Constitutional Emergency


Well, now we know for sure there is only one major scam political party in the United States. Many of us have suspected the collusion, deceit, deception for decades between existing parties, but now we know as a proven fact, there is a new elite/establishment party called DemPublicans.

The incestuous relationship between republicans and democrats elites/establishment has been concealed for decades by Red and the other Blue but the same essence they're the same corrupt bunch just different colors to hide the incestuous behavior. From time to time they trade positions, but never losing where they want to be....sucking at the trough of power and greed unwittingly provided by "we the people" of the United States of America..

Charter members of the new party, H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton and others have denounced Donald Trump's success at the ballot box, even though selected fair and square by "we the people".

Do you get the full impact of what a select few are trying to do? An individual running for public office, in the land of the home of brave, bastion of freedom, selected at the ballot box by "we the people" nation-wide as a candidate for the office of President/Commander-in-Chief, is being viewed as anything but acceptable by the DemPublican power brokers.

Past presidents, sitting elected officials, and past elected officials, in essence are stating unequivocally that "we the people" are of no consequence...Royalty, Elites, Establishment sound the announcement they are now the decision makers, not "we the people. Fortunately for us, unfortunate for the DemPublicans, they fail to realize "we the people" have had a belly-full of their thievery and are now in command of the ship called America. We have taken control of the ballot box, have our own water carrier and it sends a chill up the greedy backside of the establishment/elite NWO wannabees.

Some of the members DemPulbicans group are boycotting the Republican Convention and stating they will vote for Hillary Clinton. We won't miss them at the Convention, in fact, glad they're not going to be there, we want to move out of the past and into the future...the past has been a disaster.

What the current status does show beyond any doubt is the DemPublicans are in a panic, near crisis. Donald Trump is not beholding to the DemPublican on-going scheme of controlling the United States government while enslaving "we the people". Trump threatens the total concealed political coup take over of the United States's now in the light of day..

It cannot be any clearer, the establishment/elite have now grown from a corrupt, hidden in-plain-sight mafia into a "light of day" enemy of the US Constitution and "we the people"..

Expect members of the DemPublicans to demonstrate a vicious attempt to destroy Donald Trump....he is that much of a threat to the current power and greed structure in the Unites States government, as well as the NWO globalist. This will be a "no hands barred" attack on Trump by the adversary.

Democrats, republicans and others would do well to openly support Donald Trump in any way possible, as those of us of all political persuasions have been victims of the greed and criminal acts of both major parties for God only knows how long..

Donald Trump must consider the employment of his own trusted sizeable unit of body-guards.  He is that much of a threat to world greed and power.

"We the people" would do well by standing firm in our support of the US Constitution and trust Donald Trump, warts and all, as the man for "such a time as this".

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Your statements are wrong. Let's look at the facts, starting with who actually served in Vietnam.

Draftees vs. Volunteers:

During the Vietnam War, only 25% (648,500) of total forces in country were draftees While 66% of U.S. armed forces members were drafted during WWII.

82% of veterans who saw heavy combat strongly believe the war was lost because of lack of political will.  Actual fact is that politicians caved in to political activists protesting the war, those who knew the least about it.

97% of Vietnam-era veterans were honorably discharged. 

91% of actual Vietnam War veterans and 90% of those who saw heavy combat are proud to have served their country. 

66% of Vietnam vets say they would serve again if called upon. Count me among them.

John J. Little Eagle Freeman


1st Bn., 9th Marines - Di Bo Chet ("The Walking Dead")

Thank you John. I honor you.


I joined in 1974 "I was not drafted" with every intention of going to Vietnam, 101ST Airborne. At 19 I didn't follow the political scuttle-butt in America. Just 2 weeks before I finished my Basic Nixon decided we had done enough, so I ended up in Panama instead of Vietnam. So that puts me in a very select 10% of Veterans.

I don't know how old you are Lee, but at 19 did you really get involved with politics and such? I hail from a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and Washington DC politics wasn't really our bag back then, we dug coal. A lot has changed since then.


You are about three years older than me.  90% of the men 18 and above in my area that went to Vietnam were drafted.  I have been involved in politics since the age of 16, about the time you joined, and my father and uncle were involved in WW2.  My father was not allowed to join due to his skills as a pattern maker but my uncle joined and spent time as a Sea Bee in the South Pacific and saw extensive combat while clearing land for landing fields.  Both of them knew Vietnam was, well as my uncle put it, "A bullshit politic affair."  Had we gone there to prevent the spread of Communism we could have and should have won.  It was the beginning of many "bullshit politic affairs" for the whims of the NWO, nothing more.  Thanks to the voices of regular American people did Nixon choose to cut and run, a terrible blot on the American government but it WAS the Global Elite that put us in this war that cost the lives of over 50,000 fine Americans in a "bullshit politic affair."

Good morning Lee,

I agree that Vietnam was "A bullshit politic affair", but at the time I enlisted I didn't know that, and my guess is most Vietnam era Veterans didn't either at the time of their induction. In my older age I have became a lot more involved with politics, and daily attempt to discover the truth both past and present. My Father was an artillery gunner in WWII, my Uncle stormed the beach at Normandy. I also agree that most "if not all" military campaigns since Vietnam have been political. What I'm getting at is the US Soldier had no reason to mistrust the gov't until the last 50 years or so. To serve in the military and promise to protect the US and everything it stood for was an honor, and honor that stays with Veterans until their death. The Veterans I know can see what's happening across the Nation, they realize that the US gov't is corrupt and only using the military for their personal agendas and gains, but it wasn't always that way. The Vietnam Veterans still get the blame for a political war they fought, yet the majority of them did not know. The majority felt they were fighting a war against communism that was being forced upon a peaceful people.

50 years ago was 1966, the height of the conflict in Vietnam and by then most Americans realized what was going on there, but some still believed our government could be trusted. The Vietnam veterans did what they were ordered to do and for the life of me I cannot understand why they should get the blame for the "political war they fought".  Every Vietnam veteran I know fought honorably and should be proud they gave their best in serving as they were asked to do.  Our nation today is on the verge of collapse and civil war, the two major parties have sold us out and violated every aspect of our Constitution.  I fear it is only going to get worse as we head into the election in November and I fear Obama has many more illegal shenanigans up his sleeve; cancelling elections and declaring martial law.  We the people, like it or not, will most likely be left to fend for ourselves as tyranny finally puts the final nails in the coffin of our once great Republic.

You, Tim, Michael, and John J. Little Freeman did honorably.  Well done, all who have served this nation.

It is a travesty that the nation's leadership has betrayed you.  But the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America still stands.

It may need your services again.  In whatever form that may take.  To repel all alien borders.  Including those infesting the highest offices in the land. 

Stay strong.  We still need you.  For your reminder, if nothing else, of a better day.

In the past.  And yet to come.  With such a sense of loyalty to an honorable cause.

Stan.. Many here have served taken up arms to serve our nation. And I would say that for us it mattered not what the politians were doing or how they hindered us from accomplishing our mission. We served for the greater good. Seeing others denyed their freedoms, having their land taken and their freedoms taken from them. We all went to help free the oppressed and to support our Brothers-In-Arms.
To a man we would do it again even knowing the treachery of our leaders because it is the right thing to do. Where ever people are being oppressed count us in. And now our very citizens are being oppressed.... So, You can count is in....

Indeed: the oath.

I just know one thing.  I would never have put you guys into a no-win war situation.  If we were in it, we would have been in it to win it.  Not make some s.o.b.'s a lot of money.  And serve a duplicitous political purpose, of global takeover, by totalitarians, in and for their malevolent New World Order.  Still trying to do their thing, in this more enlightened day and age, thanks in large part to the Internet.  As in this Comments thread.  

Where I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to listen in on you guys's sharing.  I salute you, one and all.    


Thank you. Like Michael I too would take up arms to defend freedom for a suppressed people even knowing the political side of it. And, that is exactly what we are facing right here in the USA today. The coming war, Revolution will be a political war for the powers that be, however for those of us willing to fight for freedom and the denial of suppression it will be a war against tyranny. Vietnam although it was a political war it was also a war against tyranny. Many lives were lost in Vietnam, and Those need to be Honored and remembered no matter the main reason for the war as they gave their all for something they believed in "FREEDOM".. 

Many of us are working to prepare as best we can for what's to come. Many Veterans belong to Militia Groups across the Country, we share our knowledge, and learn from each other. The Militias are our last defense against this tyranny spreading across our land like a plague, so yes they are preparing. 

Often times I feel we have allowed the USA to sink too low to be pulled back out of the downward spiral it is currently being sucked into, and that may be the case, but we cannot and will not bow to any form of tyranny, socialism, communism, or islamism we may face. Our Nation is on the verge of collapse, financial, and moral. Our elected public servants are under the impression that "We The People" work for them, we are the peasants and they are the ruling class, and they act accordingly, making laws and rules for us but not for themselves, they feel they are above the law. The time is coming "soon" that the people will have to make a choice to either stand against the tyranny or bow to it. Me and mine will stand no matter the outcome.

Precisely right, Tim.

And i stand with you.

There are various ways to make one's stand against such Dark forces.  We each need to do our part in our own way  But certainly, honoring the founding principles of this nation is our common denominator.  Which makes us all standards for Freedom for the world, from oppression by the power-obsessed.

Power With is the answer to those who crave Power Over.

There's so much I could say on this, but I'm going to bite my tongue and just say this. I served 3 years in the Army in Europe was honorably discharged and 3 years later left hugely successful Martial Arts career and a wife of 3 month to reenlist in the Marine Corp and volunteered for Vietnam. I knew nothing of the political back room dealings and the real reasons for getting us involved in the war. What I SAW was a people being oppressed by a Communist government being killed and their freedoms and land taken and my fellow brothers in arms being killed and taken prisoner. After the Tet Offensive of 68 I could no longer sit back and do nothing. I was raised that if you saw a person in trouble you jumped in and helped without reguard for you own safety. That's how I was raised I didn't need to learn it in the military. My new wife was not please to say the least when I came home one day and told her I reenlisted and volunteered to go to the Nam. My Martial Arts teacher was devestated. There was ramped drug use and the black power movement and the black handshake originated in Vietnam but I'm not going to go into all that. But MANY of us went believing in a calling higher than ourselves. So go ahead and call me insane, it's ok I can live with that.



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