Constitutional Emergency

Hi Patriots.


First of all I am not much of a writer so please bear with me.  Conspiracy theories have been floating around for a long time from UFOS , well you name it.


I have been examining the financial aspect since 2008 crash of  the stock market.  What really upset me then is that none of the bankers who control our financial system ever were arrested.  The Fed has been printing money around the clock so much so that the dollar is almost worthless.  The reason food prices are climbing, and gas is so expensive for instance is due to the mismanagement of the system by the Fed.


This morning while listening to Glen Beck he, for the first time, stated that come fall there will be a financial collapse.


This in itself is another reason to stock food, buy guns, and hoard silver and gold.  Our enemy is the communists in Russian, China, and this country that have been systematically destroying us.  The Russians knew they could not win the cold war thus they planned their own collapse.  They knew we would come to their aid.  Now after pouring all of our resources to them, plus China including our military secrets  we are now semi impotent.  


We have a President, and system that have been promoting social everything.  The major media will not come back to our aid as they have been co opted  therefore we have our alternative media that is keeping us aware.  I do not believe in everyone in the right wing media, however when Glen Beck gets on a roll including this morning saying two major players in the Fed are calling for the collapse of the monetary system by the fall then I listen.  

I have been reviewing many sources for some time that tout the same warning.  This is why we are in this mess.  Now they want to cut the military, and Obama called for a civilian force   as strong as the military?  Why? because the destruction of the United States has been planned for a long time.


This morning Beck said miracles are coming from God, and it will be hard times that we will have to endure.

With that being said I do believe that   OAS is one of those miracles.  I am a simple man trying to do the right thing. I believe in the  holy trinity getting on my knees, begging for forgiveness , and praying for the restoration of the constitution with all Americans turning their eyes to god as have I.  Keep praying, Prepare, have faith in God, and we will win.


Your fellow patriot 



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I don't think this group is capable of acknowledging who controls US ALL because it's anti-semitic. 

It's acceptable to acknowlede that our government and flag presently does not represent the best interest of the American people, but if you say anything negative about the balls out obvious "zionist" agenda to enslave our complacent semi-comatose asses... most Christians and Jews will refer to you as Hitler. 

Is it 'ok' to acknowleged the fact that humanity has been enslaved by 'unrestrained greed' and ignorance among the masses at any point in time? What if the true source of our problems in this nation, such as being financially owned by an 'entity' that was designed for the specific purpose of human enslavement has DEEP ties to a FLAG we were all raised to worship? Wait, was it the flag or the people??  

Would you just ignore that, because the truth is THAT insulting to the people of Israel? I don't think it is. I don't think the best interest of the people of Israel are being represented by their leaders anymore than we have been. Is there any way to seperate the devil worshipping power and war hungry bastards who have hijacked the FLAG of Israel and AMERICA from the PEOPLE and the Spirit of Christ we were taught to believe in? 

It's a difficult issue to address, not just accepting the fact that you're hoping to start a 'revolution' over who's lying today instead of the fact that we've been lied to all of our lives... the whole part about not being able to say anything negative about a certain group of people who CONTROL and OWN our asses... because of the flag typically associated with their name,.. 'good people' can't acknowledge the obvious. 

That's pretty much what 'they' were counting on to lead us ALL straight to hell, and nobody can talk about it without offending 'the right'. We are slaves, it's not that complicated. Starting a fight over anything LESS at this point is exactly what 'they' want and need. 

Is there any way to acknowledge that the spirit of satan has found a perfect place to hide without offending your Judeo-Christian beliefs? I don't think so.  



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