Constitutional Emergency


"You don't believe they're here? Look who was just found at Jason's Deli in at West 34th and 290 in Houston. That's the black standard ISIS emblem on his shoulder. Share the hell outta this." -Mike Kasper


An alert American in the Houston area snapped these photos at Jason's Deli yesterday at 11:30 AM (9-3-2014). The deli is located in the Spring Branch area.

Mike Kasper sent us these photos and wants you to know you can mitigate possible damages if you report things like this and intervene when necessary.

Mr. Kasper was standing in line to grab lunch and noticed a black-robed Jihadist with the ISIS symbol on his shoulder. He got out his phone and snapped as many photos as he could. Others in line were watching but weren't doing the same; but he heard chatter when he got to his table.

Mike reports:
There are at least 10 mosques or Islamic centers within a 15 mile radius. This is a very populated area of northwest Houston but it is predominantly Hispanic. The majority of the Muslim population is concentrated in the southwest part of town.

We thank Mike for his work and for sharing what he has seen with us so we can be aware. Please pass it along. We have put a large photo of this symbol with Mike's photo collage so you will know it when you see it.


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Michael, I was too subtle. I intended my comment to include the domestic terrorists in Congress and the government administration. Permit me to add emphasis.

"Anyone who engages in supporting the enemies of these United States of America qualifies as an enemy alien or a traitor. Only stupid people see admitting and retaining people with such anti-American values as tolerance, diversity, and inclusiveness. We need to be eclectic in admitting foreigners and ruthless in prosecuting traitors."

The Man Without A Country, is a fictional short story by American writer Edward Everett Hale, first published in The Atlantic in December 1863. The American protagonist "bitterly renounces his nation, angrily shouting, 'I wish I may never hear of the United States again!' ". He is condemned to spend the rest of his life aboard United States Navy warships, in exile, with no right ever again to set foot on U.S. soil. He is transported (and transferred) from ship to ship, living out his life as a prisoner on the high seas. I sometimes fantasize about putting "our traitors" on a cruise ship with a disabled propulsion system that is anchored in international waters beyond the coast of Iceland, to remain there in perpetuity. There they can dine, dance, gamble, and pontificate on the evils of America among like-minded companions to their hearts content. One ship may not accommodate them all, so a fleet lashed together would probably be required, and illegal aliens could be sent to do the jobs Americans will not do. That idea puts a whole new spin on "Democrat Party". 

MLP, I like you solution to the Dems and traitors.

Michael M Regan: IF you think the gov is "in full attack mode", you don't know much. IF an armed people was needed, God our Lord would be the General. The people have and are dissing God. He can take that. His Son,  on the other hand, Who died for sin/sins is being dissed. THAT has brought this entire world to a point of final judgment, not just America. THEY, whoever they are, wherever they are, are puppets of satan. Feeling impotent...walk a mile with the Omnipotent God. He alone has the Righteousness, Holiness, Love for His creatures to do THE job. Peace (one of His many names). klm

Well please tell me Kay, what mode is the government in ?

Michael M R: Id like to not seem dense, but I really don't know what you want to know (from me). The govt is an entity, non- human, non-feeling. It is made up of righteous and evil middle ground. None have the advantage of knowing what is going on but the truly righteous...they are in prayer/relationship with God the Father. The ungodly are in self-destruct mode and will take down with them as many as can be herded into the battle/war. Today, we need God's wisdom more and more. He knows who we are and what our talents/gifts are...He gave them all. Even Solomon requested from The Father wisdom more than gold/kingdom/power...God gave him all because He knew Solomon's heart. I am asking wisdom from My Lord knowing my frailties/failures...I don't have to know what is occurring at any one time...I've read the beginning of The Bible and The End, and am living all the rest. What we are experiencing in America and all throughout the Earth is the birthing pains promised to we could be sure He is in control, no matter how hard it is to live.  I'm just talking to you as I reflect on my own family and friends who are either mindlessly gathering gold and silver or fearful of our enemies. What mode is our government in? Self-destruction, hatred for God, despising His Power and Might. I pray I not be found with them/it. How about you? God bless you wherever your heart
 is found today. Peace be still...klm

Well thanks for that diatribe Kay, I think, along with alittle Escatology thrown in for good measure. Wow.... may have an advantage of youthful wonderings...I don't. Im sorry I overwhelmed/underwhelmed you...your question was straight forward but had a
 huge partial answer. Have a great life while we/you can. Peace, klm

Kim. Seriously, you sound like your on drugs. Your incoherent. I asked you a simple question. If the government isn't attacking our liberties and our freedoms what are they doing and you not only don't answer the question you say the government is an inity, not real. You know what, I'm sorry I asked. And by the way, I'm not that young, I'm a 68 year old disabled Marine Corps Veteran. But thanks for the thought!

Michael R., the answer is short and sweet....Yes the Gov have been on a long journey to remove our liberties.  If anyone would take the time to review all the legislations, Court decisions, Gov Agencies Regs, etc, you could come to KNOW other conclusion, so yes again, the Gov is striping our RIGHTS as American Citizens, daily!

BO is sending 3,000 US troops to Africa to deal with the ebola pandemic there. They are not likely to return alive. If you know anyone who has been ordered to go, tell them to spend time in jail instead

Here is free online ebola course that covers ebola as a bioweapon, govt quarantines, forced vaccinations, and martial law:

Do you think they are really going to Africa?  Sounds like a good "cover" for a destination in Syria or would also cover deaths by Ebola rather than hostile enemy action............

Yep....that's what I said...."The Death by Ebola Campaign."



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