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A congressional document that has been posted on the Internet confirms no one – not Congress, not the states and not election officials – bothered to check Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, and in fact, that status remains undocumented to this day.

Congress report concedes Obama eligibility unvetted

Vice President Biden, under intense pressure to invoke Article 25, ...

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GOOD, these dems NEED TO TURN on this evil, wild jokerman from HELL.

I AM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IVE BEEN MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM NEVER HAPPY ANYMORE since these bastards have turned this place upside down!
Me too, I heard he wasn't properly vetted,or vetted at all. And everyone went right along with it. They are all guilty,and now I see why the dems ran from it. They knew all along,and played it out. And now they are trying to slip out of the perjury charges.
So they are saying 'There is no law requiring us to obey the law of the Constitution'?
I think both Houses of Congress and the President, from 2008, that let this happen, without questioning his eligibility, should be brought up on charges of Perjury. They all took an oath to 'Protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic' (Or something along those lines).
Welcome shamrock, and I know that all you mentioned to be true. But the deeper you dig, the more you will find, and its not pretty. Especially when you go onto the other side of Veiths illutrations. When you see that the occult and mind control and the whole basis of everything that has gone on in this country since Nicola Tesla was black balled by the secret societies that were funding his work because he wanted to give the world free electricity. They made Tesla into a poor vagabond feeding pigeons in central park then made cartoons about it. Then when he died they took all his patents and created HAARP, spraying us with Chemtrails to make us sick and then say it is to prevent global warming. And this all started with a german spy who was teslas secretary, and the father of the 41st president of the USA. The deck of cards is about to crumble. Clinton was a personal friend of the Bush/Scherf(f) family, and obama was picked by them to be president because he was a CIA agent during the Reagan administration trafficing weapons and cash to help the taliban against russia because he was fluent in farsi and the traditions of the muslims and Islam because he is one of them
This pdf will interest you ...

Deathbed confessions of Otto Skorzeny 1999,
Hitlers Body Guard/assassin
Bush/Nazi connection

photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was 41st U.S. president
How much did it cost the taxpayers for this report... that tells us what we ALREADY KNEW! Now what are they going to DO about it?
Your missing the BIG picture. McCain was vetted yes, buthe also protected obama by telling n elderly woman who asked if oblabla was a muslim in one of his town hall meetings, and he told her "no ma'am, hes not a muslim, hes a christian." And you must also understand that McCains dada was a big to do in the world of the military industrial complex. The above that you posted is very obvious, but both sides are involved. There is not a difference in parties, they both serve an oligarchy and a hidden shadow world government. They are in it for the money and the power to say who will live and who will die. We are about to see the transformation happen that obama campaigned on. McCain being vetted was a smoke screen for the masses so they wouldnt look at obama. Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one hour according to revelations 18. America is mystery Babylon, obama is overseas with 34 naval ships and the nuclear code. Something I feel is about to happen soon and all we have in hope is that Jesus comes back for his faithful b efore the NWO takes effect as swiftly as Nazi Germany did. Ya'shuah God help us all, expose the darkness to the people that are seeking your face.
What a time for the3m to admit they had a major case of the DUMB ASS! Maybe we should indict the entire lot of the bastards for TREASON and use this as proof positive of their guilt. If this goes 100% viral world wide Scumbama might have to flee to Pakistan and be a peg boy for Osama bin-Ladin.
Consider the relationships of Abraham's descendants, from Ishmael and Essau and that they carried the stories, as well as the trading caravans traversing the region, and the similar customs of the Semitic peoples before Muhammad came along and really upset the region.
Might want to look a bit further back; Islam's roots go back at least to the time of Abraham; Allah is that moon god worshipped in Ur, when Abraham packed up and left, and sprung from the descendants of Ishmael and Esau eventually.
Everyone is talking about getting the bums out. ok...let's do it. The 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence says.. "We The People".....have the right and duty to remove a tyrannical gov't and protect it militarily. It IS our duty and our right. Look it up. See for yourselves.
All we need to do is organize. We the people out number them. WE ARE the gov't. They are the civil servants, and that includes Barry, Biden and Stretch. WE don't have to take this crap, nor do WE have to be in a One World Order. We are America. And WE kick out the UN.
Nice of them to admit it now; 2 horrid years TOO late! Now he's done all this unnecessary damage to our nation, they finally notice that maybe those "fringe lunatic birthers" were onto something that was truly amiss in our leadership...{sarcasm intentional!} So now that they HAVE noticed, what do they plan to do about that? Send it to committee for a couple more years?
Well it is time to do just that.



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