COL Riley Statement RE: Bergdahl/Taliban Prisoner Release

On 6/5/2014 9:38 PM, wrote:
> COL Riley Statement RE:  Bergdahl/Taliban Prisoner Release
> Barack Obama's action to gain SGT Bowe Bergdahl's release, a deserter, by releasing five of the most barbaric, heinous, Islamic killers in the world from Gitmo prison, signals a politician out of control, and Obama's allegiance to terrorists rather than to the United States of America.
> Barack Obama has crossed a red line in siding with the enemy that labels him a domestic enemy of the United States.
> The United States Congress must immediately declare Barack Obama unfit to govern, declare him no longer legally fit to serve in the position of President, Commander In Chief, or any other position in U.S. government.
> Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
> Operation American Spring Founder

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I don't know. I'm just waiting to join the movement to correct it. If things went like they were supposed to we wouldn't be in this mess. We could go to court but they are corrupt. The justice department, corrupt, so the people that are supposed to keep things in check are worthless so how is the biggest question. They know we don't want to act in the way we should against them  and they use that against us. Our duty is now a terrorist action, according to them.

We obey the law and they know we don't want to break the law. They don't obey the law and use that we do against us.

Then it is time for us as patriots to not do what they expect.  We need to give them the shock of their lives.

Wake up Americans !!!!!!!   Our  founding fathers never meant for us to live like this.   What did they do to King George???  Maybe it is King Obamas time to go.

you finally woke up!!! No one is going to do a damn thing except mouth off about what should be done. Our founding fathers didn't mouth off they took action. But they didn't have to give up their tv and electronic gadgets! those are more important than our country.

well you mouth off very freely..what have you done there buckwheat?  one person at a time can do nothing against this evil..and to get everyone together is another problem..we need a way to put a call out to all patriots that are willing to come armed and to tell washington we will be there and demand obama and Reid and Holder and any other traitors and terrorists to turn themselves in or face all that come being a  mouthpiece  helps no one i said what have you done ..have not heard of you shooting up washington ..going into any type of conflict is not done alone and without a plan ..

OMG violence is not the answer, and by the way I am an 80yr old woman so doubt I will be toting an automatic weapon. Our founding fathers fought with coming together, look what the Tea Party in Boston accomplished!! But they had people backing them. People are too brain dead now they do not care about their country as long as they can get freebies they are happy. The country has been taken over by illegals who get more than you probably do. I know they get more than I do or my kids or grandkids. Maybe we should all stop paying any taxes, they cannot come after all of us and that would hurt. They wouldn't be able to give out money so freely if they didn't get it from us taxpayers. Maybe we should like VOTE them the hell out!! but they keep getting voted in time and again so are they dumb or are we the dumb ones!!

taking back our country is not violence...its called doing the Patriotic thing to take our Country want to just wait for the people in office to cure this evil? will never happen..and i am sure that all Patriots see it also..the more i read in comments in the last two years shows it...we will see but i am sure nothing will happen to take obama shit hitler out of office and the rest of the traitors and terrorists..and if not i do believe there will be no other way but take our country back ourselves...Period

It was obvious who the dumb ones were from the 2012 elections.  We the people, or rather those that voted for the "Fool on the Hill", are the dumb ones!

I am very sad to say that, my dear, violence appears to be the ONLY remedy left.  Peaceful protest, letters and calls to representatives AND the Senate Sergeant At Arms has resulted in ZERO.

Witholding taxes would only subject the individual with personal harassment.

Our country has lost it's way.  We must consider regrouping and engaging this IMPOSTER head on at HIS doorstep?

Hi Nelson, This Buckwheat is doing 100 flyers per day. Have met very able bodied vets who took flyers home to their communities. Getting some verbal commitment. Will continue to recruit to help build our numbers that can be that force as you have said - awareness is key, waking them from their slumber. Also making contacts with reps - putting information in hands to help their awareness - helping them see the Islamic pattern. I am sure there will be a way to do what needs to be done and that may very well be by force. We need to increase numbers as quickly as possible. Have prayer support ongoing. Trusting God to order steps, put the plan into place, and move us as needed into action. I know He is able. Plan to be in DC some point this next week.

 Those of you in DC need to go visit these two individuals -  If not in DC, then make a phone call...
The man who can arrest Eric Holder is the Honorable Paul D. Irving, Room H-124 US Capitol
202-225-3233 (fax)
If you get a minute go ahead and give him a nudge...
Call Senate Sergeant at Arms,  Phone: (202) 224-2341 His name is Williston, and he has the authority to arrest BlackBarry. Go there in person, en mass! 
 Tell him that Obama has committed treason and other crimes against our Republic, and should be arrested asap.

PLEASE if you are in DC, go in person, en mass, to the office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms (US Capitol building, room S-151).
Phone: (202) 224-2341His name is Andrew b. Willison. He took office on May 5, so take it easy on him. BUT DEMAND he arrest (he’s the only one with authority to do this) Obama immediately for treason. SPREAD this word. We have been calling and every time a human person answered the phone and took our messages. They know we know the SSA can do something about this NOW. Thank you for all that you do. Keep us posted. May God bless you and your efforts, and keep you safe. Amen.

The man who can arrest Eric Holder is the Honorable Paul D. Irving, Room H-124 US Capitol
202-225-3233 (fax)
If you get a minute go ahead and give him a nudge...



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