Well, now we know for sure there is only one major scam political party in the United States. Many of us have suspected the collusion, deceit, deception for decades between existing parties, but now we know as a proven fact, there is a new elite/establishment party called DemPublicans.

The incestuous relationship between republicans and democrats elites/establishment has been concealed for decades by Red and the other Blue but the same essence they're the same corrupt bunch just different colors to hide the incestuous behavior. From time to time they trade positions, but never losing where they want to be....sucking at the trough of power and greed unwittingly provided by "we the people" of the United States of America..

Charter members of the new party, H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton and others have denounced Donald Trump's success at the ballot box, even though selected fair and square by "we the people".

Do you get the full impact of what a select few are trying to do? An individual running for public office, in the land of the home of brave, bastion of freedom, selected at the ballot box by "we the people" nation-wide as a candidate for the office of President/Commander-in-Chief, is being viewed as anything but acceptable by the DemPublican power brokers.

Past presidents, sitting elected officials, and past elected officials, in essence are stating unequivocally that "we the people" are of no consequence...Royalty, Elites, Establishment sound the announcement they are now the decision makers, not "we the people. Fortunately for us, unfortunate for the DemPublicans, they fail to realize "we the people" have had a belly-full of their thievery and are now in command of the ship called America. We have taken control of the ballot box, have our own water carrier and it sends a chill up the greedy backside of the establishment/elite NWO wannabees.

Some of the members DemPulbicans group are boycotting the Republican Convention and stating they will vote for Hillary Clinton. We won't miss them at the Convention, in fact, glad they're not going to be there, we want to move out of the past and into the future...the past has been a disaster.

What the current status does show beyond any doubt is the DemPublicans are in a panic, near crisis. Donald Trump is not beholding to the DemPublican on-going scheme of controlling the United States government while enslaving "we the people". Trump threatens the total concealed political coup take over of the United States's now in the light of day..

It cannot be any clearer, the establishment/elite have now grown from a corrupt, hidden in-plain-sight mafia into a "light of day" enemy of the US Constitution and "we the people"..

Expect members of the DemPublicans to demonstrate a vicious attempt to destroy Donald Trump....he is that much of a threat to the current power and greed structure in the Unites States government, as well as the NWO globalist. This will be a "no hands barred" attack on Trump by the adversary.

Democrats, republicans and others would do well to openly support Donald Trump in any way possible, as those of us of all political persuasions have been victims of the greed and criminal acts of both major parties for God only knows how long..

Donald Trump must consider the employment of his own trusted sizeable unit of body-guards.  He is that much of a threat to world greed and power.

"We the people" would do well by standing firm in our support of the US Constitution and trust Donald Trump, warts and all, as the man for "such a time as this".

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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 Thank you for putting this link out for other people to click & read!! it would be interesting to know how many people  read it!!!  It needs to be put it out on ALL the Blogs to wake everyone up !! I am 84, an not good with PC'S,or i would do it,I only went to the 8th grade !

I put this commentary on Face Book Henry.........several shared it and some identified as "liking" but how many read it is anyone's guess........I'm sure not near's not a masterpiece but it is from my heart.......

If everyone on PFA copied and forwarded it to their email address list, that would be a huge help..........

Copy it and put your own name on as the originator...anyone, everyone.......if you have the courage to let it all hang out......I have no pride of authorship...........the goal is getting the word out about the political "snakes".

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
Bless your Mom .
But you " Speaker Paul Ryan " You need to Remember : WE the People Do Not Work
for you ; It is the Opposite : You Work for US , WE the People . So far you are against
WE the People ; you do not support nor stand with WE the People ; Speaker of the House
Paul Ryan WHY IS THAT .????????? Donald Trump is WE the People , Therefore , WE the
People are asking you to Stand Tall with US and Support Mr. Trump .
Please Do So .

Thank you Sir .

  I voted for Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan, but no more for either one !! they both have CUT their own throat's !!!


The majority of our elected "public servants" in Washington DC and many at the State and Local levels feel they have been elected kings, queens, lords, and dukes to rule over the common people! A big change is coming to the US. If Trump can make it into office next January hopefully he can start the house cleaning, but these are dangerous times and his enemies are in high places. These corrupt criminals that have taken control of our Nation have unlimited resources and will stop at nothing to maintain their strangle hold on We The People.

Obama Will Visit Vietnam in May To Apologize For U.S Invasion › News
19 hours ago - Obama Will Visit Vietnam in May To Apologize For U.S Invasion. tamara 6 ... His family has not been allowed to visit him or get him an attorney.

Obama Admin Apologizing For America Winning World War II

Apr 12, 2016 - Barack Obama will also travel to Japan next month for the G-7. ... invasions and a war that cost the U.S. hundreds of thousands of lives and billions .... not long ago and some of the disposables were marked, 'Made in Vietnam.

"Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result"===The definition of Insanity.    We, for many years,  have given over to Political Parties the job of governing our Nation.  They have failed, and repeatedly, neglected the well being of all of us.    They need to be Fired!!!     We have tried, and tried and tried "Their Way" and it does not work     So it is high time to go to Plan B.     We now have a chance of having a brilliant, Patriot Executive, offering to clean up the mess  .  Unlike the greedy, leaching Politicians, he asks nothing more of us than to Trust him.    Mr.. Trump, I am with you 100%, and the resistance from the two headed snake will be  fierce.    The American People have killed more than one snake.  If you live in Texas, in fact, you've killed lots of them.    Time to take our Country back.    Support Trump, and hit back, every chance you get, at those who will not acknowledge or support the Will of the People.

Perfect picture!  Thx, Colonel!  Let's also not forget Paul Nehlen who's challenging Paul Ryan--he's another Dave Brat (R-VA) IMHO...   @pnehlen  on twitter and

"Cantor Paul Ryan"!!!

Do internet search on the CPUSA Communist Party USA, this organization currenly exists and been around a long time and you don't see this party show up on a political ballot. That is because from an Executive Order, the 1954 Anti-Communist Act, implemented by President Dwight Eisenhower, the law makes it illegal for a supporter or sympathizer of a foreign government to campaign or run in US politics if a supportive member of Communism.

So, you have a Conservative because it requires small government to rule and dictate without other branches of government for oversight or check and balance, also a progressive who is keeping the progression of government policies to continousally furthering more to communism until they are stopped, that is, it will require force.

Progressive policy must stop somewhere before dictatorship or totalitarian come to power. This time is definitely at hand!!!

IF Donald becomes POTUS , the Constitution will recover somewhat to the extent of delaying erosion of rights...

Donald can not stop the oncoming economic adjustment that will impact the 99%.

IF Hillary becomes POTUS , the Constitution will become meaningless , she will disarm the people while spreading

LGBT perversion....

Truth! and it is something that many are now seeing right in fact, right out in the open, And the Dempublicans do not seem to mind that we know and that we see. They are so arrogant in their elitism, nothing seems to really bother them, they just think well we have fooled the people already for all so long, They think they can continue to do so. What really disturbs me is how forceful the propaganda and misleads are, Where conservative talk radio and people such as  Brent Bozell, Mark Levin and Rush all were on the "hate" wagon, and they were pushing for the GOPe Cruz, and still are. How is he a constitutional man?? How is he a conservative, lord help ya if you ask the so called "conservatives those questions, and they have so ingrained into the minds of many that these so called uber right (even veterans) that were on the Cruz bus will now actually vote for Hillary??? I just do not get it!!!How, with all the things said about her, all the things done in the past, her uber left mind to protect Obama (as Obama protects her) just because she thinks it is her turn??Say what? I am a woman, would love to see the day for a woman president but no way Hillary or warren or Nicki!!! But as well no way Cruz, never mind the NBC thing, his voting record, his want of TPA, his Corker bill, his no show vote for audit the fed, plus aprently many in the Senate absoultly hates the guy, how would he get anything done, there would be little to no crossing the aisle except for giving the demoncrats everything they want just like Ryan did (as well as Ryan and Ted have worked together before as in the TPA, both wrote an op-ed about it and pushed it).  So I am concerned that we really are being pushed for a revoloution at this pace.



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