Constitutional Emergency

Communist America, What is that going to be like?

In America today, under our 240 year old Constitutional Republic, You have the freedoms and liberties to do pretty much anything you like. No You can’t go around stealing things and killing people you don’t like. That’s not what freedom is all about. But you do have the freedom to be what ever you choose to be. If you want to be a welder, a lawyer, an accountant, Truck driver, baker, what ever job description you like. You can be a painter, publisher, musician, actor, Real Estate investor, building contractor, electrician, engineer, seamstress or dress maker, or what ever else makes your day.

When you go to work, at whatever it is that you have chosen, at the end of the day or the week or perhaps the end of the month, you expect to be paid for your time and efforts. Under our capitalist system of free enterprise you will get to keep nearly all or your earnings and income. Yes, we have to pay taxes and those pesky FICA Social Security taxes but other than that we get to keep what we can earn. That money is ours to do with what ever we please.
We can buy a new car, a new house, cloths, food, and even guns and weapons if we chose too.

The money we earn is ours to spend as we like.
Take a vacation, buy your wife/husband something nice, or just simply try to put a little of it aside for later. If you’re lucky enough to make enough. But if you can’t make enough at your current job or occupation you also have the right to go someplace else and to try your hand at doing something else.

That’s called freedom, do what you want, be what you want, go where you want, and keep what you earn.

That’s all part of our free capitalist enterprise Constitutional Republic.

Now lets go back and take a look at that Socialism and Communism idea.
Under Communism every one of those freedoms I’ve laid out above is gone, completely.
Someone is always in charge of what you do and what you can and can NOT have. You want a nice house? Forget it. You will live where they tell you.

You want a nice new car? Forget it. If you’re really lucky you might get a nice new bicycle.

Under Socialism and Communism someone else decides how much you will be paid for your labor.
And someone else will decide where and at what profession and occupation you will be employed.
And then instead of you receiving a paycheck at the end of the week or month, your “Paycheck” is sent to the Government to be “deposited” into an account under your name. Your “Paycheck” account is then used as a Debit/credit deposit. And much as in the food-stamps system that we have today, you are limited in what you can purchase with that “income” can be used for. No alcohol, beer, cigarettes or tobacco. “Free housing” and “Free education”, most of that income that was deposited into your “paycheck account” is taken by the government to pay for your Free Housing, education, and Healthcare. How else did you think they planned to pay for all that “free” Medicare for all?

Our IRS today says that when they decide to “withhold” your bank accounts and garnish your wages and income for what ever reason, that they have to leave you a certain amount of income to live on. Usually that’s only around $750 per month, but they are prohibited by law from taking your entire income. Well that’s the same thing the government will do under a Socialist or Communist system of government. If you’re a lawyer or and engineer or a doctor, THAT is what you can expect to receive as your income. And everyone gets the same thing. That’s called “Equality” under their systems.
We’ve all heard the Democrats mantra complaining about “Income Inequality”, “Tax the rich”. We even heard Hillary Clinton say at one point that they (She) wanted to take the income from those Big Oil Companies and executives and redistribute that to the poor people in America. Well I suppose if you’re poor in America that could sound like a pretty good idea. That’s called the “Redistribution of wealth” in America.

They make the poor people in America think they are going to get a huge chunk of that oil company wealth. Remember that black woman in Chicago that said “Bama Gona buy me a new kchen”. Well she’s still waiting. Obama or Hillary Clinton never had any intentions of buying that woman a new kitchen, or anything else for that matter.

Instead Hillary and Bill Clinton siphoned as much money as they could out of the US treasury and that Canadian Trust account and the Obama’s just purchased a nice new home on Martha’s Vineyard for $11.75 MILLION. Their estimated real estate holdings are now over $20 -Million.

And that woman in Chicago never did get her new kitchen.

You might think that this is just my ranting and raving about Obama and Hillary Clinton, but take a look at Valenzuela and Cuba, look at Guatemala and El Salvador.
Why do you think all those people are trying to migrate here to America?
We never see anyone trying to escape America to go to a Socialist Communist country.

Socialism and Communism is not the “utopia” that people are being told that it is.
The only “Utopia” part of Socialism and Communism is for those at the very top of the ladder, like Obama and Hillary Clinton. For the rest of us “Deplorable’s” and “Drudges of society” as Joe Biden called us, Socialism and Communism will be closer to pure hell.

Be very careful how you vote next year, both in the National Federal government elections but also in your State and local governments. The policies of the Socialists will be decided at the Federal level, but those who decide where you will work and how much you will be allowed to spend will be decided and controlled at the State and local level.

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