Is he going to start serving female mutilated genital pieces of flesh at his restaurant........I really do not recognize our country anymore! Either we kick these demon possessed people out of our country or we lose! There is no line anymore!



news1826A Chicago Muslim doctor, who has spent more time running his restaurant than practicing medicine plans to open the first outpatient surgery center in Illinois that will follow Islamic law.

Chicago Business  Dr. Naser Rustom, who opened the Middle Eastern eatery, Alhambra Palace in 2007, has in mind a venture with a much more religious flavor. He proposes to establish a $5.5 million medical facility in southwest suburban Orland Park that would cater to Muslims, including space for prayer and ritual washing and partitions for enhanced patient privacy.


The proposal reflects how more businesses are looking to tap into the growing population of Arab-Americans and Muslims, offering products ranging from home mortgages to meat that satisfy religious standards. 

Some interpretations of Shariah, or Islamic law, require strict segregation of the sexes, a practice that Dr. Rustom doesn’t intend to follow because, in his view, it likely would violate federal and state laws. While his plan is aimed at conservative Muslims, his pitch may be driven more by marketing than dogma.


“It’s not as if we can open up the books of Islamic law and find a chapter on what makes a Shariah-compliant health care facility,” says Kristen Stilt, a professor at Northwestern University Law School who has studied the development of Islamic law. An internist, Dr. Rustom is a 1984 graduate of the University of Damascus in Syria who completed his residency at Cook County Hospital eight years later.


His medical career has been low-key compared to Alhambra, a cavernous, 24,000-square-foot restaurant that looks like a Disney version of a Moorish castle. Located along Randolph Street’s restaurant row, the venture offers Middle Eastern cuisine and entertainment, including belly dancing and live music.


His plan for the Orland Park surgical center is a sign of how the Chicago area’s Muslim population is booming. Fueled in part by Obama-supported mass immigration from the Middle East and South Asia, the number of local adherents to Islam more than doubled, topping 300,000, between 2000 and 2010, and is expected to continue to climb.

Patients of all religious and cultural backgrounds will be treated at the center, which will not be different from other surgery centers except “to the trained eye,” the application says.



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The Native Americans were forced to convert to Christianity or DIE.  What goes around comes around.  It's our turn in the fish barrel isn't it?

What the heck do you mean by this, Veronica?  What does this have to do with Muslims committing mutilation on young girls in this country?  What happened to the Native Americans (by the way I am of native descent) happened in the past and has been stopped and dealt with.  Are you into collective guilt syndrome so common to our libtard friends?  Enough!

Twana,  Right on  target,  well  done, I'm  Indian  also..!

Veronica!!  What the heck are you talking about?!!!!!  The topic is NOT about that!!!  GEEEE WHIZ!  Even if you can't read.....the pictures tell all!!!!! This is demonic!  SOB's that are doing this needs to be castrated!!!!  Actually I could give a few more suggestions as to how these filthy, disgusting pigs could be "handled", but I am 100% sure Twana would have to sensor me and wash my mouth out with soap!   

The first time I heard of this mutilation practice, I was horrified.  And that hasn't changed.  So...where r the feminazis on this??I can't believe this will be allowed here.  But then, they r getting away w/ honor killings.  so..... question.....

What are we, as Americans, going to do about this?

Personally, if I knew one of these kinds of operations were going to locate in my town, I would be at my planning board screaming bloody murder.  And if that didn't work, there are other ways to "desecrate" the proposed location and make it unusable by their filthy religious standards.  There is NO WAY such a facility should be allowed in any American town.  Freedom to practice insane religions only goes so far.


Remove these animals from our country!  GOD BLESS THE USA

Naturally, muslim men must have invented this particular torture...yeah, I know they have been doing it for a long time.  They can't claim it as a hygiene issue.  Perhaps they think this bolsters their "puny manhood" making sure that their wives and daughters can never experience pleasure...while they can?  Not only do they remove the clitoris...but they sew the vagina closed to the size of the anus (causing serious infections for girls and women)...wonder why they do that?  Oh right...I forgot...a muslim man's ultimate pleasure is raping a young boy.  Ask a soldier that has returned from Afghanistan...they know what these muslim men do to their little's "a cultural thing" apparently.

If you don't believe Ann Barnhardt's youtube videos on Islamic Sexuality.  These men are sick and the women caught in an endless cycle of abuse.


Read the book entitled:  "Now They Call Me Infidel" by Nonie Darwish.


Where are the liberal human rights activists now?  Nary a peep...

and there never will be.



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