Constitutional Emergency


"You don't believe they're here? Look who was just found at Jason's Deli in at West 34th and 290 in Houston. That's the black standard ISIS emblem on his shoulder. Share the hell outta this." -Mike Kasper


An alert American in the Houston area snapped these photos at Jason's Deli yesterday at 11:30 AM (9-3-2014). The deli is located in the Spring Branch area.

Mike Kasper sent us these photos and wants you to know you can mitigate possible damages if you report things like this and intervene when necessary.

Mr. Kasper was standing in line to grab lunch and noticed a black-robed Jihadist with the ISIS symbol on his shoulder. He got out his phone and snapped as many photos as he could. Others in line were watching but weren't doing the same; but he heard chatter when he got to his table.

Mike reports:
There are at least 10 mosques or Islamic centers within a 15 mile radius. This is a very populated area of northwest Houston but it is predominantly Hispanic. The majority of the Muslim population is concentrated in the southwest part of town.

We thank Mike for his work and for sharing what he has seen with us so we can be aware. Please pass it along. We have put a large photo of this symbol with Mike's photo collage so you will know it when you see it.


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Get the book "ONE SECOND AFTER" which clearly explains how the grid could/would be down for up to 5, YES that's FIVE, YEARS before it is able to be restored!!!!!!  (In some places, of course!)

I was looking into a EMP attack safe car when the  net changed. They indicate that your car will be ok. Just turn it off & back on for the car to reboot itself. Confused.

How about disconnecting the battery?   Eliminate a live circuit??

How do you fix this?? what is at risk? I know cell phones but the towers would be inoperative. And would grounding you battery really help? Seems it would still take out the car computer.

Catherine, where did you get this info??

Obama should be dragged out of the White House and hanged on the nearest tree.  He is a liar and a traitor!  The American people should not just sit back and wait for these animals to kill more Americans, we should go about the task of exterminating them, before they hurt or kill anyone else!

AN Attorney friend just reported an ISIS flag on a gypsy cab at the FEDERAL COURTHOUSE in Central Islip . they're here


I read several sites so I cant remember but if I see them again or read another, I will post it here.  Maybe you can find them by Googleing

"We the People" need to wake-up NOW, we are out of time..!!!  Read this article that came out yesterday.

US Army could be called to occupy the Mega Cities Tomorrow!

People wake the freak UP! The Enemy is inside our WH, Congress, Courts, and at the State and Local Gov level..!!! "We the People" and everything our Nation was build upon is under attack, and all these areas of Gov have declared WAR on everything "We the People" (real Americans) believe in! These Commie/Muslim/NWO Monsters are destroying every FREEDOM our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Right provides "We the People"....These Monsters are not going to stop until "We the People" are NO MORE..!!! It's unbelievable how much of our Rights, as a Free People, are NO LONGER available to us! They are available to illegals but not to American Citizens..!!! The U.S. Constitution is been completely NULL and VOIDED by OB, Congress and the Courts! All our Rights under the U.S. Constitution are gone...PLAIN AND SIMPLE..!!! And unless you are brain dead, or one of the un-useful idiots, we have reached the point that only one answer and course of action is now available to "We the People", and the U.S. Constitution not only provides "We the People" this right, the U.S. Constitution demands that "We the People" implement this remedy against this illegal Fed Gov, State Gov's, and Local Gov's..!!!  God help us, PLEASE!

A U.S. Army report warns that American troops need to be prepared to enter New York City and other global “megacities” in order to prevent civil unrest, political uprisings and protect key infrastructure and natural resources in the national interest.

The report, entitled Megacities and the United States Army (PDF), was released by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Strategic Studies Group.

Cautioning that the power of national governments to deal with the problems caused by increasing urbanization and the growth of megacities is “diminishing,” the report notes, “It is inevitable that at some point the United States Army will be asked to operate in a megacity and currently the Army is ill-prepared to do so.”

- See more at:
Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow - See more at:
Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow - See more at:
Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow - See more at:

Doctor,  The US miltary might be unprepared to do so, but the local police are VERY well prepared

The One thing i find more frightening than ISIS, is the fact that our Govt. is doing what it can to help the terrorists here in

america to kill us and destroy our way of life-- TO MANY PEOPLE JUST DONT GET THAT..   ( Freakin Scarey )

Looks like we will need this attack to wake most of these brain dead idiots, huh, imagine that??????

Time for a Revolution is upon us --- Gear Up......

By the way i wish to thank Mr. Riley for the effort of American Spring---

How long did it take him to realize our situation is much worse than even he expected ??

I've said it before, I'll say it again, those who want to destroy our country are already here. Their in the White House, in the halls of government, in the judiciary, hell, their even in our military as we have already witnessed. They are crossing our boarders and the Obama administration is providing free transportation to disseminate them throughout the country. Cudos to this wide-awake citizen who took a picture of this Muslim terrorist. If I was there I would of made a citizens arrest . Hope someone took a picture of his face and reported him to the authorities. This I can guarentee you, Obamas's speech tonight will not bring the full weight of our military power against ISIS. It will be half measures at best, and he will lean heavily on other nations. Our nations security is at stake and he will NOT take the appropriate measures to protect America, mark my words. I know I'm singing to the choir, I'm just hoping some people who are uninformed read our posts and wake the hell up!! Get ready patriots hell is here and it's hungry for souls... SEMPER FI.



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