Constitutional Emergency

Communism on the rise in Europe with 120,000 in attendance ... Storming the Bastille Day, March 18, 2012!

Did you see this anywhere?  Frightening video from March 18, 2012; Storming the Bastille Day; Communism on the rise ... This IS what we have in store for us. We don't have one country, but rather 50 states ... more decentralized, and more dangerous.

This will be the US Spring. Are you up for defending against it?

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Being a student of history and having studied a bit of world politics as a result of my former occupation I wouldn't be too concerned about these French Communists.  As someone very wisely stated, French Communists are like radishes, red on the outside and white on the inside.  I would be more concerned about SEIU marching with the CPUSA arm in arm in California.  If I ever figure out how to upload pictures I got some very disturbing pictures showing SEIU and CPUSA marching together.

Communism needs misery and strife to prevail.

When people are happy and prosperous they do not need the government.

obama is setting the stage for both misery and strife, not to mention class war fare and a race war just to be sure!

What country has turned to communism that was prosperous? Cuba,North Korea,China, Russia..... the USA?

Get about a dozen Former Navy SEALS with full auto AR-15's; Fire about three bursts into the air, and watch ALL of those chicken shit lefties run and hide like the cowards they all are!

I realize I'm writing with a lot of anger but G-DAMMIT, I am FED UP!


Sounds like a plan I can endorse.

I would think that the interrogation of a select few leftist leaders would get some answers, if ask in the correct manner!

I would think Bill Clinton or a similar person in this adminstration would be highly susceptible to aggressive questioning, I'll bet Willie would be a "Chatty Kathy".

NOT that I am advocating kidnapping or torture!

Right on Bruce.  Have you ever talked to anyone or read some of the tales coming from military personnel who had to serve with the French?  They are the laziest bunch of retarded b******s you ever want to meet.  During my years in Germany I had a number of occasions to travel to and through France.  The dirtiest damn place you ever wanted to see.  You didn't need a sign to tell you you had crossed the border into France.  Even Spain was cleaner than France.  My wife and I were on a bus trip going from Germany to Spain and stopped at a snack bar/restaurant on the French equivalent of the interstate.  It was very early in the morning and there were all sorts of people looking to get some coffee for breakfast.  These damn brilliant Frenchmen were there making coffee one cup at a time.  The only military force they've ever had that was worth anything is the Foreign Legion and the only reason it's worth a damn is because it's mostly foreigners.  Have you ever read about the French in Vietnam and the stupid blunder that put them in a place called Dien Bien Phu?  I had a university professor who was married to a French woman tell me one time that France would be a beautiful country if you could just get rid of all the French.

I think this really explains it best:

Democracy is people standing on a wall with guns facing out ... to protect the people.

Communism (or any ism, for that matter) is people standing on a wall with guns facing in ... on the people.

Meanwhile the foolish kids throw a party inside and won't realize until it's too late, which way the guns are pointed. Marx said it well with "Useful Idiots"!

I'm hearing that May Day they're planning a big march in Union Square, which is normal, but also that they can bring NYC to a standstill just by laying down in the roads and streets to block bridges and tunnels. The professors who are organizing it are in "Iran" right now openly planning the American Spring. You guys may have to liberate New York City very soon or see the citizens held hostage. There are probably some totally innocent people who were just born there and don't agree with any of it, but just haven't a clue how to get out. Public School education encourages this. I wonder how many from the no longer there Islamic Terrorists are laying in waiting?

This letter I received is EXACTLY on point, so much so that it deserves its own post. So, for what are we waiting?  Stand up and be counted ...:we outnumber them .. we surround them!

Jack Kimball, a staunch conservative, made an unsuccessful bid for Governor of NH. He is now out in front; he headed a campaign stop for Ron Paul in March 2011 and has been actively pursuing the conservative agenda. I received this email. It is not intended to incite, but a very well-written article about the OWS - May 1. America will look like Greece and France:
Jack is a friend and a patriot. While this is specifically for NH, we will begin to see it happening everywhere. I want to share what he sent to me:
Hello Patriots,
It's time to begin paying attention as to what is about to happen in our Country and our State. The Occupy Wall Street crowd is well funded (Unions & George Soros groups) and they are present in every State in our Union. May 1st is the big kick off of some real trouble all accross America. I have sent you a link to the OWS event page. Take a look and see what is about to happen. The question is: what do we intend to do about it? Are you content to sit on the couch and let these folks (Anarchists, Anti-Capitalists, Socialists, Communists, Gov't Unions and Lemmings) define the dialogue in our great Country or are you willing to stand up for the good Ole USA? Are you ready to let Barak Obama seal his deal or will you stand for Liberty and Freedom? Personally, I'm tired of all the excuses. I'm tired of hearing "oh, that will never happen here" or "no one will pay attention to these people." Everyone needs to remember that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Well, way to many good men (and women) are doing nothing. What are you afraid of? That you are on, or will be on someone's list? Hell, if you have bought ammo, you are on a list, if you bought a gun, you are on a list, if you have a private e-mail account, you are on a list and you're being monitored. Believe me, you may wind up being eaten by the alligator last, but eat you, he will.
All of the members of our Military as well as our Veterans (including myself) took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Well, that oath did not end the day I left the Military and it has become crystal clear that the day is rapidly approaching that we will have to provide that protection and defend our Constitution, once again. The question that each of you must answer is: are you willing to dedicate your life, your honor and your fortune to this endeavor, just like our Forefathers? If not, then we have little hope. But, if the answer is yes, then it's time to join the fight. It's time to get out on the Street with your signs. Let the people of our Country and our State know that we, in the Live Free or Die State, are not afraid to stand up for our Republic. We are not afraid to stand up for Freedom. We are the Patriots of today and we are ready to prove it.
This e-mail is a call to action. I am asking you to SHOW UP! I want to see as many of you as possible in front of the Dover, NH City Hall, at 4:45 PM on Tuesday, May 1st. Join me and my bullhorn. Bring signs that are focused on things like "if you are a citizen of the USA you deserve rights". If you are an illegal Alien then you need to go home and come back legally. We need to thank the 1% for creating jobs and paying 30% of the tax burden of our Country. The top 5% pay 70% of the tax burden. Stop shifting blame away from the Obama Administration and onto the job creators of our Country. Some of you can show up in Manchester or you can join me in Dover. If we show up in force, we will outnumber them. There really are no more excuses. Will you join me? Will you show up? Does any of this matter to you? If so, how much? The answer will come on May 1st. Will you be there? We shall see.
I would like a response from those of you who will be there.
Please send this to everyone on your list.
Jack Kimball Chairman, Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC

Please read my post:  Sarkozy loses to Socialist.  The world is changing before our eyes. Unfortunately, so is AMERICA!

What a bunch of stupid people!!!!  They think they are entitled to everything and that the communist party will provide it all for them!  After communism takes a firm hold, they will then wake up and start crying for freedom and begging us to help again!



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