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Review "presentments" filed with the Clerk of Courts, Dixie County here.  CLDJ%20Dixie%20County%20FL%208-17-2014.pdf
   Hi Everyone
    I said that I would give an eyewitness report regarding
the Common Law Grand Jury victory in Dixie Co. and here it is.
In the beginning their was a man who belonged to a Tea party
and was a member of the CLGJ movement .
A few months ago he was called up for jury duty and found
himself on a county statutory grand jury with a judge asking who
 wanted to be the foreman . So he raised his hand and was sworn in.
A number of weeks ago he received evidence of criminal wrongdoing
taking place in his county and across the state and sought to bring
this information before the grand jury. Here is a summary of the first
meeting which took place on 8/1/14. Click the link to read . 
 The following two links are documents also filed with the clerk and letters of communication on the situation . Basically the States Attorney came into the session and assumed command to run the show.
 The attorney we believe thought they were meeting to investigate another county official and he was running interference to protect his associate and deflect the grand jury. Instead he dug himself a hole. ( Aw )
This is an example of a presentment that they thought they might
be filing regarding the actions of the states attorney.
 On Monday the 11th a meeting was held where the foreman sought the support of the People of Dixie Co. to select and convene another Grand Jury since the first one was tainted.
That new Peoples Grand Jury met on Thursday the 14th, in the courthouse and in the courtroom, and there heard and decided two cases brought before it and was dismissed . Attached as PDF files are the final Presentments from that Grand Jury with the stamped and dated markings and seals.
That Thursday afternoon the statutory grand jury came too here the cases it previously struggled with but was informed that they were taken care of and they were dismissed . The states attorney when the meeting started was publicly apologizing to both the jury and the foreman for his actions at the first meeting ( too Late ) . When the foreman was leaving the attorney changed his tune again and commented something to the effect that he didn't know
what the foreman was pulling with his kangaroo court session . . .
meaning the Peoples Grand Jury .
The foreman just warned him to watch what he said, and left. 
From here the fight is going to get tough so we need the support
monetarily and physically when we call for the People!!!!!
We also need all of you to talk to your family, friends, and neighbors.
Ask us for extra brochures and hand them out , we need all the people
support we can get.
We're doing all we can but we can't do it all for YOU !!!!
Remember a people unwilling to fight for their own Liberty
don't deserve it anyway !!!!  
 Thanks      Mike

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I do believe we are being blocked from this link. I wonder Why?????   LOL

The link is bad...but the address is good if you search for this in google:


Type in Google Search:   "The Grand Jury Belongs to The People–Antonin Scalia (1992)"

follow the web link address for  "911JusticeCampaign"

Pray,  pray, the Lord is again going to be our only Savior!! But we have to do our part( GOD HELPS THEM THAT HELPS THEMSELVES)!!

AMEN,,,America, so sinful is being judged....

be weary of those asking for money.

my reserves are dry after helping >

1. PVA 2. DAV 3. FRC 4. CSPOA 5. AFA 6. Waterfront Mission 7. Salvation Army 8. animal shelters..may be more...

9. NRA..10...World Wildlife   ....11. BroNathaneal...12. Sheriff Arpaio....

You can go to  Constitutional Concepts Foundation.

He has a way of simplifying the Fourth Branch, that is easy to understand, and inspiring.

Some are having a problem getting the article on the Grand Jury, so I'm uploading a PDF format of the article.


From Terry Trussell.......Jury Foreman...........

People’s Grand Jury Update: We had a very good meeting with Sheriff Hatcher this morning. He called the FDLE after we left wanting to know if what we are doing is legal. We spent two and a half hours in FDLE's office in Tallahassee explaining why we could do what we're doing, and they could not find anything wrong with our point. That’s as good as an endorsement, to me.


I sat down with Mark Rains (Supt. Of Ed) and showed him our findings on Common Core; later with Tim Alexander (School Board Chairman). They both took the information and said they will study it more, but no one seemed upset. Tim said it might just be what is needed to help the School Board fight Common Core.  I am getting no pushback from anyone—all seems supportive. So far everyone understands and agrees that something has to be done, and if this is what it takes to get it done, so be it.


Our True Bills have also been submitted to the Florida Supreme Court in Tally to be processed through their Internal Affairs division. Jeff Siegmeister will be hearing from them, soon.


We have twenty more counties in the process of installing their own People's Grand Jury which we anticipate to be in place by the end of the month. People all over the country are reading about what we started here and want to emulate it in their counties. Dixie County might just be the mouse that roars.


Please read, and help us distribute the attached articles anywhere you can. We must educated and inform. Watch for more to come. The ad is running as a public service in local papers to help us gain public support and volunteers. We have a post office box and an email address. Spread the word!


I will be in touch soon. We have much to do and I really need your help. Thank you so much for helping us bring the People’s Grand Jury to LIFE!


is in session as an investigating, reporting, and accusing
agent to the circuit court, whose responsibility is to hear all
concerns including, but not limited to:
 Misconduct by Public Officials
 Inefficient or Incompetent Public Officials
 Redundant or Useless Public Agencies or Procedures
 Poorly, or Mismanaged Public Facilities & Offices
 Subversive Activities by Domestic or Foreign Agents
 Felonies and Misdemeanors, or other issues
 Volunteers for Jury Duty welcome
It is your public duty to report all and any such matters for
investigation and determination. Your Grand Jury operates
in strict secrecy, your anonymity will be preserved.
Please write a short description of your concerns and mail to:
People’s Grand Jury
P.O. Box 456
Cross City, FL 32628
or email:
If you include contact information, you will receive a response.
The People’s
Grand Jury

Thank you for the re-cap. I still do not comprehend how a Foreman Appointed by a judge can be a foreman for a Common Law Grand Jury? I read both true bills and I am looking forward to more updates.



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