"You don't believe they're here? Look who was just found at Jason's Deli in at West 34th and 290 in Houston. That's the black standard ISIS emblem on his shoulder. Share the hell outta this." -Mike Kasper


An alert American in the Houston area snapped these photos at Jason's Deli yesterday at 11:30 AM (9-3-2014). The deli is located in the Spring Branch area.

Mike Kasper sent us these photos and wants you to know you can mitigate possible damages if you report things like this and intervene when necessary.

Mr. Kasper was standing in line to grab lunch and noticed a black-robed Jihadist with the ISIS symbol on his shoulder. He got out his phone and snapped as many photos as he could. Others in line were watching but weren't doing the same; but he heard chatter when he got to his table.

Mike reports:
There are at least 10 mosques or Islamic centers within a 15 mile radius. This is a very populated area of northwest Houston but it is predominantly Hispanic. The majority of the Muslim population is concentrated in the southwest part of town.

We thank Mike for his work and for sharing what he has seen with us so we can be aware. Please pass it along. We have put a large photo of this symbol with Mike's photo collage so you will know it when you see it.


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Catherine,Michael Savage has been talking about that & he is pi$sed. bho hates our military. I think he wants them infected & hopefully dead as well as the rest of us. I too hope all refuse to go. What are they going to do imprison all of them? That would be a BIG mistake on bho's part.

Really tells you where his priorities are doesn't it.
He sends 450 troops to Iraq,,,, as "trainers and advisers", but sends 3,000 to fight a disease that no one has a clue how to battle. These guys are not medics or trained doctors, they're fighters. But is anybody being sent to fight ISIS/ISIL ?? NO. Are any of those 3,000 troops being sent to help guard our southern borders? NO.

No one else is either. And in fact DHS and the Border Patrol are gearing up to fight our own militia guys who are down there trying to defend the local ranchers.

I wonder what Michelle will have to say about all those 3,000 virgins Barack is expecting.

Michelle will say in her/his deep dark base voice under the covers "SAME SOME FOR ME!!!"

Uh,bho wants males. Females do not interest him. I'm not sure they will have enough interested males for him. Can he take goats with him?

Robbie: IF you had a collar around your neck, a chain attached, you would go where your master lead you, which is where not only our leader has found himself, but many of the other wannabee worshippers of evil. I am not at all involved in the conversation you are engaged in...I KNOW what is happening and why...not the particulars but the wicked spirit driving all the actions. As long as you are wrapped up in these questions, you will never understand why/how America has called this all down on herself and what is coming. Best to you, klm

Kay, I was making a joke. Sometimes we have to try laughing in an effort to maintain sanity.

I to have read & and extensive studied my Bible. I do understand what is happening now in God's word. No where in God's word do we find lay down and take whatever is thrown at you as a Christian.We are expected to stand for what is right and good. Did God's mightiest back down? No they went to war,if necessary,with His blessings and guidance.

"Turn the other cheek." We have 2 sets of cheeks. If there is someone you simply can't get along with,stay away from that person. The back set of cheeks,walk away from them.Do not hang around them.God doesn't expect you to stand there and take another hit and do nothing.

As for bho and others having to follow the NWO masters,God gave us free will to follow Him or evil. The weak and evil are following evil. I refuse to lie down and take whatever is thrown at us without taking a stand against it. I think God expects that of us. I watch the strong,devout Christians in the Arab world having the utmost respect for them hoping I can be as strong as they are when terrorist start chopping heads off in America.

Jesus said turn the other cheek, not to be slaughtered.  In other words, be the Bigger Person, but not to just sit there and allow someone to take advantage of you or even kill you!  We as Christians have Gods blessing and the right to defy and defeat Evil anyplace we find it!  To believe different is to not follow Gods word/Bible.

See this: Saudi Arabia is our Enemy not our Friend


Robbie: I wrote an answer but it came back "Im sorry"...that;s a first for me. Trust in the Lord; again, I say trust in Him only. Fear is not where you get the daily mercy, grace and Truth.  This evil impersonation of a man knows very well what he is required to do by his master, satan. klm

See these 2 News Articles:


This is truly sickening. You don’t have to speak their language to hear the terror in these kids’ voices. These are the types of atrocities that are ‘normal’ for ISIS. See the translation of the video via Bare Naked Islam

The video shows the three children sobbing as a man standing behind a camera waves a knife and asks: “Whom do we behead first?” “Put your hand here or else I will sever your head,” he tells one of the terrified boys, who are crying throughout the video.

“You, come here … Do you belong to Daesh?” the man says, using an acronym for the full Arabic name of the ISIS Islamic State group, which has recently beheaded two Lebanese soldiers. Adding to the pathos of the incident, the crying children respond by pointing at each other.


The Obama administration has eased restrictions on Islamic refugees under pressure from human right groups who lobby the administration and congress. The United Nations already controls many of our national parks and monuments. Vet it out. Dr. Williams this shows we are no longer a Soverign nation. A nation is defined by its boarders, no boarder, no nation. We have thanks to our corrupt government opened our boarders to the world, under the guise of humanitarianism. Hitler would proud.

YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!!   YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MtdyRDy4fU

Thank you for that...that was incredible..!!!  That was a good jump-start to continue my day.  Again, thank you and may God Bless : )



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