COL Riley Statement RE: Bergdahl/Taliban Prisoner Release

On 6/5/2014 9:38 PM, wrote:
> COL Riley Statement RE:  Bergdahl/Taliban Prisoner Release
> Barack Obama's action to gain SGT Bowe Bergdahl's release, a deserter, by releasing five of the most barbaric, heinous, Islamic killers in the world from Gitmo prison, signals a politician out of control, and Obama's allegiance to terrorists rather than to the United States of America.
> Barack Obama has crossed a red line in siding with the enemy that labels him a domestic enemy of the United States.
> The United States Congress must immediately declare Barack Obama unfit to govern, declare him no longer legally fit to serve in the position of President, Commander In Chief, or any other position in U.S. government.
> Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
> Operation American Spring Founder

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You are exactly right! They waited way too long to act while the military was being dismantled by Obama! A military coup is our last and only hope to save our country! Unfortunately, we now have only boy scouts with no balls as our top officers! I believe that martial law is coming soon and the end is very near! All the blood and treasure sacrificed over the past 230 years for out liberty and freedom only to be destroyed by a Muslim/communist two bit illegal community organizer!! Our forefather and veterans have to be weeping and turning in their graves! I was just at Arlington National Cemetery last Saturday to attend my brothers military burial service and saw those thousands of graves! God bless them all and may He take them into his arms and give them peace and comfort!

Pansies!! YEP..too busy on their techno gadgets and their WORLDLY indulges..And it's like this: the prophet watchmen received news from up above with God to "the PEOPLE" and to declare it how to get their selves "right"..And the people rose up to wine, dine and party, all the while a great devastation was coming..A locomotive train was coming..And the prophet tried to tell people, warn them with sounding trumpets " get OUT OF THE WAY and turn to God and HIS WAYS..And they kept on dancing and then the train ran them OVER!!!!!!!

You can get more papers, documents and letters from

Yeah, mentioning the unFederal Reserve.  People think that just because the word federal is attached to a name, that it makes it a legitimate part of our Federal Government.  "It"  is NOT part of our government!

I like it.

Agree 110%.  Give Mexico the Libertards and clean up Capitol Hill!

Sounds like a plan to me!

Your right, military action or us taking it by force. There is no other way. I wish we could by other means but we know better.

Almost everyone in the Town before SANDY HOOK got FREE HOUSES from the Government.

Does that Raise a Red Flag in anyone's mind?

Remember the Pretty Little Girl in the Red Dress that they Claimed was Killed in the Incident?

Surprise...........She sat on Obama's Lap in a Photo Shoot three days Later.

And we thought the Resurrection was about JESUS!!!

Alan West if right to say this. He needs to repeat it often!
How do we get the "low information" Americans to wake up? I saw an article that said Hillary Clinton is still popular!

Hillary is as popular as Herpes...and bladder dysfunction..and frugly




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