I got this email from the Col. a couple of hours ago, but see he hasn't posted it here, so I will.

Operation American Spring, the grass roots, God inspired movement toward “constitutional restoration” has made a difference.  God will determine how OAS has impacted our nation and what the future holds for America.
I now render my participation in any leadership role as complete. 
My recommendation is that a leader emerge to continue the mission.  If that is not possible, then a new direction, with God’s help should be pursued.
I will continue to support Patriots for America site as a place for patriots, friends, Americans, to gather.
God bless everyone special that stood with the OAS mission, whether in D.C., at home, in prayer, media, in any way............
With great respect and humility,
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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For those of you here on this PFA and have questions about why the Col has decided to relinquish his leadership position, here is the article I posted on the other site.

Well I was going to post this myself but I see you guys are ahead of me.
Yes, it's true, Col Riley has called his leadership role as being complete.
Just to give you a little recap of Col Riley's tenure in this operation and perhaps provide a little insight of what he has done.
Col Harry Riley started the Patriots For America web site and forum back in 2004. Working with Twana Blevins and several others they kept and maintained that web site through all these years.
With the exception of a short absence when his wife underwent surgery and lost a leg, Col Riley has managed and maintained the PFA all that time.
Obviously things in the political arena and in Washington have taken a drastically left wing turn in 2008 with the election of Barack Hussein Obama.
Back in 2011 they organized a rally to go to DC to protest the handling of the Veterans Administration. That rally was held on 11/11/2011, Veterans Day. I joined the PFA just in time to miss that rally But I have had the honor and pleasure of working with him on that PFA site since then.
Last December Harry came up with the concept of this Operation American Spring. He deliberately tried to model it after the Egyptian Arab Spring specifically because when the Obama administration attempted to install the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Morsi as the president of Egypt, the Egyptian people stood up and said NO ! The Egyptian people made a stand and Morsi and US president Barack Obama were defeated.
That idea seemed to work fairly well for the Egyptian people and seemed like it could be modified to work in America. But here it would have to be strictly controlled and regulated as a peaceful, NON-violent mission to impeach Obama, not something designed to drag them out of office.
So in this manor and design OAS was launched in December 2013.
Col Harry Riley has worked almost continuously every day and night on this operation mission since that time. And even including through the loss of his brother to cancer back in Feb or March.
Now some people would like to blame Col Riley (and myself) for a lack of leadership. They claim there was a lack of structure and controls. But OAS was never designed to be a Military style operation. It was never intended to have a Military type of "Command" structure. OAS was designed to be an open Grass-roots volunteer cooperative mission. We (and Col Riley) never intended it to be a Command and control environment.. He wanted the people to take control of their own destiny, and their own future. (That's YOU people here).
OAS was never about Col Harry Riley. OAS is YOU - The people,,,, We-The-People.
We owe Col Harry Riley a huge "Thank you SIR" for everything he has done. He has worked his proverbial butt off to build this organization. And he built it in such a way that it can and will continue even through his retirement and relinquishment of his leadership position.
The organization and structure he is leaving for us is nothing short of We-The-People trying to restore the system that America's Founding Fathers built 238 years ago. It is now up to all of us to decide whether or not we want to, or if we have the courage and stamina, to carry on that struggle and the fight to restore America to a Constitutional Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People.
I can only say that it has been an Honor and a pleasure to have served with him.
Thank You Colonel Harry Riley SIR.
OAS Admin, Ron McKinley

Thank you Col. Riley, for all you have done!!! God bless!!!

Linda Gadd

I do hope this isn't the end of your fight to save our country.  We all so love you and your work.  Move on to bigger and better things... Maybe even President.

Awwwww , wish you the best col Riley in all you do, and whatever God calls your too. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our freedom! We ALL must stay vigilant!!!! God bless you sir!!

Linda Gadd

There are a few of us who are still active at the OAS site.  Grayghost is keeping it going and Rechy still pops in regularly.  I visit it daily and contribute as much as I can.  To me, it has become a forum for learning and education, as well as a place to offer ideas as to what we can do now.  There are still some infiltrators, unfortunately, but we keep on keepin' on!

Well it is with an unexpected realization, that a man of Honor and Respect and the heart of a Man of God has touched my heart, Col. You have provided much council and direction, not just for me personally, but for this site. I can't thank you enough, Harry. I hope that you and I can meet personally one day and have that discussion that all men honorable want, Our Past, Present and Future and strenghtening our relationship with other like men and our Lord God and his son, Jesus Christ. I am sorry to see you leave Leadership, I think you are needed to help guide the new flock awaking from this long deep sleep that most of We the People, have been in for the last 100 + years. May God provide and protect you, you have earned it.



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