"You don't believe they're here? Look who was just found at Jason's Deli in at West 34th and 290 in Houston. That's the black standard ISIS emblem on his shoulder. Share the hell outta this." -Mike Kasper


An alert American in the Houston area snapped these photos at Jason's Deli yesterday at 11:30 AM (9-3-2014). The deli is located in the Spring Branch area.

Mike Kasper sent us these photos and wants you to know you can mitigate possible damages if you report things like this and intervene when necessary.

Mr. Kasper was standing in line to grab lunch and noticed a black-robed Jihadist with the ISIS symbol on his shoulder. He got out his phone and snapped as many photos as he could. Others in line were watching but weren't doing the same; but he heard chatter when he got to his table.

Mike reports:
There are at least 10 mosques or Islamic centers within a 15 mile radius. This is a very populated area of northwest Houston but it is predominantly Hispanic. The majority of the Muslim population is concentrated in the southwest part of town.

We thank Mike for his work and for sharing what he has seen with us so we can be aware. Please pass it along. We have put a large photo of this symbol with Mike's photo collage so you will know it when you see it.


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Now!!! THAT is a battle worth taking on. I'm in Denver, a former conservative City in a formerly conservative State. We each have a community to lead, family, friends, "religious" neighbors, grocery store clerks, etc. Thank you "Rooster" klm

Here is the best article I've seen on ebola:


I read that BO is planning to send US troops to Africa to help with the ebola pandemic there ( I cant remember the site where I read it)/  It would be death sentence for them and they would be better for them to serve a jail sentence than go

naturalnews.com is great heath site and the creator, Mike Adams is a Tea Partier

He's probably sending them there as an easy way "to knock them off."

Are we surprised?   NO!!!!  Do we have an occupant of 1600 Pa Ave who supports their effort?  Yes!!   He has let us know he since day one and yet he was illegally elected twice and no Representative or Senator did anything to stop him. He does not like Christians and attempts to take our rights away through ObamaCare. First , by forcing the Catholic Church to pay for abortificient products and distribute them through their hospitals. By making sure the price of ObamaCare is extravacant and helps to put the people in poverty between trying to pay for it and the loss of jobs to sustain a decent living.  He hates America and Americans, he is not here to Protect and Defend. He is here to Destroy and put an End to America!  Yes, he will bomb a few places, do as little damage to ISIS as possible but he certainly knows of the growth of the Muslims in Texas, and I am sure a great percentage of them are ISIS if not all ISIS.  We have been had by uninformed voters, by voters who illegally voted multiple times, by illegal residents of America voting, by Democrats not vetting him, nor the media not vetting him, The media,s love fest with him by never report anything other than total allegiance to Obama against the People. And as I indicated above our so-called Representatives in the Congress and Senate have shown the same dispicable disloyalty to the County which they took an Oath to Protect as well.  The denial of a forged birth certificate which has been proven over and over, the use of a stolen social security number and finally the proof that he came as a foreigne student.  None of these things have even made a dent....So my fellow americans we are going to get just what we deserve, for voting for idiots and allowing them to stay in office for years and years as if it was supposed to be a career position. Too lazy to check out other possible incumbants. I could go on and on and on but what is the use, we do not have enough people who care about anything beyond themselves.

NotNot and all of them are from the MoBroHo's.  The MoBroHo's are the grand-daddy organization that "they" ALL sprang from.  The MoBroHo's originated in 1926. (Read or go to Erick Stackelbeck's website, he is our tear-O-ist expert.)  The MoBroHo's are tear-O-ists in business suits!!!  Obeyme wears a business suit....doesn't he???   hhmmmm

Well the Government and Obama administration finally got something right.

I’m nearly 72 years old, I’ve broken my back twice, had a spinal fusion and 5 additional surgeries since. I’ve had a triple by-pass, and a new heart valve installed 4 years ago.

So now between ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qeida and all the other potential terrorists that want to destroy America and kill all of us. The same people that have been running around the world chopping off peoples heads, blowing up things, running airplanes into World Trade center towers, and just basically killing as many Christians and anybody else they don’t like.

Guess who the Government considers the most dangerous? Who do you suppose has this Government the most afraid of, who has this Government on the highest level of alert? Who are they petrified of the most?

Yup ! it’s ME, Because I’m a free, white, American Veteran, and a Christian.

They finally got something right. Not so much because I’m going to go up there shooting anybody, but because I’m sitting here with this keyboard and an Internet connection. And I’m going to do every damned thing I can possibly think of to make sure this administration swings from a gallows or stands to face a firing squad. Then if that doesn’t work,,,, well then I might think of something else. And that is what scares them the most.

Yup, They finally got something right.

And why is it that they think they should be so afraid of me? You don't suppose that it could be the fact that they know they are also trying to destroy America? And they know That I know it too.

Yes Catherine. ANYONE who disagrees with the governments position is considered a potential terrorist!! They have thrown the constitution out the window and are writing their own laws using the patriot act as their proof text. This is all being done without our approval or vote. The patriot act was pushed through in the dead of night without being read like the healthcare act with little opposition. It will never be removed, in fact as things get worse it will become more intrusive and more of our rights will be taken away. This is all been preplanned by the Banking eliete who control the worlds money supply and want to also control all our thoughts and actions. SEMPER FI.

"Stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump. Congress and over a dozen Executive Branch Administrations have been compromising over the years on the issue of detecting, detaining, and deporting illegal aliens. Compromise that is not in the best interest of American society is no compromise at all. Foreigners are adapting to American culture, but not assimilating. Allowing immigrants to be hyphenated Americans makes about as much sense as a couple agreeing to a compromise wherein the female partner only becomes half-pregnant.

The old adage "In for a penny, in for a pound" should apply, and anyone not willing to become "as American as apple pie" need not come here. We have all of these foreign born squatters coming here for benefits, but not taking personal or civic responsibility. E Pluribus Unum means that you assimilate and learn the language, history, and culture of mainstream America, not establish an ethnic ghetto so you feel at home just like in "the old country". They should bring their cuisine, their music and other entertainment, but their language, politics and law are not welcome here. "Stupid is as stupid does" and if they did not come here to become fully part of this society then why did they bother to come here at all? Most came here to take advantage of our economy, and the Islamists came here to subvert and destroy our society and political system.

President Kennedy said "And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." I say all potential immigrants should have to answer the question of what they can do for America, not what they expect to get out of it or what they can do to America. Permanent residents and naturalized American citizens should be on probation and subject to denaturalization and deportation if they don't assimilate. Anyone who engages in supporting the enemies of these United States of America qualifies as an enemy alien or a traitor. Only stupid people see admitting and retaining people with such anti-American values as tolerance, diversity, and inclusiveness. We need to be eclectic in admitting foreigners and ruthless in prosecuting traitors. We have enough incompetents, deadbeats and malcontents born here to American citizens, so we don't need to import more trouble. 

Michael Lee. I agree with your analysis. If you applied those same criteria to American citizens and people in government we could clean up this mess overnight!! Facts. Half of Americans are receiving government assistance. Those running our country have anti-American views and support tolerance and diversity and inclusiveness. Many support favoring our enmities by not acknowledging them as such. We are at war but our Secretary of State denies that fact. Our government is in full attack mode on Christians. Our president and his followers want socialized medicine. They are gutting our military. I don't see any differance between them and the illegals other than the fact that they have the ability to destroy America faster than the illegals coming in. Time to get rid of them all. I know just the guy for the job.... Sheriff Joe Arpiho of Arizona ( not sure of spelling)!!' If he'd run I'd vote for him. He'd get rid of all of them.

I agree Mike, The only problem with Sheriff Joe Arpaio is that he's 83 years old. I hope he lives to be 130.

One of the main problems we had with OAS back in May 16th mission was that we couldn't name a specific person that could take the seat of President once we impeached Obama.  Everyone wanted to know if we impeached Obama, who would take his place. And then of course came the question of what authority did we have to "Install" any specific person. Col. Harry Riley really did his homework on this issue.If OAS/PFA had selected a specific individual to replace Obama then we would be liable and subject to suit under the PAC rules, ( A Political Action Committee Running a campaign for a specific candidate). The question of Authority to "Install" a specific person as President then came down to a question of the Constitution. Only the Congress has that power and authority. That is why the OAS Mission statement was written as it was. Read the Constitution and then go back and read the OAS May 16th mission statement.
Unfortunately we may still face those same issues even under the Common Law systems.
If we (OAS/PFA) really want to restore the Constitution then we must begin first by adhering to it ourselves.

Even if this present government bunch of thugs will not.
Now however with all that said, you still have to ask the question of would America even exist if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had limited and restricted their battle to the laws and rules imposed by the King at that time.
When a Government becomes lawless and their actions turn against the people, are the people still bound and restrained by the laws created by such a corrupt Government?

Our rights are inalienable and do not come from Government. Governments can not grant the rights to self defense, and thus neither can Government deny the people the rights to self defense.

Your right Rooster, I forgot Arapio's age. That's a shame. Your right. It's also a shame that I can't think of one person I have confidence in to replace Obama even if and when we would replace him. What a shame that our country lacks quality leadership in these times. I was also thinking of Dr. Ben Carson. He's not a Washington insider, is be holding to no one, knows the problems with healthcare, and in my estimation is an honest, moral person. Also, maybe in this time what we need is a strong military leader. Who best to replace him is the 64,000 dollar question. Any thoughts?

I can think of several men who would make good replacements for Obama. Col Allen West, Col Olliver North, Admiral Lyons, Ambassador John Bolton, and perhaps even General Jerry Boykin.

There are a few others, but names escape me at the moment.



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