Constitutional Emergency


Well, now we know for sure there is only one major scam political party in the United States. Many of us have suspected the collusion, deceit, deception for decades between existing parties, but now we know as a proven fact, there is a new elite/establishment party called DemPublicans.

The incestuous relationship between republicans and democrats elites/establishment has been concealed for decades by Red and the other Blue but the same essence they're the same corrupt bunch just different colors to hide the incestuous behavior. From time to time they trade positions, but never losing where they want to be....sucking at the trough of power and greed unwittingly provided by "we the people" of the United States of America..

Charter members of the new party, H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton and others have denounced Donald Trump's success at the ballot box, even though selected fair and square by "we the people".

Do you get the full impact of what a select few are trying to do? An individual running for public office, in the land of the home of brave, bastion of freedom, selected at the ballot box by "we the people" nation-wide as a candidate for the office of President/Commander-in-Chief, is being viewed as anything but acceptable by the DemPublican power brokers.

Past presidents, sitting elected officials, and past elected officials, in essence are stating unequivocally that "we the people" are of no consequence...Royalty, Elites, Establishment sound the announcement they are now the decision makers, not "we the people. Fortunately for us, unfortunate for the DemPublicans, they fail to realize "we the people" have had a belly-full of their thievery and are now in command of the ship called America. We have taken control of the ballot box, have our own water carrier and it sends a chill up the greedy backside of the establishment/elite NWO wannabees.

Some of the members DemPulbicans group are boycotting the Republican Convention and stating they will vote for Hillary Clinton. We won't miss them at the Convention, in fact, glad they're not going to be there, we want to move out of the past and into the future...the past has been a disaster.

What the current status does show beyond any doubt is the DemPublicans are in a panic, near crisis. Donald Trump is not beholding to the DemPublican on-going scheme of controlling the United States government while enslaving "we the people". Trump threatens the total concealed political coup take over of the United States's now in the light of day..

It cannot be any clearer, the establishment/elite have now grown from a corrupt, hidden in-plain-sight mafia into a "light of day" enemy of the US Constitution and "we the people"..

Expect members of the DemPublicans to demonstrate a vicious attempt to destroy Donald Trump....he is that much of a threat to the current power and greed structure in the Unites States government, as well as the NWO globalist. This will be a "no hands barred" attack on Trump by the adversary.

Democrats, republicans and others would do well to openly support Donald Trump in any way possible, as those of us of all political persuasions have been victims of the greed and criminal acts of both major parties for God only knows how long..

Donald Trump must consider the employment of his own trusted sizeable unit of body-guards.  He is that much of a threat to world greed and power.

"We the people" would do well by standing firm in our support of the US Constitution and trust Donald Trump, warts and all, as the man for "such a time as this".

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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The truth of the matter is we donot have a Republic or a democracy but a "Plurocracy". The uneducated especially amoung the minority, the middle and lower uneducated classes donot even know the definition of the word and think that their elected officials work for them and have their best interests at heart. They have listened to and believed the "wordsmiths" who carefully craft their speeches when in reality both parties are like the WWE or a Don King boxing match, he gets paid no matter who wins. When only those who have access to billions of dollars, when only millionaires and billionaires can run for office what is it other than a Plutocracy? Ask any business person who really runs things and they'll tell you it's the rich, not the people. And it is because of people's ignorance and their belief in what their being told that they remain as sheep to the slaughter. Again I ask, with all sincerity and use the rational side of your brain, " Do you think the Rich are going to give up their power and control with just words? Personally, lookin at my position rationally I'm in a foxhole hopelessly being overrun. I'm going to fight to the end by whatever means are at my disposal knowing in the end I will lose but I fight on because it's who "I" am, it's in my DNA, surrendering is not in my nature. I have fully assessed my situation and I know the outcome.
Here's a perfect example of how the rich and powerful get away with murder. The FBI just stated that so far they have found nothing criminal in the Clintons Email scandal. Even though if you read the SOP and the law regarding classified information anyone with half a brain can see she violated protocol. She will literally get away with murder. If myself as an enlisted Marine with a security clearence would of done anything anywhere near what she did I'd be in the Brig.

Is that picture of the snake actually Ryan!!

Donald Trump can destroy the GOP, and I hope he does.. If nothing else he has already succeeded in ripping the lid off the pandora's box. The Genie is out of the bottle and he ain't going back. The GOP AND the DNC can both go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I doubt that if Trump actually gets elected as President that very many things will ever change. They will continue to fight for their Good-Ole-Boy system. He's NOT going to be able to change this mess no matter how hard he tries.

YES- Trump IS a wild card,, we don't really know for sure what he's going to do except that at least he is a loyal American. I believe if given a chance he will try to do what is right for this country. That means we can never let up on the pressure and we need to make sure Trump gets the rights advisers. We CAN make a difference in that, we just need to work to help move the right people into position.

As for the left wing nuts, liberals, and the Communists, - - I know where that is going too.

This thing is far from over even if/when Donald gets elected.

And probably if he DOES get elected in November.

My next point of focus will be the GOP Convention in July.

"The BLM controls over 85 percent of the land in Nevada," Trump explains. "In the rural areas, those who for decades have had access to public lands for ranching, mining, logging and energy development are forced to deal with arbitrary and capricious rules that are influenced by special interests that profit from the D.C. rule-making and who fill the campaign coffers of Washington politicians."

FEMA - From Col. Riley:

Every one of these Federal agencies is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, both in their creation and in their method of operations.
Every one of these Federal agencies after being created were granted power and authority to write and create laws and rules as they so desire and see fit.
NONE of the administrators of these agencies is Elected, they are all Appointed by the president. The president has the power to appoint a 'Czar' to head up each of these Federal bureaucracies, and every one of them has granted themselves power and authority to write and create rules as they please.
There is a word for that that some of you know but I wont use the words I have for them.

If America is ever going to restore our Constitutional Republic one of the first and foremost things that needs to happen is that these agencies must be stripped of all rule making authority. All authority to write and create rules and laws must be removed from every Federal agency in our Government. That authority must return to Congress and Congress alone.
Every one of these federal agencies should be stripped of all rules and regulations that have been written under their self-granted practices. That means they will each be returned to only those tasks and intentions for which they were originally created. FEMA for example was intended to function and operate as an emergency management Coordination  task force to aid people and areas in times of natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. They should never be granted authority to expand that original charter. Any expansions of that original charter and description of duties granted by the agencies themselves, (or by additional executive orders) must be stripped and removed.

If they desire more broadened scope of operations then they should submit a request to Congress. Congress will either grant or deny such expansion of the scope of operations, including the funding to cover any such increase.
Right now there are over 120 Federal agencies that have granted themselves full and complete powers and authority over the people. These are all monarchs and dictatorships each with their own little empires. 120 Of these federal agencies now have full Military style SWAT teams and "authority" to shoot and kill any American they choose.

Enough is enough. NO MORE.

Here's a brief overview of Gary Johnson:
During his time in office he vetoed 750 bills more than all other Govenors combined. He cut taxes 14 times, never raising them. When he left office he had balanced the budget of New Mexico. As a Libitarian during his run for the Presidency in 2012 he recieved 1.27 million votes, 1% of the popular vote. His libertarian stance advocates for legalized Marajuana, military non-intervention and pro choice. It dosent look like he can win the presidency but he could detract voters from both parties if he did deciede to run..... For your information...

Anybody who is pushing a 3rd party run is a fan of "Hillary for President."  The only way she can win is if the GOP runs a 3rd party against their own 'presumptive nominee.'  I'm still expecting hanky-panky at the Convention to stop Trump and to totally decimate the Republican Party.

Linda I agree but his views are attractive to liberals as well which could also be a problem for Hillary or Bernie not just the Donald. With the continuing revelations about Hillary and now today about Bill flying around with a known pedophile I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Donald not only wins but wins in a landslide.... Oh and can someone help me out please?..... Where in the Constitution does it say you have to show your tax returns when running for President??? I've looked and I can't find it!!!!!!

There is no "requirement" anywhere.  It is said to be a "tradition."  From what I understand, the required "Financial Statement" contains much more information than do the tax returns.  And as Huckabee said, "Why hand somebody a box of bullets when they have a gun pointed at your head?"  Huckabee said Trump is crazy if he provides his tax returns.  All lawyers that I've heard an opinion from have said they would recommend he NOT produce his tax returns.  I think Romney's 'thing' is that he's just curious to know who makes more money - he or Trump...  You can be sure that if and when Trump does produce his tax returns, somebody will make a huge 'thing' about something they found in them.


I agree. I also believe the republican party in Washington DC is more of a monarch/socialist/communist party just like the democrat party! They all have the same agenda. The republican party has gave Obama everything he wanted, after making claims they would stop him from his unconstitutional actions they did nothing but allow him to continue on his path of destruction for the US.. Obama's division of the US was allowed by every politician in Washington DC because they are all socialist! Foreigners like Ted Cruz would argue against some of Obama's criminal actions and then quietly allow them to continue, and I know why! The reason was to appease the US population into thinking they still had a voice in Washington DC, to keep them fooled into believing we still had a working gov't that cared about the people of the US and the US itself. WELL People, we DO NOT have a voice in Washington DC, and haven't had for a long time. We have been duped by con-men, criminals, and traitors, and even if Donald Trump were to somehow make it into the White House "physically" I don't think the damage that has been done can be reversed. There is great trouble ahead for the United States of America, nothing like any of us have ever seen or experienced. The problems we face as a Nation today is overwhelming, and as much as I like the idea of Donald Trump in the White House I believe it is too little too late. Hold on America it's going to be a bumpy ride.

!00% correct but still holding on to the hope that maybe in can be reversed without out resorting to full scale Revolution, but I realistically believe there is only a 1% chance for that.

I agree with your percentage Lee..

Linda.. Exactly, my question was an attempt to be sarcastic. Personally I hope Trump
Tells them all it's nobody's business how much money I make or how much taxes I've paid. He's been audited ad nausium and if he owed any taxes they'd be on him like white on rice unlike Obamas friend Al Sharpton who owes millions.



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