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The below listed message was forwarded to us in an E-mail from a strong supporter, donor, and Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, the former Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, the Honorable Orson Swindle, III, Lt Col USMC/Ret (Vietnam POW), the below listed message he forwarded was written by  another strong supporter and donor to the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, the former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, the Honorable Robert “Bud” McFarlane, USNA Class of 1959, (Col USMC/Ret).  The Honorable “Bud” McFarlane relays his thoughts and concerns which are the concerns of most Americans, and he gives voice in a video which you can view by clicking on the below listed link about Obama’s “Dereliction of Duty” the worst in history by any Commander-in Chief.


The 10,000+ supporter in our data base are upset that after 7 weeks there is an Obama cover up about what happened in Benghazi, he is capable of doing that because of the complicity of the left of center liberal media establishment.  Col McFarlane states in the below listed article, that the current resident of the White House has not only demonstrated his dangerous inability to perform his duties as President and Commander-in-Chief, but once again continues to perpetuate lies about the events leading to the Benghazi in his comments to the press and the American people, the incompetence of Obama led up to the assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya, two US Navy SEALS, and an Embassy aide on September 11, 2012---------perjury by a President is a federal crime, and previously resulted in the impeachment of two US Presidents. 


We know that on July 9th, August 2nd, August 8th, and October 11th Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Libya repeatedly copiously documented his concerns for his own safety and the safety of his subordinates, while pleading desperately for additional security support from the US State Department (STATE) because his subordinates could no longer protect themselves, and the Libyan Police and Security detail had been infiltrated by terrorists who were providing information to Al Q’ieda on the movement of personnel in the Consulate (Stevens finally made plans to move the Consulate in with the CIA Annex, because his pleas were falling on deaf ears).    Following an emergency meeting at the US Consulate in Benghazi on August 15, Ambassador Stevens sent an emergency cable directly to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stating the security situation in Benghazi was “trending negative” and he again requested for increased security from Hillary.  The emergency cable stated there were 10 Al Q’ieda and Islamist training camps inside Benghazi, that personnel in the US Consulate were in danger, that security provided by Libya was compromised and unreliable, and that the Consulate could no longer defend itself against a coordinated commando style attack.   The Secretary of State and Obama knew the US Consulate had been the target of two discriminate probing attacks by al Q’ieda, and knew Stevens feared for his life, but his 5 desperate requests over 3 months were all turned down by the Secretary of State.  Even Ambassador Steven’s October 11th request, on the day he was assassinated, his desperate request for more security was three pages long.  Because it was too dangerous to protect their personnel in the Benghazi caldron that was teeming with jihadists who were targeting westerners daily, the British government closed their Embassy, the Red Cross pulled all their personnel out of Benghazi, and hundreds of westerns were leaving in droves.  Yet the civil servant in charge of security at STATE turned down Ambassador Stevens’ five desperate requests for increased security over a three month period, at a time everyone was getting danger pay, her inaction and the actions of her seniors in the chain of command borders on criminal negligence.  It appears she did not fail to act alone, because someone in the White House instructed Hillary to turn down the requested security.  It was reported that Obama was having serious concerns about the safety of Libyans; he felt US Marines, who are trained to protect all Embassies and Diplomatic Missions, might get into a shooting incidents with Libyan terrorist who had previously attacked the US Consulate on two previous occasions.   


We know from Obama’s own statement to the American people and the press that he was in the Oval Office when the attack by 150+ Al Q’ieda Terrorists began, it was 4:00 PM Washington time.  The first of two drones used during the attack was flying above the scene of the attack, and coverage was maintained later on by a second drone for 8 hours. Those drones provided live feed to the White House Situation Room (WH), CIA Headquarters (CIA), the National Command Center in the Pentagon (DOD), the US State Department (STATE), to General Carter Ham (Ham), Commander US African Command (AFRICOM), and a number of other locations providing an instant blow by blow description of the unfolding attack. The Secretary of Defense (Panetta), General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff (Dempsey), and the Vice President were called into the Oval Office at 4:00 PM Washington time; although we have no confirmation, but believe that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (Hillary) must have been included in discussions about the attack because of what she approved her STATE security staff to do right after that meeting.   Three desperate pleas for help were transmitted to the WH, CIA, Dempsey, DOD, STATE, AFRICOM, and 400 intelligence/military info addresses in the Washington/Virginia area Government complexes over an 8 hour period from the US Consulate and the CIA Annex while they were under attack.  According to CIA career Officer, Clare Lopez, there were two large warehouse-type buildings in the US Consulate complex, whose contents were raided and removed by Al Q’ieda in the course of the attack; they were full of confiscated weapons from the Gadhafi regime, probably including SA-7 portable surface to air missiles, and Al Q’ieda was after them.  Obama told the American people and the press that he gave Panetta and Dempsey instructions to “order the military to take every step necessary to protect the lives of Americans in Benghazi who were under attack”; that instruction to Panetta and Dempsey would have resulted in a Presidential “Execute Order” to AFRICOM.    Ham told a Congressman that he never was issued an “Execute Order”, if in fact Obama did tell Panetta and Dempsey to protect the Americans in Benghazi, they violated a Presidential Order.   We do know that Hillary approved the Embassy in Italy to dispatch a State Department Security Forces of 6 State Department Security Agents to fly to Benghazi to protect the Ambassador who was in imminent danger. 


A Delta Force Combat Reaction Team was dispatched to Sigonella, Italy from their base in Germany, and was only staged to go to Benghazi 2 hours away; their C-130s could have easily landed on dirt roads close by the US Consulate and the CIA Annex (they are trained to respond in that fashion to emergencies).   We know F-16 supersonic aircraft were 20 minutes away in Italy and could have been brought in to attack the Al Q’ieda terrorists attacking the Consulate.  At 4:30 PM Washington time the WH, CIA, DOD, STATE, and AFRICOM could see, in live feed, from the drone overhead that the Consulate was in flames.  Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, USA (Ret) claims he has sources saying President Barack Obama was in the White House Situation Room at 5:00 PM Washington time watching the live feed as the assault by 150+ Al Q’ieda terrorists unfolded on the U.S. Consulate and the CIA Annex in Benghazi, yet he did nothing to protect the lives of Americans under attack.  General Carter Ham (Ham), at AFRICOM, received a copy of the same request for help at the same time that the WH received it, and immediately had a 140 US Marine Corps Rapid Response Team in Sigonella ready to go to the aide of the US Ambassador in Benghazi.  Panetta said that he, Dempsey, and Ham agreed that they should not send in any relief “at all”, because “we lacked a clear picture of what was happening.”  When two trained Navy SEALS and a US Ambassador makes a desperate call for help, send a steady stream of E-mails describing events unfolding on the ground to 400 locations, with a live video feed transmitting actual events on the ground, how could Panetta had made such a “STUPID” remark in a press briefing?  While Gen Ham was still preparing to deploy the Rapid Response Team, even after he was told by the White House “to stand down, this is not a terrorist attack”, his second in command was ordered to relieve Ham of his duties (the source of this input is not unimpeachable), however it seems to have validity because we now know Obama ordered General David Rodriguez, Commander of US Army Forces Command to relieve General Ham, and Ham’s 3 year term at AFRICOM wasn’t even half over.  It appears that Obama must have lied to the American people, when he said he told Panetta and Dempsey to “order the military to take every step necessary to protect the Americans in Benghazi who were under attack”, Ham said he did not receive an “Execute Order”; it was never issued!!! 


Sources in the White House said the CIA told their Agents on the ground in the CIA Complex to “Stand Down” when they requested to go to the Consulate to protect the Ambassador.   The Director of Central intelligence, General David Petraeus, released the following statement "No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”  The CIA didn’t like being accused of complicity in Obama’s deceit of the American people, or in being implicated by the White House in being responsible for not saving the lives of the Ambassador, 2 SEALs, and an Embassy employee, so the Washington Times was given the story that can be read if you click on the following link: . An issue that remains unresolved was why did General David Petraeus, the Director of Central Intelligence Agency, 3 days after the attack, tell the US House Intelligence Committee, in a closed door session, that the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi resulted from of a demonstration that got out of hand, but that some terrorist were also involved in the attack?  Petraeus’ briefing conflicted with a report on the previous day by the FBI and the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) that reported there were a series (10) of Al Q’ieda and Ansar al-Sharia training camps in Benghazi controlled by Abdel Hakim Belhady, the leader of the Al Q’ieda franchise in Libya, and there was strong evidence to support the fact that the attack was an Al Q’ieda affiliated well planned and executed attack.


We also know that there were two AC-130Us that had been deployed to Sigonella and that they were 2 hours away; the AC-130U has 25mm Gatling guns for area suppression, a precision 40 mm cannon, and a 105 mm cannon which could have engaged and decimated the 150+ Al Q’ieda terrorists attacking the Consulate and Annex.  Yet the resident of the White House in the White House Situation Room who was watching the live video feed from a drone flying over the attack (it was probably armed, but no one in the Administration will say whether it was or not) did absolutely nothing to save the lives of Americans in danger.  Obama has proved, time and time again, that he is way over his head; eventually the American Ambassador, 2 Navy SEALs, and an embassy employee were finally killed by 10:00 PM Washington time,  in that preplanned and well-rehearsed/coordinated attacks on two widely separated locations, and in two ambush locations on the roads leading to those two locations.  Obama went to bed; that was an egregious dereliction of duty. Unfortunately, no American serving overseas is safe as long as the current resident of the White House and the Secretary of Defense are in office; they let 4 Americans die, when there were assets in Sigonella (the C-130U gunships, Gen Ham’s 140 US Marine Quick Reaction Force, the F-16s just 20 minutes away, and the Delta Force Reaction Team that would have saved their lives).   


Obama not only emboldened and keeps legitimizes the Moslem Brotherhood, the dedicated enemy of the US that gave birth to Al Q’ieda, and instigated the Arab Spring revolts in Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, etc. which Obama supported, but he has been arming our enemies who have taken over Libya and trying to take over Syria.  He has been arming the Jihadist, Abdel Hakim Belhady, the leader of the Al Q’ieda franchise in Libya, known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (who was supposed to be guarding the US Consulate in Benghazi, but were complicit in inviting in the Al Q’ieda terrorists to the Benghazi consulate to kill Ambassador Stevens).  Obama also directed Ambassador Stevens to send arms, confiscated from the Gadhafi Regime, including SA-7 portable surface to air missiles, to the opposition forces in Syria, which includes more Al Q’ieda terrorists; he transported those weapons using a Libyan Flagged Vessel to Turkey for transport to Syria.  In short, Obama has been involved in gun running on a massive scale to jihadists in Libya, and now in Syria, that would make Iran Contra and Fast and Furious pale in comparison.   The effects have been to equip Islam jihadists, who are enemies of America, so they will be able to wage insurgencies against the regimes in the Middle East friendly to the US like Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Morocco.     Obama, by his actions, has proved himself to be the best ally of the Jihadists terrorist in the Middle East, and has been destabilizing all the gains made in the Middle East since the US defended Kuwait, ridded Iraq of Saddam Hussein. 


Within 24 hours of the raid by SEAL Team SIX to take out Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, the American people knew every detail of the raid, much of it Top Secret, and even though that type of information had been unauthorized for release, ever since SEAL Team SIX was established during President Reagan’s Presidency.  Yet for over 7 weeks a massive cover up by Obama has been supported by the left of center liberal media establishment; Obama has proven that he is unqualified to be the Commander-in-Chief.  The left of center liberal media establishment, by covering up the above listed facts for over 7 weeks, has proven to be “very dangerous to the survival of the Republic”; the “double standard” in refusing to report on any issues that may not support Obama is enormous.  We hope you will forward this E-mail and the below listed comments by the Honorable Robert McFarlane to everyone in your address book that supports the efforts of the Combat Veterans For Congress to protect and defends the US Constitution, the rule of Law,  and the Republic.  The Rule of Law and the US Constitution have been repeatedly violated with impunity for 4 years by the current resident of the White House.  Please watch the video in the link by “Special Operations Speaks”; you should view Special Operations Speaks Web site by clinking on the link to that site which is posted on our Home page.





Joseph R. John, USNA’62

Capt  USN (Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108


Fax: (619) 220-0109

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Obama should be arrested and removed from the White House.....The Benghazi slaughter was an act of War....And this is what all the media, Including the Conservative and Patriot sites....Benghazi was an act of War against Our America and the American people.  "In God We Trust." 

Twana, I read every single word written by Capt. Joseph R.John, USNA'62 and i am spitting nails i,m so damn mad and disgusted with what i have read.I hope and pray that this letter has reached FOX news or as a matter of fact every news agency in the United States,if the usurper president is not convicted of murder and sentenced to die something is very,very wrong with the American Government and it needs to be fixed. appalled by this and believe that this letter needs to be in the hands of every single American in this country.

After the rally tomorrow or maybe even tonight i am going to start copying it and giving it to as many people as will read it,and hopefully get as upset as i am right now. This is something i have known all along but he really put things into perspective, Thank you,Thank you so much for this info and i will also thank Capt.John via Fax.



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