Constitutional Emergency


Well, now we know for sure there is only one major scam political party in the United States. Many of us have suspected the collusion, deceit, deception for decades between existing parties, but now we know as a proven fact, there is a new elite/establishment party called DemPublicans.

The incestuous relationship between republicans and democrats elites/establishment has been concealed for decades by Red and the other Blue but the same essence they're the same corrupt bunch just different colors to hide the incestuous behavior. From time to time they trade positions, but never losing where they want to be....sucking at the trough of power and greed unwittingly provided by "we the people" of the United States of America..

Charter members of the new party, H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton and others have denounced Donald Trump's success at the ballot box, even though selected fair and square by "we the people".

Do you get the full impact of what a select few are trying to do? An individual running for public office, in the land of the home of brave, bastion of freedom, selected at the ballot box by "we the people" nation-wide as a candidate for the office of President/Commander-in-Chief, is being viewed as anything but acceptable by the DemPublican power brokers.

Past presidents, sitting elected officials, and past elected officials, in essence are stating unequivocally that "we the people" are of no consequence...Royalty, Elites, Establishment sound the announcement they are now the decision makers, not "we the people. Fortunately for us, unfortunate for the DemPublicans, they fail to realize "we the people" have had a belly-full of their thievery and are now in command of the ship called America. We have taken control of the ballot box, have our own water carrier and it sends a chill up the greedy backside of the establishment/elite NWO wannabees.

Some of the members DemPulbicans group are boycotting the Republican Convention and stating they will vote for Hillary Clinton. We won't miss them at the Convention, in fact, glad they're not going to be there, we want to move out of the past and into the future...the past has been a disaster.

What the current status does show beyond any doubt is the DemPublicans are in a panic, near crisis. Donald Trump is not beholding to the DemPublican on-going scheme of controlling the United States government while enslaving "we the people". Trump threatens the total concealed political coup take over of the United States's now in the light of day..

It cannot be any clearer, the establishment/elite have now grown from a corrupt, hidden in-plain-sight mafia into a "light of day" enemy of the US Constitution and "we the people"..

Expect members of the DemPublicans to demonstrate a vicious attempt to destroy Donald Trump....he is that much of a threat to the current power and greed structure in the Unites States government, as well as the NWO globalist. This will be a "no hands barred" attack on Trump by the adversary.

Democrats, republicans and others would do well to openly support Donald Trump in any way possible, as those of us of all political persuasions have been victims of the greed and criminal acts of both major parties for God only knows how long..

Donald Trump must consider the employment of his own trusted sizeable unit of body-guards.  He is that much of a threat to world greed and power.

"We the people" would do well by standing firm in our support of the US Constitution and trust Donald Trump, warts and all, as the man for "such a time as this".

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Mr Trump has said his financial records gave all the info they need and he has also said Many Many times that as businessman he took advantage of whatever was out there. Why not, everyone else was and did. He also said he would change laws so those advantages would be cut off or changed. Wouldn't he have been dumb to say Oh no let everyone else take them but I will pass. 

"He also said he would change laws..."  That's my problem with Trump.  Didn't Obama say the same thing?  And he is changing laws unconstitutionally.  Will Trump decide he can do the same thing?  Where are the Constitutional conservatives?  Nothing but silence from them. 

Trump is stating that he would follow the Constitution, he is hiring people that know it and could advise him as to Congressional procedures, that is why he is so close to Jeff Sessions and I do like that-Jeff will be an excellent advisor. I do believe he will be very careful to follow within the confines of the law, he has stated over and over again how he did not like Obamas executive actions, so,,,,

Do you mean constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz, the Canadian-born "constitutionalist" who defrauded Texas voters when he illegally ran for the Senate, and who still has no documentation that proves he is a U.S. citizen?  His followers are in the "never-Trump" brigade...  I'll take Trump any day, warts and all.  He is a patriot who loves this country, and who will do everything in his power to help us take America back.

Sorry editing error entered twice.

Hear-up, gear-up, rear-up, be ready to take on the despots of both parties......They are all shit-birds!!!!

I want to know why so many older vets are supporting the pants suit lesbian crook. I see them in the audiences of many of her HUGE LOL rallies. Are they brain dead or are they plants. I have also seen TV interviews of them saying they will vote for     the socialist or Hillary. Why is that??? I  also saw them when I went to vote go over to the Dem side to vote. Ours was divided in two sections so people knew your were either Republican or Democrat.

Maybe some of those older vets aren't as conservative and Constitution minded as we have been led to believe they are.  Something is seriously wrong in this nation.  We have allowed God to be expelled from the public stage and our personal lives, and we are paying the consequences for those actions.

My brother told me while in the Marines (during Vietnam) many people of other ethnicity exasperated themselves from the main troop, that no matter how hard they tried to unify, it was fought-they kept themselves separate. When I was in the Lebanese civil war -where the fight was originally Palestinians against the Lebanese, it became Druze against Muslims, then Muslims against Christians, Then other nations against Lebanon, there were Red Japenese army there fighting, there was Somali's, Sudanese, Syrians all fighting the Lebanese, Then the Christians separated you had the Phalangists and then the Harr-rald... Why do I mention this, well since this present administration you now have many ethnicites including several fractions of Muslims (Druze, Sunni, Shitte) you have the Sheikhs, you have Black Muslim, Spanish, Central Americans, So many have had different lessons in American history, you have the effects of Propaganda about what they learned about us, you have familes since LBJ that are die hard Democrats. There are great-great stresses in our military now what with the "rules of engagement" You have people in the armed forces that joined simply so they can get college paid for, or to become naturalized, or because they could not get a job elsewise, you have people joined because of family obligation. Then you have politics in the Service, where certain familes get more perks or climbs up the ladder simply because of their family-so no wonder. You have many, many in the military that   1) do not care about that shyte only care about   2)  "doing the right thing" about the 3)    "Brotherhood" and "getting the job done- and these are the ones questioning why anyone would ever vote for Hillary.

I'm an older Vet and I know many other older Vets that will not be voting for Clinton or Sanders because they know who and what she is. Don't cut us older Vets so short when it comes to common sense, and having our eyes open to what's happening in the US, and world.

Remember, back in the day there was the draft.....Those of us that volunteered  were there because we wanted to be, whereas, the draftees were there because they had to be...I believe to this day, that those of us who wanted to be in the military took our oath much more seriously than those who "had" to be there, thus, many of the "older" Vets were Democrats who were drafted and to this day, remain within the party lines.....I too, have noticed the older Vets at these rallies, I would almost bet they were draftees...........IMHO

"back in the day", approx. 90% were draftees.  No sane 18 year old male wanted to fight in Vietnam as many knew the reason we were there was to protect business interests not national security interests.



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