 .

One of the many wonderful names of our wonderful Lord is “The Prince of Peace.” Jesus holds the key to peace, whether it’s personal peace in your heart, domestic peace in your home, or eternal peace in heaven.

Isaiah prophesied that He would be called The Prince of Peace. The angels told the shepherds that His coming was “good tidings of great joy,” for His incarnation meant “peace, goodwill toward men.”

Certainly there is a need for peace. But look around. What has happened to the promised peace? It was purposefully postponed when God sent the Prince of Peace, but the world rejected and then crucified the Prince of Peace. There will be no peace on earth until the world that rejected our Savior receives Him again in power and glory. The only true hope for peace for the church, the nation and the individual is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas, do you have peace with God or is the war still going on? The only way you can have the peace that Jesus made is to surrender to Jesus in absolute, total, unconditional surrender. He has fought the battle and the battle is won. But it will do you no good until you bow to Him. Have you laid down your sword of rebellion at His feet? He has made peace with the blood of His cross, but that peace does you no good until you bow to Him in total surrender. There is peace with God. Once you have that peace with God, then you can have the peace of God.
Devotions taken from the messages of Adrian Rogers.

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I am at peace with God Almighty He is my Lord His Holy Spirit my guide, His Word my comfort--His Son my Salvation.

Amen, praise YHVH!

therefore , HE is at peace with you ..You will be accepted into His Kingdom.

personally , i met THE CREATOR years ago and am excited to join HIM...

PRAISE God from whom all blessings flow.
PRAISE Him above ye heavenly hosts.
PRAISE Him all ye creatures here below.
PRAISE Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Let me find my Cloncordance-- but-- ALl I could possibly add is I will Praise you before the congregation..--probably a fuzzy headed  summation but It comes to mind.

Hebrews 2:12-saying I will declare thy name uto my brethren, in the midst of the congregation will I sing praise unto Thee-- YUP I mangled it.

Robert.... Strongs Exhaustive Concordance lists over 300 scriptural references to praising God!!
"Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!!"

True--but only one matched the verse I was thinking of.   But the verse you cite is excellent as well.forcan the pot say to the one who formed it Why have you fashioned me thus?

Thou who help the poor and needy shall be entered into the Book of Life...

He spoke to his disciples, when they asked him, Lord how can we know of your coming. He laid out for them the truth, and detailed, with study of the Prophecies, when that time would be near. No man knows the day or hour of his return, except the Father in Heaven.
He said to them that he was telling all, the things to expect, as the Beginning of Sorrows proceeded the end times, and his second coming. He said I tell you these things before they happen, so that you will not be deceived, but understand the signs of his return.

I despise the things which are happening in our times, but through a strict and thorough study of the Prophecies of the end times, I can clearly see that those things he told the disciples are clearly coming to pass. The things foretold us in the word of God, through his Prophets, a few thousand years ago, are beginning to unfold right here in our times.
God is all seeing, all knowing, all hearing, and knows the hour his Son will return to take, First those asleep in Christ, then those alive in the word, to be with him, as he makes a grand appearance in the Clouds. Every eye will see him and all, will at that point, will realize that the True Son of God has come. Our choices, decisions, and finality are all made through the course of our lives on this piece of rock made by God in his Universe. We are truly in the beginning phases of the last days, and his return to claim his own. Is imminent. Those who are in him, will rejoice at the sight of him, and those who have refused him, will weep bitterly, as they will know that their doom is at hand, and cannot now be changed.

No matter what happens here, now, is part of his plan, He is in control and we must trust his judgments, and the laying out of his will, as the doors are ready to close on this planet, and all who have lived, and do live upon it. Look up and rejoice, born again Christians, our redemption is close at hand.
To all, this is foretold, and is going to happen. If you have not yet, seek God and redemption, before the door closes, and you are left to a eternity in hell, of your own choosing. If God be for us, who can stand against us. Keep your faith, and be ready for his grand return to take us all home.
I and my Family wish you and yours, a Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Savior conscious New Year.

T'anks-- yours is a reply worth visiting again. Very worthy consideration.again T'anks.

May you all experience that wonderful peace that only God can give!@  Thanks for the reminder Harry.



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