Completed Works and Stepping into the next Stage - PFA Will Be Closed Down at the End of August

It's time for all of us to ponder our works.....see what is working and what is not. It's time to move out of a completed work and step into the next stage. I'm speaking to myself and to every PFA member.

PFA was started as 'one' group among many. PFA's focus was different and that is what attracted me here. I liked the leadership of Harry Riley, COL., Ret. and the mission. It is:

"This effort is focused on sacrifice to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic."

Harry Riley, COL, Ret.

With PFA we accomplished some good works. One was having a site for Troops, Veterans and their families and Patriots that all have a deep love of our beloved Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Republic and want to restore it for our children and grandchildren. On PFA we have always tried to shine the spotlight on honor, integrity, courage, valor and folks who possess those and put boots on the ground - whose actions match their words.

Harry knew back in the day when he first started PFA that it was going to take us working in our communities to restore our country. He asked for state groups to be started so all PFA members would have a tool to be a help for all of us to start that work. I must say, it's been tough getting folks to want to join their state groups. I totally do not understand why but obviously most folks don't want to and won't. They don't want to work with the folks in their own community which, frankly, is very suspect to me.

Anyway, we tried to explain to folks the importance of that work and either I failed in communicating that or we as a people are just not serious about restoring our country. Either way, I see that work as a failure.

There were some works we accomplished and they were needed at that time. They were productive for we the people. That was the march on DC in 2009. We learned Freedom Works was putting on an event and so we decided to go at the same time. We did our own thing and then as everyone did, we showed up at the Capitol on Sept. 12, 2009. That did take a lot of work on our part and I enjoyed every moment of that work. I was so proud of PFA members. Harry and I have never wanted to fund raise nor have to deal with donations. Harry always found ways around that for us and in that I got to witness some fabulous folks helping one another .... truly having each others backs. That is the true American spirit in action that I loved getting to witness.

Some folks could not go to DC for different reasons but they knew the importance of boots on the ground and wanted to help in anyway they could. We had a list of folks who wanted to go and didn't have enough money to make the trip and we had a list of folks who wanted to help their brothers and sisters get there. Harry and I got to introduce these folks to each other and they took it from there.

I remember a friend of mine Leta (Tankerbabe) is the biggest supporter of Troops that I know. She doesn't take care of one or two soldiers, she supports the whole Brigade in anyway she can. She is one of my heroes. She is master of care packages etc. She didn't have the money at that time to go to DC but she really wanted to. I put out a call on PFA for folks to help if they wanted. Folks immediately stepped up to the plate. It was wonderful for Leta too, because while in DC we got to go to WRAMC and be part of a cook out on Sept. 11th for wounded warriors in the Malogne House plus there were some there that she had supported while they were in Afghanistan and she really wanted to visit with them.

There was another successful work. We put out the call for the Friday Night Rally at Walter Reed Hospital to show our love and support of our troops. Our Wounded Warriors that seen all of us that night, knew without a doubt that they were appreciated and there were many of us that wanted to do all we could to lift them up and just love them. For me, that was the most humbling accomplishment. 

Something happened that weekend. Several million folks connected with each other. We realized we were not alone. We knew there were many folks that seen the need to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. We all truly had confirmation we could restore our country.

When we all returned home, we were still in awe of the turn out. We had actually shut down DC. Some folks who had come in on buses - could not get in DC ... their buses was stuck out on the highways.

We then got to work on the next stage of works. We started writing letters to our elected Reps. in DC and some of us wrote to our state Reps as well. We wrote letters to editors of local newspapers. Some folks are not good writers (according to themselves) so we even had folks who wrote letters and allowed us to post them for folks to use as a template.

We started the works of replacing the RINO's in states and DC. We asked folks to not donate to the R party but to individual candidates. We asked folks to vet candidates and not blindly support anyone but again only folks with honor, integrity, courage and for me, I wanted folks with valor.

Alot of new groups popped up, and sadly at a later time some were found out to be  groups just filling their pockets with your money. And we even learned about the establishment getting in some groups which then ended up being a venue for folks to donate to the RNC (without folks realizing it) through the back door.

I was very naive back then and I learned some very painful and hard lessons. I thought all folks truly loved our country and its founding and that all who were starting groups were folks who loved each other and worked to restore our country for their children and grandchildren. Without getting into the mud about all that again, I'll just say, there were some dishonorable folks surfacing to take advantage in many ways and the infiltration started and on top of that then the 10s of thousands of different agendas were popping up and we find we as a country are not unified but even more divided. Next work was to unite. As many of us tried that, we learned over the next few years, egos and agendas would not let that happen. Sadly I didn't witness anything good there, I just witnessed constant infighting - so much of it that our enemies didn't have to do a thing except focus on their destruction of this country. We were too busy infighting so we could never fight our enemies.

We all worked really hard to start restoration by elections in 2012. To our disappointment, all the infighting caused more division.....and we didn't unite on anything. However, the massive, arrogant - in our faces voter fraud and election corruption, the revenge voters and the sit home and pout voters that didn't vote - threw us into another 4 years of Islamofacists and Marxists in our Whitehouse and Both houses. At that point we all knew our country would not survive another 4 years of that. So focus and works changed....or so I thought.

The next focus was acknowledge the facts whether we liked them or not. Start building networks throughout the United States so we as Patriots could weather the storm that is coming. I laid that whole work out. Well, again, that was a failure. Once again, folks didn't want to join their state groups and work with those in your communities. With that work also came the prepping and training. Then I heard many excuses for why folks wouldn't do that. whole mission statement is a failure.

I realize this and as I watch PFA continue on, I find it has ran it's course. We've put works out for folks to do. We've given you our direction. Why? Because folks constantly say they want leaders. So, We stepped up and believed folks really meant that. However, I was very naive again. I thought folks really wanted leaders. Come to find out, folks only want leaders that will lead in the way they expect you to lead. And there is a different way for each and every member on here. So thus, folks don't want leaders, they want folks to do the works they want done and if not, then there is no unity, no vision and no goals met.

I don't know about all of you, but it is time for me to move into the next stage of works. For me, that is working in my community and then outward from there. That is where I will make a difference. Spinning my wheels on PFA is not producing results that will restore our republic for the kids and folks I love.

I am not looking for a pat on the back nor am I fishing for compliments or complaints. I'm being straight up honest with each of you. I think this work has ran its course and its time to move on.

With that being said, I will close PFA down at the end of August. That will give each of you plenty of time to get contact info from folks you've friended on here and may want to work with in the future.

Twana Blevins

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it's hard to believe That not enough people believe in this cause.  We are here to help one another. When all hell breaks lose.are those who do not want  to help this cause and join together to save our families and country. Say What happened ?  Why didn't someone do something. It seems everyone has their head in the sand and are afraid to speak up;  God help us  J Neff

Twanna:  Thank you for your efforts, it reached a lot of people!  In late 1998 through 2001, a grass roots organization was born to secure health care benefits that was taken away from 1.4 million former career military veterans (aka: Military Retirees) and their eligible dependents. I would add here that Colonel Riley was a part of the grass roots organization that consisted of thousands of former career military veterans in numerous states throughout the Country. Our primary network comprised mostly of grass roots people on the Internet making daily contacts with radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, veteran organizations, monthly meetings and centers of influence.  Congresspersons were contacted whenever they were in their districts and when they were in session in Washington D. C.  Though out 1998 - 2001, millions of emails, FAX's and telephone calls and personal visits were made.  Money was raised from grass members and billboards were used to carry messages to the Executive Branch and Congress.  A White Paper and computer disks were hand delivered to Congress and key people in the administration that carried history and facts regarding healthcare that was promised and earner by the 1.4 million former military career veterans. Through the grass roots efforts of these veterans, The National Defense Authorization Act of 2001 was passed by Congress and signed into law. This law contained provisions for the lost healthcare and health care was restored to 1.4 million retiree'a and their dependents.The Grass Roots organizations were called Military Retiree Grass Roots Groups (MRGRG). The only reason for this post was to show that grass roots programs in America can work for what ever cause they undertake but it takes time.  MRGRG program efforts took 4 years to accomplish. PFA can and will work, it just takes time. At 84 years of age, I still have fight left to educate the people and the persons they send to Congress that our Constitution is still the greatest document written to govern free people.  GOD BLESS THE USA.  

Paul Balaich PFA Member

So sad to hear this, but I can understand your frustration.  I am a newbie here and have learned a lot that I probably would have missed without your postings and the postings of other observant members.  No matter how much I find, there is always more.  The more of us looking and sharing, the better.  Too much gets passed by or buried and it is up to us to make sure it gets noticed, and hopefully, passed on to others.  We can't fix that which we are unaware of being broken.  Thanks so much for all you have done to bring us to this point.  Rest assured many of us will continue the research, spreading the word, and prepping for what may come.  Good luck and best wishes to you and all in your fortunate community. 

Twana, this is a great site, and it appears ,you are feeling the general despondency, of so many.  We are down, but we are not out.  Failure to unite has palgued us, for sure.  It takes the work of all, working in a common direction, to accomplish things, and one of the things the Left has been able to do, successfully ,is splinter us.  The Tea Party began with simple ideas, everyone agreed on them, but sadly, our scopes were broadened by ever recurriing issues.   I would hope that you would reconsider, as It seems  there is even a greater need now, than ever, to inform people.  Some will take action, and like all groups, some will not.  In all groups, organizations etc, there is a sort of rule, that ten per cent do all the work.   You are worn out, I'm sure, and feel you're hitting your head aginst the wall, but, you have done a wonderful job bringing issues to us, that we might have missed, otherwise. Thank you for your efforts, and time, regardless of decision.  Job well done.  God said all things were possible, not easy, just possible.  God Speed to you. 

I agree with you Jo!!!  I may not be able to attend meetings......but, Twana, you can bet on this.....I share the truthful information I receive from this site!!!!!  My mother doesn't have a computer.  I print off MANY things from this site and mail it to her!!  She tells me....."WOW, I didn't hear about this on the news!!!".  She then in turn, copies and passes it on to people she knows!!!!!   I AM sure that, even the little bit I do.....DOES make a difference!!!! I AM sure that I have allienated friends, due to passing on soooooo much information that I get on this site!!! Not a problem for me!  They will miss out.  Do no despise small beginings.  As much as I wish I could participate in everything and purchase everything the prepers do......I am not able to.  BUT......I do what I can by sharing information I receive from this site!!!!!!  As Jo mentioned above.......we know we are not getting the truth from any LSM outlet!  If some of the "babies" on this site want to argue and disagree.....let them.  Ignore them!!!  If someone wants to be an instigator........I am confident there are enough reasonable Patriots on this site that would put them back in their place......politely.   You can't expect to have two people completely agree....100%.....on the same issue. Some people just don't have the "nack" for expressing their opinion in tactfull ways.  I KNOW there are more Patriots on this site that would appreciate your prayfull reconsideration about shutting down such an informative and helpful training site.    

God speed Twana.

We  can't back down now.......We must carry on because of all the effort Twana put in.  We must re-organize to be more competative with the foreign and internal enemy's.  I think we need $ donations to hire some people to do on line work.  Something like what Numbers USA does.  I would like to volunteer, but my wife and I have to eat, so we need jobs with a little income.  I am moving to Colorado soon, and will keep up to date  thru the  web page, every single day.we have to keep  PFA  working.  There must be many patriots who would, and could keep this going, ang GROWING........


       My sincere thanks to you and Harry for all that you have done for all of us through your dedication and leadership. We have all learned from you both. I had the honor of meeting Harry with Col Bud Day at a meeting a long time ago but haven't gotten to meet you, yet. You are a remarkable person though and I thank you for your help in making our Nation better, yes it is, think about where it would be without your voice!

God Bless you, Rhode Island, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Massachusetts will continue to have a member because of you, I belong to all of those State groups.



Twana, Thanks for your honesty and fore sight.....Organizing our communities is spot on and we are doing that in the upper Peninsula of Michigan.....Hopefully, we can take this concept to "down state" Michigan ...  we are in touch with some folks down there so thats a work in progress.....carry on    "JJ" out

I am truly grieved at the closing down of PFA. I have taken the advice of getting involved and am up to my neck in local, county, state and federal governments and the local tea party. I want to be involved with other patriot groups, but could not get the time. It is true that most people are really sheeple. I get disgusted with people when I talk to them and try to get them into participating. To most it is like church, throw some money in the collection plate and attend once in awhile when something might affect them. To everyone that have been on this site, please, please get deeply involved with being a precinct delegate. That is the level at which holds more power then you think. The politicians will grovel to get your vote. You must join your local tea party and Republican party. To change the republicans back to conservatives is easier than you might think. Sixty five percent of congress started at the grassroots. Think 65% started from where precinct delegates went to conventions and elected them. GOD help us if we do not get involved.

Twana and Harry I thank both of you for all you have done. It will be a sad day when PFA is closed down.

First I am saddened to hear that the site will be shut down, and I would like to thank Harry and Twana for all their efforts. It was a noble and just thing you attempted to accomplish here and I applaud you for trying.

I am sure going to miss my cyber friends.... most everybody that comments has my same frame of reference, Restoring the original constitution, Bill of rights and making people accountable for their actions, where ever, and however that has to be done in this country. My fear has already been confirmed through the actions of the top all the way down to the lowly maintenance man. This government is "non-responsive" to the American People. We are on the cusp of another "National Revolution" that will rival all previous wars in this country. Twana, I am going to especially miss you and some of the conversations we have had in the past. I will want your contact information, so if I need to get a hold of you, I can. I am surely going to miss this site..... Let's all pray the agony of where this country is headed, is stopped cold and reversed back to the way the founding fathers intended. When and if the SHTF, my home will be open to anyone that needs help. At least it will be a roof over your head, meat on the hoof, if need be.....I will be PM for personal information, I will not be offended if you don't want to provide this kind of information.....



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